10 Dublin VCs Investing In Early Stage Startups

Dublin, Ireland, is an economy that flaunts it’s diversity on both local and international scale. Companies establishing themselves in Dublin can expect to be welcomed by its business-friendly environment.

Dublin has a growing startup scene, with some being hot with growth potential. It’s no wonder that venture capitalists and investors are looking to Dublin in hopes of becoming part of the next big thing.

Here, we take a look at 10 VC firms in Dublin that could be the perfect fit to help fund your next venture.


Which Sectors Are Attracting Investors To Dublin?


The thriving sectors that attract investors to Dublin include: Tech, financial services, professional services, logistics, life sciences and arts and recreation.

Ireland’s economy continues to grow despite global challenges. This is largely due to investments from global organisations that continue to hold interest in the country. In fact, the Dublin is among the top three cities for investment, the fDi’s European Cities and Regions of the Future 2023 reports.


10 Dublin VCs Investing In Early Stage Startups


1. Act Venture Capital


Act VC


Act Venture Capital has invested in over 230 founders to date. Their team has a spirit for competition and all share determination to win.

They work with early stage startups that pursue large markets of which they have a deep understanding.


2. Atlantic Bridge


Atlantic Bridge


Atlantic Bridge is a growth equity firm that invests in deep tech startups and helps them expand internationally.

Atlantic Bridge’s ambitious team is made of successful entrepreneurs and senior tech experts who are passionate about business growth and exploiting major opportunities.


3. Enterprise Equity Venture Capital Group



Enterprise Equity Venture Capital invest in early stage startups in Ireland for over 25 years, crowing them as the longest standing VC firm in the region.

They invest in startups across the software sector and high tech manufacturing field.


4. Acadian Ventures




Acadian Ventures invest in startups changing the future of how work gets done. Through these strategic investments, they strive to increase productive and meaningful work to in turn create economic advancement for the benefit of everyone.

Acadian invests in startups that bring out the best of both work and tech to simplify people’s working lives and make it more gratifying and ultimately, more productive.


5. Fountain Healthcare Partners


Fountain healthcare invests in outstanding life sciences startups. They invest in companies from seed stage and look for companies with potential to exit after four to six years.

Fountain also provides more than capital, helping their select portfolio companies grow intentionally and mitigate risk, all while expanding their impact.


6. Elkstone Capital Partners




Elkstone Capital Partners is on a mission to improve the economic health and overall wellbeing of the island of Ireland. It is Ireland’s largest seed fund as they address important economic, social, and environmental issues.

Elstone invests in early stage startups that are enabled by tech, and have global ambitions.


7. Tribal.vc


Tribal.vc is a venture capital firm that invests in early stage startups with conviction.

They also offer their experience and networks to guide startup founders throughout their journey.


8. The Yield Lab Europe




The Yield Lab invests in early stage agriculture startups to address issues arising across he food chain.

They invest in many sectors, such as genetics, animal welfare, precision farming, innovative food and beverages, bioenergy, and more.


9. Sure Valley Ventures




Sure Valley Ventures invests in AI software startups that are projected to make a global impact.

Their focus is not only on AI, but they also want to redefine the industries within it, including enterprise, security and immersive tech.


10. Delta Partners




Delta Partners invest in foundation stage startups to help them lay a strong foundation for serious growth.

Delta Partners has invested in over 130 startups, and their partners are available around the clock with the same startup-speed mentality as the companies they work with.