10 Startups In Chile To Keep An Eye On

Chile has become a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship.

As we step into 2024, these ten Chilean startups are making waves for their innovative solutions and business models. From fintech to food tech, edtech, and beyond, here’s a closer look…

1. Kredito – Simplifying Financial Services


Crédito y soluciones financieras para pymes | Kredito.cl


Kredito is changing the way individuals and small businesses access financial services.

With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, Kredito uses technology to offer quick payment solutions, helping businesses run smoother financial operations.
With financial reports, a user-friendly digital interface and no hidden costs, Kredito is changing the financial landscape in Chile.


2. Bifidice – Pioneering Probiotics


Bifidice | LinkedIn


Bifidice is on a mission to enhance public health through its innovative probiotic ice cream.

This startup blends the indulgence of ice cream with the health benefits of probiotics, offering a delicious way to boost gut health. Their unique approach to combining pleasure with wellness has set them apart in the food industry, showcasing the potential for creative health solutions.


3. NotCo – Plant-Based Eating


NotCo Logo PNG Vector (SVG) Free Download


NotCo is transforming the plant-based food industry with its AI-driven approach to creating delicious, sustainable alternatives to animal products.

From plant-based milk to meat substitutes, NotCo’s products are designed to taste like, cook like, and be better than their traditional plant-based meats, making sustainable eating more appealing to a wider audience.


4. Poliglota – Language Learning Through Social Interaction


Poliglota: The online language school for Latam, with groups led by an instructor | Y Combinator


Poliglota is an online language school that helps spanish speakers all over Latin America access language learning.

Through live online classes, Poliglota makes learning engaging and effective but also fosters a sense of community among learners.

With the world becoming more connected, Poliglota’s model is more relevant than ever.


5. Eficagua – Advancing Water Treatment Technologies


Mejores resultados con menos agua • Eficagua


Eficagua is addressing critical water challenges through its advanced water treatment technology.

By using satellite imagery to help customers diagnose problems, the startups is playing a crucial role in water conservation during climate change. Not only that, Eficagua offers a number of products to help farmers achieve higher yields with less water.



6. NeoCropTech – Innovating in AgriTech


CFIAgrotech 2023 – www.cfiagrotech.cl


NeoCropTech is at the centre of agricultural innovation, developing technologies to enhance crop yield and resilience.

Through unique tools and data analysis, NeoCropTech develops new seeds that are more resilient to climate change, more nutritious and more likely to produce

higher yields. As Latin America is one of the world’s largest food suppliers, NeoCropTech is helping farmers do more with less.


7. Betterfly – Socially Positive Workplace Benefits


Betterfly: The Chilean Unicorn Recognized as One of the World's Most Promising Insurtechs


Betterfly is a platform designed to help companies give employees benefits that will make a real difference.

Through their easy-to-use platform, Betterfly also allows companies to monitor their employees’ behaviour in real-time, showcasing the benefits most useful to them.

Every benefit used is also rewarded with donations, allowing companies to help employees and social causes at the same time.


8. Algramo – Reducing Waste With Refill Solutions




Algramo is tackling the problem of single-use plastic through its innovative refill system, allowing consumers to purchase everyday products in reusable containers.

Through their bespoke smart dispensers, users can refill everyday products using Algramo’s smart packaging. The dispensers can scan and recognise the packaging of each product, ensuring several refills can be delivered from one machine.

This not only reduces waste but also offers a cost-effective solution for consumers, making sustainability accessible to all.


9. Protera Bio – Leading in Protein Engineering


Home • Protera


Protera Bio is designing the next generation of proteins through AI and machine learning.

Their work in creating sustainable, functional proteins has the potential to revolutionise industries across food, the environment and health.


10. InstaCrops – Empowering Agriculture


Instacrops – Las 51 Starter


InstaCrops is an agricultural monitoring system that uses IoT technology to provide real-time data to farmers.

This information allows them to make better decisions, reduce waste and increase yield.

Through AI technology, InstaCrops is transforming the way that farmers work, allowing them to be more productive and profitable.


As these ten startups demonstrate, Chile’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is thriving. As we move through 2024, these companies are not just ones to watch but also to learn from.