10 Startups In Paraguay To Keep An Eye On In 2024

Paraguay’s entrepreneurial landscape is buzzing with innovation, comprising of a number of companies making real waves in their fields.

Here’s a look at 10 startups that are changing the game in Paraguay…


1. Guru de la Guitarra – Music Learning Platform



Guru de la Guitarra is a music education, platform focusing on guitar. With a user-friendly platform, learners of all levels can access guitar lessons from anywhere in the country, allowing them to learn anything from basic chords to advanced techniques.

This startup is making guitar learning more accessible and engaging for aspiring musicians in Paraguay.


2. Reva – Streamlining Sports Club Management


Reva | Seedstars World


Reva is a one stop shop for managing personal sports complexes, allowing users to organise tournaments, communicate with members and collect fees and deposits online.

Not only that, the tools provide real time reporting and analysis, allowing business owners to manage their sports clubs with ease.


3. MUV – Ride-Sharing App


MUV – Apps on Google Play


MUV is transforming the ride-sharing economy in Paraguay by providing a reliable and convenient platform for users to book rides.

With a focus on safety, efficiency, and affordability, MUV connects passengers with vetted drivers, helping smoother, stress-free urban transportation.


4. Mango App – Financial Inclusion


Llegó Mango, un nuevo método de pago | Tecnología | 5Días


Mango App is a FinTech startup offering an intuitive platform that simplifies banking and financial transactions for its users.

From payments to savings, Mango App provides secure, accessible financial services without additional costs or commissions.

Their features like bill splitting, QR code payments and smartphone money withdrawals are revolutionising financial transactions in Paraguay.


5. Simplemix – Custom Beverage Creations


Sistema de formulación de raciones al mínimo costo para ...


SimpleMix helps farmers with ration formulation by allowing them to track nutrient values for cattle feed.

Through providing information about the animals, Simplemix formulates a solution personalised to the animal.

This allows farmers to maximise the nutritional value of their feed, so they can make sure their cattle get enough food, but at the same time minimise the cost of the ration, streamlining costs.



6. Tutorya – Personalised Tutoring Services


Tutorya - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Tutorya is making personalised education accessible in Paraguay, connecting students with online tutors across a wide range of subjects.

Through a user-friendly platform, learners can find the support they need to for academic success, while tutors can share their knowledge and skills. This startup is committed to enhancing the educational landscape, one tutoring session at a time.


7. Taxit – A New Way To Settle Taxes


TAXit! Liquidación de impuestos Blog de finanzas personales e impuestos en Paraguay 2022


Taxit is modernising the tax industry in Paraguay, offering a new way for people to settle their taxes and control their finances online.

From their smartphone, users can settle their taxes, control their personal finances and see all documents in one place, making it easier to track and settle their tax.


8. Controlate – Finance Management Platform


Inicio | Controlate App


Controlate is a finance management platform, that allows users to see everything all in one place.

From tracking income and expenses to managing debt, setting financial goals and digital card payments, users are able to access everything, all in one place.


9. Fiweex – Wireless Internet Solutions


Fiweex - Conectate al WiFi en negocios sin contraseñas | Startup Ranking


Fiweex is a Paraguayan startup revolutionising internet connectivity in public spaces.

By innovative Wi-Fi in multiple locations, Fiweex offers seamless, high-speed internet access in areas where connectivity might otherwise be limited or unreliable.

This not only allows people to have constant internet access, but also supports local businesses by providing them with a platform to connect with customers through a unique Wi-Fi service.


10. Mbojao – Tackling Food Waste



Mbojao is a B Corp that is leading the fight against food waste by helping hospitality companies discard leftover food.

By collecting food from restaurants, hotels and cafes that are discarded for sale but good for consumption, the startup is helping to feed disadvantaged people in Paraguay.


These ten startups are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Paragu startup ecosystem.

As we look to 2024, keeping an eye on these companies is essential for anyone interested in the future of technology, sustainability, and business in Brazil.


Source: https://latamlist.com/