10 Startups To Watch In Mexico

As our around-the-world startups pieces continue, this time we’re heading over to Mexico. Mexico is buzzing with innovation and potential, redefining industries like edtech, to fintech and agritech.

Let’s take a closer look at ten startups that are making waves…


1. Tierra Prieta: Carbon Removal


Tierra Prieta is an innovative company in Mexico focusing on transforming organic waste into a long-term carbon called Biochar.

Their process creates a highly porous black charcoal like powder, known for its exceptional ability to store carbon. This Biochar is then mixed with compost tea and worm castings, creating a nutrient-rich fertiliser that enhances soil fertility.

Their innovative Biochar not only allows carbon to be stored for hundreds of years in the earth, without the possibility of returning to the atmosphere, but also contributes to Mexico’s agriculture industry.

2. Green Team México: Eco-Friendly Innovations

Green Team

Green Team México is another company making significant strides in biodegradable solutions.

Their company mission is to promote eco-friendly substitutes to help combat plastic pollution. With their own laboratory and research, Green Team has a number of certifications and is recognised by the FDA and CE-Europe as well as the RTCA-Central America.

Since 2019, they have effectively reduced ocean pollution by over 10,000 tons by replacing plastic products, making them a force to be reckoned with in the fight against climate change.

3. Kiwilimon: Recipe Sharing Social Network



Kiwilimon is an online platform that has built a diverse and interactive recipe-sharing community. It focuses on traditional Latin American cuisine, including dishes like tamales, ceviche and arepas amongst others.

The site also offers a premium version where users can unlock more recipes. Overall, Kiwilimon is a great resource for Latin American cooks who want inspiration in the kitchen.

4. Verqor: Empowering Farmers With Loans

Financiamiento agro para tus insumos y maquinaria | Verqor
Verqor is a platform that offers cashless credit to farmers to help with their purchases. As farmers regularly conduct trade with cash, they rarely have the paper trail needed to get loans from traditional banks.

With a $7.5M funding round announced in October, Verqor has big goals to expand throughout Mexico. It’s also looking to become a direct lender to farmers, allowing for quicker loan approvals and more streamlined processes.

5. Mozper: FinTech For The Younger Generation



Mozper is helping young people develop financial literacy in Latin America with its debit card and app for kids and parents.

The debit card allows parents to send their children an allowance, give them savings goals and even paying them for chores. Mozper is a great tool for parents who want to teach kids financial responsibility in a structured and safe way.



6. Kinedu: Tech-Driven Child Development



Kinedu is an app that is using tech to give parents resources around baby development and playtime guidance. The app provides up to 1,800 playtime ideas, as well as toy recommendations and a daily plan based on their age.

Additionally, Kinedu provides extra support through 1:1 coaching sessions, forums and access to experts.

7. Kueski: Simplifying Personal Finance

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Kueski offers straightforward solutions for people in Latin America looking for personal loans. The platform ensures total safety of details, including encrypted information and secure online forms.

The platform allows borrows to receive their money within minutes and choose their payback day, helping businesses and people better control their finances.

8. Zumma: Financial Independence For Latin Americans


Zumma was founded in 2022 and has set out to close the financial inequality gap in Latin America. The platform has a number of tools to help people achieve financial independence.

Through the platform, users can seek financial advice, track their spending and income and earn points when they hit goals.


9. Studially: Empowering Students

Logo letras azules Registrado sin fondo.png

Studially was started in Covid-19, when the founders realised young people aren’t prepared for the challenges of adulthood.

After seeing a gap in the market, the founders developed Studially – aimed to help young people with the tools, opportunities and information to help them with their future.

The app’s user friendly interface helps young people develop the skills they need to succeed – even whilst they are still at school.


10. Kigüi: Saving Money Whilst Shopping



Kigüi is an app that helps people save money whilst shopping in store, as well as getting cashback for specific purchases. The app helps food supply companies get rid of stock before they expire, whilst also helping shoppers get better prices on items.

By purchasing expiring products, users can reduce food waste whilst also boosting their own budget. The app is totally free to use, so you can spend and save the planet at the same time!


These ten startups are definitely ones to watch. From eco-friendly innovations to financial empowerment, each one contributes uniquely to Mexico’s vibrant startup ecosystem.