30 Jewellery Companies to Watch in 2022


With the effects of the pandemic still prevalent for many businesses and startups, the team at TechRound thought it was important to recognise those in the fashion industry creating beautiful, unique and timeless products during February with the month being internationally renowned for fashion.

Here, the team have featured a variety of brands – some of which are in the early stages of development, and some of which are renowned worldwide. Each company featured brings something individual to the table, from quirky, beaded necklaces to one-of-a-kind diamond engagement rings, and companies which specialise not just in jewellery creation but in jewellery repair.


Companies featured include:

  • July Child, founded by Sinéad Flood
  • Andralok, run by Amber Charach, Chrissie Cook, Rachel Andrews & Richard Haring
  • Hey Harper, founded by Catarina Oliveira
  • Handmade by Tinni, founded by Paulomi Debnath
  • Grove & Vae, founded by Jane Obeng
  • Fine+Flux Jewelry, founded by Dominique Nicholson
  • PrimaBerry, founded by Susana Teixeira & Amin Khan
  • Lily Arkwright, founded by Philip Dawson
  • Pri-Rings, founded by Priya Das
  • Myne London, founded by Fiona Wellington & Kate Murray
  • Pretty Little Rings, founded by Erin Aiken
  • Swirly Accessories, founded by Grace Dagger
  • Funky Chunkiess, founded by Rosie Maver
  • Skomer Studio, founded by Daisy Simpson
  • Golden Concept, founded by Puia Shamsossadati
  • Maalo Jewellery, founded by Mon Alonso
  • Daniel Christopher Jewellery, founded by Daniel & Christopher O’Farrell
  • Bohobeaded, founder by Tilly Walker
  • Mari & Co, founded by Priya Patel
  • Tiafi Jewellery, founded by Emma-Kate & Dylan Francis
  • RPAIR, founded by Michael Jakobsen & Abbie Shone
  • Livia Wednesday, founded by Livia Stokoe
  • Lily & Roo, founded by Brittany Preston
  • Ray Makes Things, founded by Rayane Chami
  • Gold Lunar, founded by Katie Pitman
  • ANCHOR & CREW, founded by Andrew Warner
  • Votch, founded by Laura Way
  • 3RD/DIADEM, founded by Tsuyoshi Tanaka (Gow)
  • Bio-Trimmings, founded by Hoyan Ip
  • Blanksn, founded by Jessica Blankson


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July Child

sinead flood july child

Website: www.julychild.co.uk

Founder(s): Sinéad Flood

The out-there indie jewellery boutique seen all over Instagram, bringing crazy colourful, nostalgia-inducing OTT styles to those who are loud and proud.

At July Child, the team are obsessed with 90s and 00s fashion, cute pop culture moments and anything that’s glittery or sparkly.
Their website first launched in 2017 and is an edit of some of the world’s best underground jewellery brands, alongside their own line – Daughter By JulyChild. They have since garnered a cult following online and are now stocked at Hypebeast, Fenwicks Bond Street and Urban Outfitters (!!!!).

July Child founder Sinéad is the brains behind the brand (they get the name from her birth month), and she designs all the Daughter By July Child pieces from her home in Manchester. She works directly with the production team to make sure the jewels she dreams up are the best quality ever.

july child

Everything the company makes is small batch to reduce waste and their packaging is recyclable too (minus their iconic ring boxes, they are designed to last a lifetime). Being sustainable is a pretty big deal to the team and they’re working on using only recycled metals in the future – just watch this space.

Sinéad has been called the ‘queen of jewellery’ more times than they can count, and July Child has been praised by ELLE, Cosmo, Harpers Bazaar, Nylon, Sunday Times Style, Grazia and Refinery 29!




Website: www.jewellerystockroom.com/brand/andralok (Instagram: @andralok)

Team: Amber Charach, Chrissie Cook, Rachel Andrews & Richard Haring

Stacking studs is a trend set to continue through 2022 and into the foreseeable future. Curating stackable stud sets is a great way for people to express themselves through jewellery, whether they are purchasing a “ready to go” complete ear-stack or purchasing individual studs to create that look themselves.

However, one common complication with mainstream brands is that the butterfly backs can become bulky and uncomfortable to wear throughout the day and to sleep in. Andralok is the answer to wearing an ear stack for an extended period of time, particularly when piercings are in near proximity as they allow the user to line up several earrings close together without needing to consider how the butterfly backs interact behind the ear.


The Andralok mechanism ‘flicks down’ with minimal pressure and simply locks in place. There is no need to worry about misplacing the small earring butterfly components, which is a common concern of jewellery lovers.

They specialise in teeny, tiny studs which they sell with their Andralok fitting. Precious and semi-precious stones from 2mm-5mm or dainty, handmade shapes up to 7mm. The size of the small studs make them perfect for building an ear stack. Not requiring butterfly backs make the back of the ear organised and more comfortable. Andralok studs sit flush with the back of the ear and do not get caught in long hair, in the way that classic butterfly studs do.

In the 1970s our skilled toolmakers developed a ‘flick it down’ stud post mechanism to aid easy application for elderly people and children who struggled with small componentry. In 2022, they have decided to revamp the Andralok collection to make the butterfly-less stud the ‘go to’ place for stud stacking.

They are based in Hastings, Sussex where all of their studs are manufactured by hand. They use 9ct gold and sterling silver to make the Andralok earrings and they will be introducing 18ct gold vermeil as a part of their Spring / Summer ‘22 relaunch collection. Their aim is to educate the young, fashion conscious, jewellery loving world about their unique brand of jewellery and to help them to style their earrings in new and exciting ways.

Comments from TechRound: “Andralok’s earrings are simply beautiful. They are dainty, elegant and there is such a variety available. The pieces are made from sterling silver and work so that the earring does not require a back to remain secure, which really is a game changer for those who are always losing the backs of their earrings or find them uncomfortable to sleep!

It is also fantastic that the studs are available to purchase and wear in the nose, making them a truly versatile yet beautiful product. The products also come in cardboard Andralok brand boxes, reducing the amount of plastic used in delivery. The variety of designs available also make the earrings perfect for those with multiple piercings as they can be stacked and worn in sets, meaning customers can always add to their Andralok collection!”


Hey Harper

hey harper

Website: www.heyharpershop.com

Founder(s): Catarina Oliveira

Hey Harper is a Waterproof Jewelry Brand from Lisbon, Portugal – founded in 2018 by Catarina Oliveira.

Hey Harper was born on the dream of having long-lasting jewelry, that wouldn’t lose the colour after a few usages, but still could be bought at affordable prices. Until now, the only option for high quality and durable jewelry was gold – a very expensive material. And for that they found a solution: stainless steel with a 10x stronger coating process!

hey harper

Hey Harper stands for uniquely designed Jewelry with ever-standing colour with a full range of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and anklets that are completely Waterproof – Go Swim. Take a shower. Put your lotion on. The jewelry won’t lose colour.

Within three years Hey Harper has sold to more than 200 countries around the world, being the main markets US, UK and Germany. Hey Harper is growing at a fast pace, achieving the 5 million dollars mark in revenue in 2021 and expecting to more than double it in 2022.

Comments from TechRound: “Hey Harper’s jewellery is truly beautiful, from the packaging to the products themselves. To begin, the pieces arrive in personalised, printed packaging and are then also individually wrapped inside beautiful boxes and also branded, colourful bags. Hey Harper have carefully designed these pieces so that they can be mixed and matched, all worn together to create a stunning layered effect or worn individually as statement pieces. The Nassau and the Miss necklace make a really gorgeous combination, with the different sized chains meaning they compliment one another really well yet also are elegant additions to any outfit by themselves.

In addition, Hey Harper’s Huggie Hoop earrings can be dressed up or down as the simple yet bold gold design means that they match any outfit. The same goes for the rings, with the Cleo Blue ring making a really stunning statement piece which can be worn with any of the brand’s other products. One of the most important features of Hey Harper’s jewellery is that it is completely waterproof, a game changer for those of us who are in and out of the gym, the swimming pool, the sea – Hey Harper withstands it all. This means that the products don’t have to be changed or removed, making for really high-quality, beautiful everyday pieces which can be worn in combination with one another or alone.”


Handmade by Tinni

handmade by tinni

Website: www.handmadebytinni.com

Founder(s): Paulomi Debnath

Handmade by Tinni is a Sustainable Statement Textile Jewellery & Home Décor award-winning Brand. The pieces are all about sustainability and joyful colour. The founder creates colourful, bold designs that bring joy & inspire ethical living. Paulomi is based in London and makes all designs from her home studio.

The design inspiration came from the bright colours of nature, amazing places that the founder has travelled to over the years – most importantly from the rich heritage of India. They mainly use age-old rope knotting crafts and processes like macramé; creating colourful, unique and bold designs is what makes textile jewellery stand out!

handmade by tinni

The brand has a core belief that doing business ethically is the only way to do business, so from sourcing the materials to becoming more climate positive, they are dedicated to creating a legacy of change for a cleaner, greener planet.

They chose cotton as the main design medium as it is biodegradable, soft to wear, anti-allergic, colourful, and extremely flexible to let my imagination flow. They take great pride in making each piece by hand.

They consciously made an effort to design new collection using my scrap rope endings to reduce any waste from my materials. Currently I have 3 products in my shop that are entire based on zero waste materials. Handmade by Tinni has now partnered with Ecologi to become more climate positive and assist with reforestation, planting 23 trees monthly. The aim is to make you embrace colours, look beautiful and feel proud while customers showcase the designs.


Grove & Vae


Website: www.groveandvae.com

Founder(s): Jane Obeng

Grove & Vae was born out of the idea that every woman deserves timeless luxury, and every woman deserves to treat themselves to the finer things in life without breaking the bank.

Access to high quality, long-lasting, timeless jewellery is often too pricey however that shouldn’t mean that women who cannot afford high priced items do not deserve to feel luxurious too.

This is why Grove & Vae stands out. They pride themselves on making sure that all of their jewellery is crafted using only fine precious metals. All of their pieces are expertly curated and designed in London and made with the finest 14k Gold Vermeil and rare Rhodium-plated Sterling Silver, (they do not use brass, nickel, stainless steel or any other non-fine precious metal) this way they can ensure that your jewellery guarantees the long-lasting finesse of genuine gold without the hefty price tag and they are able to keep these pieces for years to come.

grove and vae

The customer experience and feeling of worth is most important, which is why from the moment customers receive their package they are made to feel that air of luxury. A great deal of care and detail has gone into the creation of Grove & Vae. From the design, curation and selection of precious metals, straight down to the design and materials used for the packaging. They want to give women the luxury unboxing experience they deserve.

This is why each order comes beautifully packaged in a signature Grove & Vae gold foil branded textured jewellery box, complete with a soft suede reusable travel pouch, a jewellery cleaning cloth and a jewellery care card all in a custom Grove & Vae mailer box.


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Fine+Flux Jewelry

Dominique Flux

Website: https://fineandflux.com/

Founder(s): Dominique Nicholson

Dominique Nicholson is the founder and lead designer at Fine+Flux Jewelry. Having grown up in sketch books, she finds her inspiration from years of drawing fashion. “It was all about the details”, she explains. Loving to draw elaborate patterns and textures within fabrics, it’s only normal she has transferred that love for intricacy into her jewellery designs. With her meticulous work ethic and love for her art she spends hours in studio developing and creating new pieces for her in-house collections and custom designs for her more selective clientele.

fine and flux

Having completed over 3 years at l’École de Joaillerie de Montréal with an additional year specialising in 3D design, Dominique uses her knowledge of the traditional craftsmanship and new innovative technologies to make her pieces. By mixing both worlds she is sure her clients will receive only the best fine jewelelry has to offer.

After having apprenticed and worked for some of the biggest jewellers in the city, Dominique decided it was time to open her own online boutique. Thus Fine+Flux was created.




Website: www.primaberry.com

Founder(s): Susana Teixeira & Amin Khan

Since the beginning of their entrepreneurship journey, PrimaBerry knew that they wanted the business to be as sustainable as possible: they focus on sustainable and recycled materials and support small artisans around the world.

PrimaBerry accessories combine quality, comfort and sustainability. Collections are designed to include all style preferences, from the extrovert to the subtle or the minimalist.

Their Cork Jewellery is made in Portugal by local artisans using the best cork in the world. In addition to being beautiful, cork is also extremely durable and these pieces are 100% free from animal-derived products.


With their Banana Fibre Jewellery, they opt for natural fibres and work with talented artisans in Brazil that use traditional techniques because they think that keeping the traditions is not only preserving the past, but it is giving life to new pieces that mix the traditional old crafts with contemporary patterns that increase awareness of the skills required to create these pieces.

Delicious and ubiquitous, coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, however, it also leads to millions of coffee pods that ultimately impact the environment. At PrimaBerry, they use recycled coffee pods to make vibrant fashion jewellery, packed with colour and originality.

All jewellery pieces come in a Cotton Bag made in the UK and all our packaging is plastic-free.


Lily Arkwright

phillip dawson

Website: www.lilyarkwright.com

Founder(s):  Philip Dawson

Ethical jeweller retailer Lily Arkwright forecasts a boom in popularity of lab grown diamond engagement rings in 2022.

Savvy consumers are opting for the mined diamond alternative and sustainable engagement rings, whilst allowing cost savings to contribute to their wedding budget, a lavish honeymoon or home improvements. Numerous celebrities have also been keen to showcase their green credentials with Lady Gaga, Emma Watson and Meghan Markle all reported to have worn lab-created diamonds in recent years.

Gone are the days where consumers must spend an astronomical amount of money on a mined diamond, lab grown alternatives have boomed in popularity, offering significant savings. Younger consumers are quickly reevaluating their priorities and choosing between a lab grown diamond or a lab grown Moissanite gemstone. Additionally, lab created coloured gemstones such as Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds are also seen as an attractive alternative engagement ring.

Lily Arkwright boasts the UK’s largest collection of lab grown alternative engagement ring styles and designs, ranging from petite settings, hidden halos to the classic solitaire in a huge selection of different stone cuts including rounds, ovals, radiants and much more. They offer the worlds premium moissanite stones and are proud Assay Assured retailers ensuring you can purchase your engagement ring with the ultimate confidence.

lily arkwright

Lab grown diamonds are 100% diamonds and up-to half the price of a traditional mined diamond, sharing the same chemical composition, optical properties and hardness as mined diamonds. The only point of difference compared to a mined diamond is the origin. A man made diamond is “grown” under controlled conditions in a laboratory, using advanced technology that replicates the growing process of a mined diamond.

The lab grown diamond manufacturing process replicates conditions that mimic the natural diamond creation process, subjecting carbon to extreme temperatures and pressures. Lab grown diamonds are made up of actual carbon atoms, arranged in the same characteristic diamond crystal structures as natural diamonds. Thus, they perform and exhibit the same brilliance and sparkle as a mined diamond.

Savvy consumers are embracing eco-friendly diamond alternative engagement rings as people consider their carbon footprint and origins of jewellery. The Kimberley process has done much to highlight the negative impact of blood diamonds on both the environment and local populations close to mining operations. Lily Arkwright advocates sustainable fine jewellery available to everyone. Simple put, save the planet and save money on your engagement ring!



pri rings

Website: www.pri-rings.com (Instagram: @pri_rings)

Founder(s): Priya Das

Pri-Rings was founded in 2020 by Priya Das, a 21-year-old Medical student. Pri-Rings was created during the midst of the first lockdown whilst Priya was helping out as an emergency worker at the local pharmacy. She has always been a lover of fashion and jewellery and had an ever-growing collection of bold and funky earrings. She also loves gold, dainty every day jewellery and felt there was a gap in the market for a mix between both. Having always being a creative individual, she decided to try and make her own earrings. She then started to gift them to friends and eventually created a website to sell them on.

Pri-Rings are made from lightweight clay and come in a huge variety of styles. No two pairs are ever the exact same and they love to bring out new designs as often as they can whilst also offering the opportunity for customers to create their own designs. Each purchase is packaged beautifully with a double-sided print of artwork thrown in for free with every order.

pri rings

Whilst they specialise in earrings, this year they have released the new Pri-Ring Charm Bracelets. Handmade clay charms can be bought separately or alongside a gold or silver bracelet allowing for complete customisation of the purchase. The most recent collection is Valentine’s Day themed, featuring love letters, pink cherries, red hearts and lots more. If you like anything pink, red or glittery then this is the collection for you! Overall, the best-selling earrings are the classic yellow smiley dangles.

Pri-Rings add the perfect amount of fun and colour to your everyday outfits and if you haven’t tried them out yet you’re missing out!


Myne London


Website: www.mynelondon.co.uk

Founder(s): Fiona Wellington & Kate Murray

Myne London was founded by Fiona and Kate in 2018 to source emeralds ethically, sustainably and responsibly from Swat Valley, Pakistan. They were raised in the country and spent their childhood travelling through the Khyber regions and into Kabul, Afghanistan. These formative experiences highlighted the beauty of the nation, but also its challenges in relation to childhood education, especially among women and girls. At Myne London, they train and employ a 75% female workforce. Supplying designer brands and customers with traceable emeralds is the channel through which aims to empower these women.

Myne London Emeralds are sourced from the Swat Valley in the North West Mountatins of Pakistan, with a commitment to the highest social and environmental standards. These exceptional stones are hightly prized for their intense, vivid green colour. Through developing and deepening relationships with people on the ground Myne London have been able to establish relationships with mine owners to give financial transparency and accountability. They aim to shine a light on Swat Valley emeralds creating a legitimate and responsible emerald industry in Pakistan which leaves a positive impact on livelihood options for the community.


As well as supplying to jewellers around the globe, Myne London also create bespoke pieces. Handmade in their own workshop in Wales.

They are also proud of their a foundation. The Myne London Foundation is a charitable initiative designed to assist those who need access to education. They support their female lapidarists by giving their children, especially their daughters, the funds they need for school uniforms, transportation and school fees. These crucial measures of support and kindness can mean the difference between a child being educated or left behind.

Myne London are hosting their first Charity Ball in aid of the Myne London Foundation on Saturday 19th March 2022. For tickets head to https://www.mynelondon.co.uk/myne-london-foundation.


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Pretty Little Rings


Instagram: @prettylittlerings

Founder(s): Erin Aiken

Pretty Little Rings began in December 2021 during one of the many lockdowns in Northern Ireland. Erin was experimenting with strips of aluminium when the “triple wrap” was born. Originally, she hadn’t considered selling her work, but once a few friends showed interest, she thought she’d give it a go. The first ring was a huge success, selling over 90 pieces. Since then, she has learnt a lot about jewellery making and started using longer-lasting silver as her base material.

The business began with rings (hence the name) but she has recently introduced necklaces and plans to release earrings later this year. Her current bestseller is the name necklace. Erin is completely self-taught, having acquired her skills from YouTube videos and other online resources. Originally, the business began in Northern Ireland but Erin is currently at University in Scotland, so she goes between the two. It’s easier to create at home since she has a bigger workbench, but she makes it work in Scotland.

pretty little rings

Surprisingly, she wasn’t a jewellery wearer before creating her own. But ever since, she has been inspired by the jewellery she sees on other people. Many pieces are created from a previous mishap or adapting an existing piece.

Erin wants to create a collection with something for everyone. Something that can be worn every day or a statement piece that catches attention. She hopes to expand PrettyLittleRings by starting a website and attending more jewellery fairs.

The brands’ main audience is young people since she started out selling to friends, however, her pieces are wearable for all ages as they’re mostly simplistic designs with more creative pieces thrown in. She has also made larger rings available for guys. One of her favourite pieces to make are matching initial necklaces for couples or friends.

You can find all of Erin’s jewellery on Etsy: @PrettyLittleRingsNI or Instagram: @prettylittleringss

Comments from TechRound: “Pretty Little Rings has created beautiful handmade pieces which appear to have been designed with such love and care. Having the option to personalise Erin’s stunning, handcrafted pieces mean that the designs make for beautiful gifts, and can incorporate nicknames and inside jokes. They also come in cute little suede bags with handmade business cards, and are really elegant additions to any outfit.

Through her stunning personalised product range, Erin has created a range of jewellery which is elegant and understated but also allows for a really beautiful personal touch. Her products are really beautiful and there is a lovely feeling which comes with knowing she has designed and handcrafted them herself, delivering timeless pieces which are designed and manufactured specifically for her customers.”


Swirly Accessories

Grace Dagger

Website: www.swirlyaccessories.com

Founder(s): Grace Dagger

Seeing other young people start small businesses throughout the pandemic inspired Grace to create Swirly. She happened to be walking around an antique shop one day when she saw a large tub of vintage beads for sale and felt this was a sign to start making and selling jewellery.

After buying everything she needed, Grace made necklaces, sold them and continued to invest money in supplies, eventually also starting to make rings and earrings. Ever since launching in march 2021, the small business has been Grace’s main creative outlet. The Swirly Accessories brand is a reflection of who she am and what she likes.

Nostalgic childhood things that make her happy such as the beach, flowers, vibrant colours, sweets, summer, etc. are what the brand consists of. The products are heavily influenced by Grace’s art. She has been an artist for as long as she can remember and so when she had the opportunity to do this she was excited for each and every aspect, from marketing the brand, taking all the photos, rendering promotional posts to actually designing and creating the accessories.

swirly accessories

Grace likes to make sure  customers get a say in the designs as she likes to recognise uniqueness and individuality and therefore direct messages on instagram are always open for custom orders, queries and criticism. Although Grace is glad to have built her own brand, it wasn’t always been a walk in the park. She knew starting a small business would be hard but she persevered and has never been happier.

She has an amazing customer base and she appreciates all of the support she has. She aims to come out with so many new pieces in 2022, especially in the summer, to include: hair clips, key charms, beaded waist chains, new ring designs, necklaces, bracelets, sets and potentially handmade clothing pieces out of recycled materials.

Comments from TechRound: “Grace’s creation of Swirly Accessories gives a very edgy, cool and 00s vibe which is perfect for the younger generation. Her products are quirky, unique and statement pieces which look perfect mixed and matched or just as individual statement pieces. Her designs coming from things she loves also means she has carefully thought about her products and their design, meaning she has created a collection of things she is passionate about.

Grace’s rings are chunky yet comfortable, and come packaged in cute little suede bags. Her business gives off handmade, boutique energy with her product range being so large that there is definitely something for everyone. Her creations are beautiful, look like they have been made with so much love and simultaneously serve as reminders of childhood nostalgia, which is a lovely feeling to have when wearing such a stunning design.”


Funky Chunkiess

funky chunkies

Instagram: @funkychunkiess

Founder(s): Rosie Maver

Rosie Maver is 23 years old and runs a small online business via Instagram called FunkyChunkiess, where she makes and sells clay rings. She started making rings as a hobby during the 2nd lockdown (back in March 2021) as something fun to pass the time. She got really stuck into designing and creating rings and just being able to use her imagination and eventually decided that she would make a little page to ‘showcase’ what she had made.

Within a day or two, she got a few messages from followers she had gained saying they loved the rings and wanted to purchase some. Since then, she has gained over 13k followers and still continues to create and design new pieces to sell. Her rings retail between £7-£10 depending on the level of customisation, as each ring is completely customisable to what the customer has in mind.

funky chunkiess

She has just added new clay earring sets, completely made up of wasted clay left over from making rings, meaning no material goes to waste and making the products so much more sustainable!

She has also recently started experimenting making jewellery with other materials, such as necklaces using glass beads and pearls, but making sure she incorporates the initial products, so she also hand-makes clay beads. This has gone from being a hobby to a passion of Rosie’s whp hopes to continue creating designs for as long as possible!


Skomer Studio


Website: www.skomer-studio.com

Founder(s): Daisy Simpson

Skomer Studio was founded by Daisy Simpson with the vision of creating contemporary jewellery that elevates the everyday.
Originally nurtured as a childhood hobby, Daisy’s love of creation translated into working with precious metals, later honed through studying Jewellery and Silversmithing at Kensington & Chelsea College in London.

A Skomer Studio design is timeless and considered a future classic in a wearer’s selection of personal relics. Skomer Studio is an intimate practice that celebrates handcrafted design creating seasonless collections. The name Skomer was chosen to preserve Daisy’s connection with her childhood growing up on the North West coast of England, where her grandfather owned a boat named Skomer.


Two seasonless collections characterise the label’s offering; All Day and Ornate. On the surface there are distinct differences between All Day and Ornate, one collection uses only solid precious metals, whereas the other incorporates gemstones and non-traditional materials. However there is a close connection between the two. Made to compliment one another, the All Day collection centres on modern signature classics to be worn all day, everyday, whilst the Ornate collections focus on the accent pieces, designed to stand out.

Sustainability and integrity are the heart of Skomer Studio’s operations. Each piece is handcrafted in the designer’s North London studio using recycled metals and sustainably sourced stones and sold with the use of a complimentary reconditioning service, ensuring it can be worn and loved throughout a lifetime. Each item of jewellery is made to order to ensure minimal waste and minimum carbon footprint is created through the production process.

Skomer Studio also gives back to the community by donating 10% of the profits from every sale to charity. Two charities are supported, the Maya Centre and the Marine Conservation Society, with the donation equally split between the charities.


Golden Concept

golden concept

Website: www.goldenconcept.com

Founder(s): Puia Shamsossadati

Golden Concept is a Sweden-headquartered global luxury lifestyle brand that creates exclusive and ultra-high-quality cases for Apple iPhone and Apple Watch, built from aerospace materials, precious metals, and gemstones.

Golden Concept counts among owners of its products Cristiano Ronaldo, DJ Khaled, Kris Kardashian, Luis Suárez, Neymar Jr., and Chris Brown. The company creates cases that elevate everyday Apple products – which are impeccably designed, but ubiquitous – beyond the ordinary.

In 2021, the company experienced over 400% revenue growth year-on-year, with profit growing at over 2000% during the same period.

golden concept

Founded in 2015 in Malmö, Sweden, by industrial designer and entrepreneur Puia Shamsossadati, Golden Concept today has 15 employees across offices in Malmö, Dubai, and Guangzhou.

Golden Concept products, which have been sold to consumers in over 150 countries worldwide, are available globally via the company’s ecommerce, and are sold offline in 20 countries via department stores, jewellery and luxury watch stores, and Apple official resellers. Golden Concept’s first monobrand highstreet stores opened in the retail districts of Tokyo and Osaka in 2021, with further stores planned in Russia, Taiwan, and the UAE.

Golden Concept cases are crafted from materials ordinarily associated more with aerospace or formula racing than with handheld electronics, such as titanium and thin-ply carbon composites. This makes them lightweight but extremely durable, particularly when compared with mainstream ‘fast-fashion’ phone accessories, which are typically low-quality and generate large amounts of plastic wastage.

Decorative elements of Golden Concept products include finest-quality leathers from Italy and France, precious stones (including diamonds) and precious metals worked by craftsmen in Russia, and custom parts from Sweden.


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Maalo Jewellery

maalo mon alonso

Website: www.maalojewellery.com

Founder(s): Mon Alonso

Mon Alonso is the founder and designer of Maalo Jewellery, a sustainable slow-fashion brand handmade with recycled metals.

Maalo was born from the desire to create timeless and ageless jewellery for every occasion, whilst having a minimal impact on the planet.

All their materials are either made with recycled silver, recycled or Fairtrade 9ct gold and their gemstones are responsibly sourced, in order to minimise environmental disruption. Their packaging is recycled, recyclable, and plantable. Production-wise, all their pieces are handmade in small batches either by Mon in London or a small team of artisans in her hometown in Mexico, to avoid the unnecessary waste caused by mass production and to support the craft of local talent in Mexico.

maalo jewellery

Whilst the founder tries to create pieces that are comfortable and will last a lifetime, she also wants the customers to feel like they’re wearing something unique. That’s why she also offers a bespoke and, soon to be launched, a renew service, to help customers create a new piece that has a special meaning to them, or give a new life to an old jewel they already own.


Daniel Christopher Jewellery

DC Jewellers

Website: www.dcjewellery.com

Founder(s): Daniel & Christopher O’Farrell

Established in 2013, and based in the heart of London’s Jewellery Quarter, Daniel Christopher® Jewellery is a leading hand-crafted diamond merchant, specialising in diamond engagement rings and fine diamond jewellery. Owned and operated by Daniel and Christopher O’Farrell, the jewellers has had a presence in Hatton Garden since 1964.

Offering a uniquely bespoke jewellery design service to their customers, DC Jewellery are one of few jewellers in London to have their own in-house diamond cutter and polisher, based in their Hatton Garden workshop. From designing bespoke bridal commissions to high fashion jewellery, all items are handcrafted at their on-site workshop by highly trained and experienced goldsmiths and diamond setters. Customers can create everlasting symbols of love by designing their own engagement rings and wedding bands under the brands expert tutelage.

Daniel Christopher

Alongside their decades of diamond cutting and jewellery design experience, the brand also prides itself on its ethical approach to sourcing and buying diamonds by ensuring all diamonds have been responsibly procured. With access to a huge number of diamonds from the UK’s premier diamond merchants, Daniel Christopher can undercut most retailers and competitors in the industry. For customers wanting to reduce their environmental impact, consumers can opt for a lab-grown diamond at DC Jewellery. Lab grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular among proposers, with their man-made, or lab-grown, properties having the same physical and chemical qualities as their natural counterparts – the only difference being the way they are produced. With no mining required for a lab-grown diamond, customers can enjoy ethically responsible diamonds with the same sparkle and brilliance.

For a uniquely bespoke experience, customers can visit the Hatton Garden workshop in the historical Bleeding Heart Yard to select their own fine diamond, while being at the heart of the design and production process.




Instagram: @bohobeaded

Founder(s): Tilly Walker

Tilly is the owner and founder of Bohobeaded, located in surrey, UK. She is currently a student studying politics at Bristol University, and has been running Bohobeaded since March 2019. She began selling just a few necklaces here and there on the platform Depop, but then in lockdown, 2020, her my shop really took off, with daily trips to the post office and long summer days in the garden making jewellery.

Bohobeaded specialises in beaded bright and colourful jewellery, including necklaces, earrings and rings, all handmade by Tilly. With currently 100+ designs available on their depop, Bohobeaded sells necklaces for £5 and sets for £7, with bundle deals always available. She has also been looking at new products to bring out including clay rings, and hopefully soon they will have beaded ear cuffs coming out!


The shop was almost created accidently as at first, as Tilly just intended to make a few necklaces for herself, but when she started showing them to her family and friends, they said it was definitely something she could sell! So that’s when she started uploading a few items a day online and by surprise they started selling.

This truly is a dream job for Tilly, as she can sit at home all day and do something she loves, making jewellery. She still packs and makes all of her own products herself from my little bedroom. She greatly looks forward to the future of Bohobeaded with hopes of starting up her own website and to start selling in market stalls at events, alongside through Depop and Instagram.

Comments from TechRound: “Tilly’s small business ensures that she creates beautiful and quirky products which her customers will love. Her brand name is perfect for the products she offers, with her designs being truly considered boho-chic. All of her orders being customisable means that customers can ask for the exact design they are looking for, so everything is available.

Tilly’s products are made by hand and are such high quality, with the option to order matching necklace and earring sets. Full of colour, life and being totally individual, Tilly’s products make a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection!”


Mari & Co

mari and co

Website: www.mariandco.co.uk

Founder(s): Priya Patel

Priya Patel is the founder of Mari & Co, a brand specialising in classy and elegant jewellery. She started this business in May 2021, when she was nearly 8 months pregnant, with the help of the marketing guru, Gurjinder of the @themarketingmummyuk.

Why you may ask? With a second baby on the way, you’d think she had enough to deal with. But she wanted something to keep her occupied mentally during maternity leave. As many of you may know, there are times when the lack of mental stimulation after having a baby can get you down, and she also saw a gap in the market for classy, designer type jewellery sold at the right price.

mari and co

We all love jewellery, which woman doesn’t? But the price point of designer jewellery means it’s not accessible to all, or you may end up purchasing one or two pieces only due to the price tag. She wanted to make this type of jewellery affordable to all so that anyone can look ‘boujie’ every day, by adding timeless pieces to their jewellery collection!

Where does the name come from? Priya quite simply merged her two daughters’ names together – as without them she doubt she would’ve had the drive to start this business! Becoming a mum has given her the drive to want more for her girls, and show them you can do whatever you want. Becoming a mum doesn’t have to mean your dreams are over – it means they are beginning.

Comments from TechRound: “Priya’s products are simply beautiful. Her designs are so elegant, and it’s fantastic that many of her pieces are available in either gold or silver. Mari & Co jewellery also comes beautifully packaged, with pieces delivered inside plastic-free packaging and wrapped in a suede bag, making the products feel truly luxurious upon delivery and as though they have been wrapped with real care.

Out of her desire to build a successful jewellery business, Priya has created products which can be worn with any outfit, are affordable and that make the wearer feel truly special. Designs are timeless and will not go out of style, meaning that Mari & Co jewels can be kept and reworn forever without the need to change them up.”


Tiafi Jewellery


Website: www.tiafi.com

Founder(s): Emma-Kate & Dylan Francis

Recently launched, new jewellery brand Tiafi Jewellery has just dropped their 3rd collection: the Cwtch Heart. This collection is in addition to the brand’s Friendship and Star collection, which founders Emma-Kate and Dylan brought out last summer. The concept is simple but very clever: The raised ‘me’ charm connects with the indented ‘you’ charm.

Customers can gift themselves a piece of jewellery, whilst gifting the other connecting ones to friends or family, like a grown up version of a forever friends pendant!


Their gorgeous jewellery is all designed by the founder, Emma-Kate Francis. Emma-Kate is an independent British jewellery designer who works in collaboration with her husband, Dylan, based in Wales – so the name ‘Tiafi’, meaning ‘You’ and ‘Me’ in Welsh, fits perfectly. Each piece is handcrafted from high quality solid sterling silver or gold and comes beautifully gift wrapped in luxury eco-packaging.

Comments from TechRound: “Emma-Kate and Dylan at Tiafi have taken a concept which so many people have fond memories of and incorporated it into their truly stunning jewellery collections. The idea of friendship bracelets is one which we are all familiar with, yet that most of us left in childhood. An adult variation of this concept means that customers can treat themselves at the same time as one of their loved ones, and wear the matching pieces not only as a demonstration of a bond but also as a beautiful addition to any outfit.

Tiafi’s designs come beautifully packaged inside individual boxes, and the designs are beautiful. The concept is simple, with the bracelets having gorgeous charms which fit perfectly inside one another to become one. The pieces are extremely elegant with thin chains and dainty charms, and can be purchased to match other pieces with the charms available in silver, gold and rose gold meaning there is something for everyone. From start to finish, the products appear to have been designed and packaged with real care, and can be worn as an everyday reminder of a friend, sibling or partner. An adult twist on a childhood memory, Tiafi has created stunning pieces to represent their brand.”


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Founder(s): Michael Jakobsen & Abbie Shone

RPAIR is the only online repair marketplace for jewellery and watches. Founded in 2020 by Michael Jakobsen and Abbie Shone during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown during which time it was impossible to repair a cherished piece of jewellery.

In 2020 RPAIR was awarded £156,000 from the Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund (SIF) that targets companies needing to keep their great ideas alive during the current pandemic, who in turn will contribute to revolutions across whole sectors.

RPAIR is making waves in the jewellery industry by doing what has already been done in the hospitality (JustEat, Deliveroo) and transport (Uber, SkyScanner) industries; creating a transparent and competitive marketplace that brings together supply and demand.


RPAIR matches traditional brick and mortar repair shops and consumers together in a competitive online repair marketplace for jewellery and watches. We do this via an easy-to-use and free web service that matches the consumer repair needs to local workshops nearby.

For jewellery stores it enables them to quote on jobs via an in-house web portal from potential local customers. For customers, it democratises repairs by pooling multiple quotes from jewellery stores they might not know exist giving them the best prices. RPAIR’s aim is to reduce the overall global waste while helping people bring their cherished items back to life by making the process of repairs, easy, more transparent and accessible.

Abbie Shone has worked in the watch & jewellery industry for over 15 years as the Head of Operations running 11 stores before Co-founding RPAIR. Michael Jakobsen is a proven tech leader having launched Adia and Opogo Ltd as Managing Director in the UK. Previous to the London tech scene Michael served with distinction in the Danish army.


Livia Wednesday

livia stokoe

Website: www.liviawednesday.co.uk

Founder(s): Livia Stokoe

Livia Wednesday was launched in October of 2020, initially creating macrame bags and plant hangers before the founder eventually became a full time jewellery business.

She has always been creative and knew that she wanted to end up in a creative job, but had trouble finding where she wanted to focus her creativity for a long time. She eventually tried out polymer clay as she already had a good idea of the types of pieces she wanted to create, so decided it was time to learn how. Eventually after a lot of practice and some experimenting she developed her own style. She then launched her first jewellery collection in December 2020.

livia wednesday

Livia works mainly with polymer clay but combines it with other mediums, mainly pearls, which can be found on almost all of her pieces. Her style continues to evolve as the business grows, everything she makes is a reflection of whatever she loves at the time.

Livia is hugely inspired by vintage fashion, art and photography, but she wouldn’t say one time period or style in particular. Livia believes her jewellery is a combination of lots of things that she likes, with inspiration being pulled from everywhere.

She continues to run Livia Wednesday as a one woman brand. She works from her studio at home in Yorkshire doing everything from building the website, to packing orders to designing and creating all the jewellery.


Lily & Roo

lily and roo

Website: www.lilyandroo.com

Founder(s): Brittany Preston

Lily & Roo was born when founder Brittany Preston saw a gap in the market for jewellery pieces that would stand the test of time and were not only desirable but also affordable. Born and raised in London, Brittany studied at the London College of Fashion whilst working full time for a talented jeweller. Throughout her studies and work, Brittany immersed herself in the jewellery world, learning about fine jewellery techniques, discovering her preferred design process, which lead to her founding her successful label in 2019.

Lily & Roo jewellery pieces are handcrafted in a London studio in Hatton Garden and founder Brittany aims to consistently evolve and push design innovation whilst respecting traditional craftsmanship. Lily & Roo is known for its signature styles that effortlessly elevate the everyday.

lily and roo

When Brittany became a mother, her sentimental values became more evident in the brand than ever before. She decided it would be the perfect time to also adapt the business model to suit her needs, focusing on a direct to consumer online model which has not only allowed her to keep prices affordable but allowed the business to be agile in the current climate meaning she can easily balance work alongside her growing family.

Lily & Roo is working towards becoming as sustainable as possible by using ethically sourced materials such as diamonds and pearls as well as recycled and recyclable packaging. Brittany is committed to reducing the impact on the planet and creating ‘forever’ pieces that are timeless and trendless whilst remaining contemporary and desirable.


Ray Makes Things

rayane chami

Website: www.raymakesthings.co.uk

Founder(s): Rayane Chami

Rayane is the one-woman-show behind Ray Makes Things! She is a Lebanese postdoctoral researcher in Psychology who moved to London in 2016 for her PhD. In April 2019, she received a two-week suspected cancer referral and was dragged back home for a biopsy. Her sudden interest in jewellery making began while she awaited biopsy results (which turned out negative!). Until that point in her life, academia was the sole career she ever wanted to pursue. Nevertheless, making and selling jewellery has brought happiness and meaning to her life in a way she still finds hard to describe.

Her small business offers handmade freshwater pearl pieces using 14ct gold-filled and 925 sterling silver material. All areas of production within her control are always as sustainable as possible – she does this by ensuring that her plastic-free packaging is 100% recyclable and by sourcing pearls in bulk and directly from a family-owned pearl farm, to keep her carbon footprint low. She also bids on vintage pearls at auctions and upcycles all components as a way of offering them a new life.


She was originally exposed to freshwater pearl jewellery through her mum – an artist and jeweller who used to run a social enterprise in Lebanon. Following in her footsteps, Rayane is dedicated to fundraising for charities whose visions fit her morals. As such, she also uses her platform as a means of fighting against any form of injustice – including those around mental health, gender, sexuality, race, and class privilege. Over the past two years, and with the support of the beautiful RMT community, she has managed to raise over £4,000 for 6 charities.


Gold Lunar

katie pitman

Website: www.goldlunar.co.uk

Founder(s): Katie Pitman

Discover new demi-fine jewellery brand, Gold Lunar. Whether shopping for a loved one or yourself, British brand Gold Lunar has the perfect collection of beautiful gold pieces.

They are a small UK business who passionately design signature styles in their creative studio just outside of London, whether it’s chunky chains, layering necklaces or stackable bracelets. Their 18k gold plated jewellery is not only fashion forward, but affordable and created to be worn and loved every day.

Best selling styles include the chunky chains as worn by Alesha Dixon and Chloe Lewis, but they also love the finer things in life so customers can find a selection of dainty jewels too.

gold lunar

They’re obsessed with quality so that customers can wear jewellery day in, night out and all of their pieces come beautifully packaged in magnetic gold branded gift boxes.

New to layering? They show you exactly how to layer up those individual chains and pendants so that your look is unique to you. The glow from the Freshwater pearl collection compliments the perfect level of real gold plating, which, crafted with brass are beautiful, premium pieces that will last.

These pieces aren’t just your jewellery box essentials, but they are perfect for gifting too, especially as they offer a luxury gift wrapping service with velvet ribbon and gold branded gift bags. Find them on Instagram @gold__lunar


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Amerjit Briah

Website: www.ethikel.com/brands/anchor-and-crew/

Founder(s): Andrew Warner (picture Amerjit Briah, founder of eTHikel)

eTHikel is an environmentally conscious online retail destination on a mission to provide customers with the options they need to pursue an eco-friendly life. The British retail destination sources quality products from trusted sellers who share eTHikel’s pro-Earth values, helping shoppers reduce their impact on the environment – including a great selection of jewellery made by UK jewellery makers using recycled materials. With the high quality ethical and environmentally friendly jewellery selection eTHikel, customers can combine elegance and style, whilst preserving our planet. Brands include ANCHOR & CREW.

Combining British craft manufacturing with a discerning modern-minimalist style, ANCHOR & CREW is a multi-award winning brand founded in 2014, who believes in having a highly ethical and traceable supply chain. With fans in over 85 countries, ANCHOR & CREW takes ownership of an exploratory lifestyle and enjoys the Happy-Good Life, creating unisex jewellery, accessories and lifestyle goods for the Modern Journeyman (and woman).

anchor and crew

Timelessly British by design and manufacture, ANCHOR & CREW is particularly known for their anchor, rope and leather bracelets, amongst other quality accessories. At ANCHOR & CREW every product is handcrafted by celebrated craftsmen to ensure high standards of quality. Operating a truly ethical, traceable and transparent supply chain with materials sourced from highly conscious sources, they are driven to empower customers to make the right choice with the right information and enact change within the jewellery industry.

The rope is hand wound, certified Navy grade and used by the GB Royal Navy, the silver and gold are purely .925 sterling and 9ct respectively (hallmarked accordingly), the leather (hide and stingray) is natural and genuine, the natural stones entirely authentic, and all other subsidiary materials are of artisan character; there is no consideration of poor quality. The brand’s craftsmanship and transparent values epitomise ANCHOR & CREW: in quality they trust.



laura way

Website: www.ethikel.com/brands/votch/

Founder(s): Laura Way

eTHikel’s fully sustainable vegan watches range is completely cruelty-free and ethically sourced, allowing you to look great, and keep track of time, whilst taking care of our planet. eTHikel works with brands in order to help promote their shared views of sustainability – such as Votch. Votch began when founder Laura was struck down with a condition called Topical Steroid Withdrawal, a condition that saw all her skin fall off. During the years it took her to recover, she turned to documentaries and educated herself on various subjects regarding animal welfare, including facts about the leather industry that truly shocked her.


Available on eTHikel, Votch creates stunning watches, made with vegan leather. This leather is created by pineapple leaves, in order to look and feel like the real thing. They also offer mesh watches crafted with stainless steel – sustainable fashion that gives back, that is PETA Approved, with free shipping worldwide and 10% of profits donated to charity. Votch’s Mesh Classic is a classically striking timepiece with soft brushed metal casing and accented indexes. Their Gold & Tam Classic combines classic style and design across every timepiece. Each watch has a 38mm case with a vegan leather strap that will arrive in its own eco-friendly felt pouch and box.

Meanwhile, the Kindred square range is chic, stylish and of course cruelty-free. Cultivating Votch’s trademark minimalist designs with graceful, refined vegan friendly straps, this alluring timepiece is the perfect partner in crime for any conscious fashionista. All of Votch’s watches are fitted with quick release straps that are made of highly durable, vegan friendly leather and are easily interchangeable. The strap materials are free from PVC, heavy metals, flame retardants and have no added antimicrobial chemicals. They are produced with low VOC emissions and incorporate recycled and renewable content.




Website: www.ethikel.com/brands/3rd-diadem/

Founder(s): Tsuyoshi Tanaka (Gow)

Through the selection available on the environmentally-friendly online retail destination eTHikel, you can stand out from the crowd with high quality ethical and environmentally friendly mens, womens and unisex jewellery handmade and made in recycled materials – such as 3RD/DIADEM. 3RD/DIADEM was launched in September 2020 in London by Gow Tanaka, combining over 25 years experience in the fashion industry as a session hairstylist, with his passion for attention to detail, in particular with the exquisite handcrafting found in traditional Japanese design.


Gow spent over four years researching materials and learning and perfecting his own techniques for 3D design and craft. He made a promise to himself that he would not settle for anything less than the ultimate material from which to create his designs. Eventually he found it. A unique, sustainable material, made from recycled paper that had been created for the manufacture of high-end interior furnishings. It was perfect for Gow to finally create the products within his Dappe collection. He was know able to offer true ’Sustainable luxury’.

Gow took the inspiration he found within his cultural heritage, his deep understanding of the principles of hairdressing and four years solely dedicated to design and development, to create his first original product, Dappe Comb. Following the release of his signature product, Dappe Collection has expanded to include unisex accessories to both desk and table ware. 3RD/DIADEM reflects its vision. The creation of unique, sustainable and eye-catching pieces that symbolise rarity and style.




Website: www.ethikel.com/brands/www-bio-trimmings-com/

Founder(s): Hoyan Ip

Environmentally-conscious online marketplace eTHikel features a range of women’s sustainable jewellery that is perfect for those looking to dress with accessories that have been made with natural materials. These beautiful, ethical pieces let jewellery lovers combine style with elegance, whilst respecting their Pro-Earth values. One of the jewellery brands available on eTHikel is Bio-Trimmings, a brand known for its unique and sustainable range.

Bio-Trimmings believes in crafting for the future of design and sustainability using science. By making beautiful jewellery & accessories from inedible food compounds, mainly from fruit & vegetable components, the team is passionate about making eco-friendly, repurposed materials to make a powerful, beautiful, fashion statement. You will find that most of Bio-Trimmings designs feature the brand’s durable and eco-friendly Bio-Gems, which are handmade in their London studio.


Each one is individually handcrafted to create a beautiful, statement piece that promotes the endless possibilities and pushes boundaries of what can be achieved within fashion, from typically discarded materials. Presented with recycled sterling silver, using materials sourced from UK suppliers, positive, ethical and sustainable practice is central to the Bio-Trimmings brand ethos.

Bio-Trimmings are always finding new ways to define innovation, forward-thinking design ideas with thought and care. For example, the Quimby Ring – in Aegean/Silver – is a Sterling silver hug ring featuring a subtle, coloured Bio-Gem embedded with strokes of banana peel fibres, with adjustable size. Each piece created by Bio-Trimmings is completely unique and will vary slightly in pattern and colour.




Website: www. blanksn.com

Founder(s): Jessica Blankson

Jessica has always had a passion for fine jewellery, and she’s forever been a champion of empowering women. With Blanksn Jewellery, she combines the two: each one of the pieces designed by Jessica has a meaningful message or quote engraved, made to bring joy, inspiration, and encouragement to the wearer.

Every glimmering necklace is like a dose of self-belief, every glowing pair of earrings like a badge of inner strength. That is Jessica’s vision. More than just jewellery, Blanksn is about adorning yourself with confidence. Because women everywhere should feel that they can achieve greatness.


Their mission is to encourage young girls and women to achieve greatness globally. Empowering females to take action and supporting one another to become great leaders and role models. When wearing Blanksn jewellery you will feel a powerful dose of self-belief and confidence to carry fourth into every aspect of your life.

The vision is to build a global jewellery brand and platform that inspires young girls and women in all walks of life, that women can and will achieve greatness. Every challenge and every barrier we face, through our strength and determination, we push on to become the best versions of ourselves.


For any questions, comments or features, please contact us directly.