5 Cool Ways to Celebrate Your Office Christmas Party Virtually in 2020

Lockdown ends today, but it does not look like traditional office Christmas parties will go ahead. However, 89% of UK businesses are seeking virtual entertainment this year, finding many different ways to have their office Christmas party virtually.

With different ways to plan a work party online, you will definitely keep your colleagues entertained and engaged to end the year.  Through organised fun, a team building challenge, or by having a low-key meal together where you cook and eat virtually with Plateaway, or if you are missing those pub Friday’s together, there are even options to have virtual drinks.

Below we have found our top 5 cool ways to celebrate your office Christmas party virtually this year…


Number 1 – Virtual Team Building with Steamed Egg

  • Price = £25 to £37 per person + VAT
  • Up to 125 guests can play at the same time
  • Steamed Egg manage pre-event communication to get people ready and hyped!
  • Create an unforgettable buzz at your office Christmas party virtually




A lot of companies have not been in their office since March and have not seen their colleagues in person. With 54% of remote workers feeling disconnected from their company, Steamed Egg is helping companies with team building, in an original and innovative way.

Through ‘Yolking From Home’, companies are curing lockdown blues by making their colleagues laugh. Yolking From Home is a fully hosted, online team building event. It takes place on a video call with up to 150 guests at a time, with the experience being themed as a team game show.

Throughout the experience, your hosts will challenge how well your team knows each-other, can communicate under pressure and tackle collaborative games that are unlike anything you’ve played online. There are no measurable outcomes here. Just good old, let-your-hair-down fun, just what everyone needs around Christmas!



Number 2 – DIY Home Kits with Plateaway

  • Delivery prices are between £3.95 – £4.95.
  • Fresh food delivered to your doorstep.
  • Treat your colleagues to a DIY Meal Kit.
  • Perfect for a virtual cook-a-long, virtual pub quiz, or a team-building activity!



Normally companies would be having a catered party or a sit-down dinner, but that is not the case this year. Instead, why not order your colleagues a DIY home kit to make virtually with the company, making the experience fun and as Christmassy as possible.

Plateaway is an online meal delivery service that are offering your favourite meals from your favourite restaurants in your home environment. From Bancone, Patty&Bun, Sushi Dog and more, Plateaway has you covered. As well as your favourite restaurants offering food, there are also some dessert-focused options too, as well as alcoholic options. Whether you want to pick the food for your colleagues, or drink, Plateaway offers a simple and stress-free way of making everyone happy.

Choose from all the different cocktail or meal kits on their website and wait for it to be delivered to your door. You can then suggest having drinks together or cooking the meal together, following the step-by-step instructions on how to cook and plate your food.


Our suggestions for offices this Christmas:

  1. Homeslice X Dead Man’s Fingers Rum – Pizza and Christmas Cocktail Kit all for £35 (choose 2 pizzas and a dessert)
  2. Festive Croquembouche Kit by Mon Dessert for £36 (towering profiteroles filled with vanilla creme patisserie and held together with crackling caramel)
  3. Festive Gingerbread by Bakester Box for £18 (festive Gingerbread home baking kit)



Plateaway Festive Croquembouche Kit



Number 3 – Virtual Drinks with ILoveGin

  • Free Delivery!
  • Pause or cancel subscription payments at any time.
  • You must be over 18 to join
  • Delivery in UK only.




Pub Friday’s with your colleagues are truly missed but why not recreate that feeling virtually. With a virtual pub-quiz, alcohol tasting, or simply a catch up with some drinks, ILoveGin has you covered this Christmas. With the option to add a message and gift wrap the gin, you will definitely be making your colleagues smile when they find this delivery on their doorstop.

ILoveGin has different options to choose from with their subscription gin and tonic tasting box being their most popular. By offering your colleagues an ILOVEGIN gift box, you are giving the ultimate Christmas present for gin lovers!

Our top picks:

    • £59
    • Includes: 12 different gins for you to taste on twelve different days or in one night if you want!
    • Hang the miniature gins from your tree with the included red ribbons for the perfect gin-lover’s decoration.
    • The box includes tasting cards with the story of the gins, perfect serves, and tasting notes.
    • Just £4.92 per mini gin randomly selected from our range!


ilovegin 12-gins-of-christmas


    • £35.00
    • For those of you who love pink gin and have a sweet tooth.
    • Four gins, two tonics and collectible perfect serves cards to learn more about them and mix them to perfection!
    • Sip on these delicious drinks while you eat some scrumptious Love Cocoa Pink Gin White Chocolate Truffles.
    • Included are: 4x 50ml Pink Gins, 2x 200ml Tonics or Mixers, 4 recipe cards with perfect serves and garnish suggestions and Love Cocoa Pink Gin White Chocolate Truffles (150g).


ilovegin PinkGinandTruffles


    • £9.99
    • Choose from ILoveGin’s entire range of miniature gins, all in uniquely branded bottles
    • Each box comes with a collectible perfect serve card, with some info about the gin brand, and two perfect serves with suggested garnishes.




Number 4 – Virtual Murder Mystery with Red Herring Games

  • Excellent value for money.
  • Available for 6+ players.
  • Get together online and solve a crime!


Red Herring Games


Murder mysteries also make people competitive, so why not add that competitive spirit this Christmas?

Red Herring Games offers a wide selection of large group murder mystery games, where the host is even able to play! With their downloadable murder mystery games, Red Herring Games provides an MP3 file as well as a character booklet for the inspector. This also means you have the option with all games to add in another guest as the host and become the inspector if they prefer, using the script provided.

A virtual murder mystery game this Christmas is a perfect way to socialise whilst keeping your distance. First, you pick the game you want to play and download it. Second, email all your guests using Red Herring Games’ invitations which give guests just enough information to prepare for their role and set the scene. In this email, you should include information about which virtual video platform you will be using, here are some we suggest including Zoom and more. As well as this, you should email character booklet files to guests, addressing the page their chosen character’s information starts from. Finally, host your virtual Christmas murder mystery party!


Red Herring Games


Number 5 – Online Theatre Show with Morpheus Show UK

  • £39 per person with group tickets discounted!
  • Bringing the theatre from the stage to your mind.
  • Unique, interactive and live!


Morpheus show UK


Morpheus Show is a unique, interactive theatrical experience with live actors that can be enjoyed from home. Through this experience, all you need to do is create your own storyline, act it out and decide how it ends. During this experience, you are able to interact with other people, coming together with colleagues, having a laugh and making decisions. All you need is access to Zoom, a stable internet connection, headphones, a blindfold and the desire to see the invisible. Morpheus asks you to cover your eyes so you can enjoy the fully immersive experience. To take part, all you need to do is:

    • Pick a date and buy your tickets
    • Pull up your favourite chair and get comfortable.
    • Put on your headphones and cover your eyes.
    • And get as involved as possible whilst having fun in the magic of theatre!