5 Reasons Cloud Storage Solutions Are Necessary for A Small Business

Small businesses need cloud computing solutions and investments in digital technologies just as much as larger organisations. With this, you can keep productivity up and costs down.

Business-wise, maintaining high levels of productivity while also reducing some of your costs is ideal and highly recommended. Regardless of the type of business you conduct, these aspects are of the utmost importance. Productivity ensures your employees are motivated and perform exceptionally. Reducing costs is also essential, as it gives you more room to invest in relevant departments and drive the business further. To accomplish this, you need to make use of various tools. Technology and the digital environment, in general, play a crucial role in this. Businesses that embrace it are paving the road in their industries, increasing their reputation and becoming a model to follow for any start-ups.

Small businesses and large corporations alike thrive when implanting software programs and digital technologies and when they simply embrace innovation. For this reason, just because you have a small business doesn’t mean that investing in technology is out of your league. Because this can decrease costs, you can plan your investments efficiently and make use of what the digital environment has to offer. Therefore, as a small business owner, you should focus on the technology aspect a great deal.

One type of much-needed technology is cloud storage solutions. This type of digital service allows greater access to data regardless of location, has strong security in place and stores a large amount of data on remote servers, so you don’t have to worry about losing vital information on documents, spreadsheets and all other files types and formats. Hence, your small business will benefit significantly. 

Having said this, it is crucial to discuss how your small enterprise will specifically benefit from utilising cloud storage solutions. Here are five reasons why this technology is necessary for a small business:


1. Highly Accessible Data from Anywhere

Whether you have a remote or hybrid business or you work on-site, there is no denying that cloud computing and storage solutions can benefit the company a great deal. In today’s day and age, with the virtual environment having advanced so much, businesses can perform and work with one another or freelance professionals, regardless of location. When you have an on-site business, chances are you will still have partnerships and collaborations that will be dealt with virtually. 

For this reason, cloud storage solutions are of the utmost importance, given that they allow everyone to access data from anywhere. As long as you have compatible and high-quality devices, the connection and performance run seamlessly. Instead of having to store data on a single computer or local server, cloud solutions make information available remotely. 

Therefore, your small business will benefit from cloud storage solutions, like Nutanix, which guarantees your business can perform efficiently, thanks to AI-driven automation and centralised management.




2. Streamlining Remote or Hybrid Work Practices

Cloud storage solutions enable remote or hybrid work models. So, suppose you have an on-site business but plan on integrating remote work as well. In that case, it is even more necessary to benefit and make use of digital technologies to their fullest potential. It almost goes without saying that if your small business utilises remote or hybrid work practice, digital technologies and software must be at the backbone of the company. Cloud storage solutions are crucial, given that they can streamline these work models, increasing productivity across your many departments.

More specifically, hyperconverged infrastructure is a unified software system that encapsulates and combines all the data centre elements, from storage to management. So, there is no denying that your small business will benefit significantly from this. With HCI modernising your data centre, streamlining all your databases and consolidating storage, you will be able to drive your remote or hybrid business further without any issue.


3. It Is a Cost-Efficient Digital Technology

Chances are you have heard about cloud computing and storage solutions saving businesses money more than once. But how is this possible? For once, there is no need to hire specialists to install and update all your software and run backup sessions. With cloud storage solutions, you subscribe to a monthly fee, and the service takes care of any maintenance work or necessary tasks and updates. So, apart from eliminating this stress, you also save money in the process. 

In addition to saving time as well as money with cloud computing solutions, this digital service uses the vendor’s remote servers, which is why your data is more securely stored. This way, you utilise the storage more efficiently, which makes it a cost-efficient business strategy.



4. Backs Up Data Successfully and Securely

You never want to experience data loss. Your business can suffer a great deal if something like this ever happens. Companies use a large amount of data with sensitive information vital for a seamless running, so losing it can damage the performance and slow down growth.

But cloud storage solutions allow for easy and frequent data backup, preventing huge data loss or lowering the impact of one. Even if such a loss occurs, regardless of the cause, cloud services storing vital information keep it safe and secure, whether the accident happens due to hardware failure.

In addition to cloud services backing up data successfully, frequently and securely, they also update it often. This, together with the fact that information is synced at all times, allows users to work efficiently on the latest versions of all files. Productivity is undoubtedly maintained.




5. Ensures And Strengthens Cybersecurity

The threat of cyber-attacks has never been more real as it is today. With the opportunity of digitalisation comes the threat of cyber-attacks. For this reason, companies of all sizes and different focuses must invest in cybersecurity to lower the risk of being the victim of an attack. When it comes to small businesses, the threat of attacks is even bigger, as hackers consider them easy targets. 

In fact, 58% of attacks in cyberspace happen to small businesses. Therefore, you must take drastic measures. Cloud storage solutions come prepared with security measures, from encryption and multi-factor authentication. Your business can thrive without fearing cyber-attacks as much.