5 Ways Home Technology Is Set To Change According To Experts

Over the past year, smart home technology to boost hygiene and improve our increasingly housebound lives has become a top priority for consumers. Working from home, home-schooling and being generally housebound had led to some changes in our interiors choices that are only set to continue.

Alongside Google search and trends results, experts at LG SIGNATURE, Architectural Designer Charlie Luxton and Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson have predicted the smart home tech trends that are expected to grow.

Cleaner air

Charlie Luxton, Architectural Designer, believes that “The ‘Human Pause’, caused by lockdown, has made many of us question our air quality.”

Looking to the future he comments “The home of tomorrow will appear much like it does today. It will, however, be better insulated, with a healthy internal environment of comfortable, fresh air – at just the right temperature. All this will be achieved using clever, responsive technology, which uses very little energy.”

Google search figures suggest that between February 2016 and February 2021 there has been a 229% increase in searches for the term ‘air purifier’.

Smart ovens

Dr Ian Pearson, Futurologist suggests that with people spending more time at home, there has been an increased interest in improving our home environment and appliances. “With reducing psychological and financial barriers to purchase, we’re likely to see accelerating demand for devices such as smart fridges, ovens and coffee machines and, of course, wine fridges.”

Smart ovens allow unparalleled precision for cooking, offering exact temperatures and timings and are likely to be a consideration for those looking to improve their kitchens.

Since 2018, smart ovens have experienced significant search growth and in 2023, smart ovens are predicted to see a 5% YoY growth in search interest.


Smart washing machines

As consumers look to replace and update their own washing machines, interest in the smart home tech options for this appliance is only set to grow. Google searches to ‘disinfect clothes’ peaked in March 2020, a 488% increase on January 2020. Offering hygienic, convenient and more sustainable options, smart washing machines can only become more of a priority.

On the increased attention to health and hygiene, Dr Ian Pearson, Futurologist suggests that “Smart cleaning, food processing and water and air treatment, will also spring naturally from COVID behaviours but will remain long after.”

Wine fridge

Google Searches for ‘at home bar’ peaked in May 2020 and figures remained at least 23% higher for the remainder of the year. 2020 saw a 24% YoY growth in search interest and looking beyond lockdown to when we are able to socialise in our own homes again, interest in smart tech appliances that make at home entertaining easier is likely to be sustained and even increase.

David Palmer, Product Specialist at LG explains that “The technologies for wine fridges and cellars are developing rapidly. Gone are the days of noisy, limited storage and expensive to run ‘boxes’. Now there are beautifully- designed, efficiently- run and technology-packed wine cellars on the market, at a range of price points.”

Robot Assistants

Whilst remote working and education has become a necessity for most, interest in robot assistants, capable of helping us multitask to ensure our homes can function as offices, schools and places for leisure is only set to increase

On smart home tech trends, Dr Ian Pearson, Futurologist suggests that “These trends are currently experiencing great acceleration, due to policies introduced to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Instead of humans needing to learn how to use each appliance, the home assistant robot will be able to control equipment, diagnose faults, update software and ensure easy interworking with other appliances – to make living in the future smart home effortless.”