Best Advertising Agencies in the UK: What You Should Know

Advertising agencies can make a huge impact to the advertising, branding and execution of a company strategy and finding the right one can be the difference between an average year and an exceptional one. In this guide from TechRound, we outline some of the main roles of creative advertising agencies in the UK and how you can use this information for your business goals. This includes:

  • What is an advertising agency?
  • What do you get when working with an advertising agency?
  • Where can I find advertising agencies in London?
  • What kind of advertising agency jobs are available?

What is an Advertising Agency?

An advertising agency will be a team of marketing professionals who will help your create, produce and deliver your business proposition to a wider audience. This could involve using PR, social media, billboards, TV, radio, print – and the main goal is to add value to your company’s brand image to ultimately generate sales.

Agencies range from being a few people, with some agencies like MediaCom and Saatchi and Saatchi having thousands of staff globally.

What Do You Get When You Are Working With an Advertising Agency?

Advertising agencies are fully integrated, meaning that they should be able to offer any type of marketing that you require to meet your goals including digital, press, social, visual and more.


The agency will propose a strategy and this is typically based around ‘what is your business problem?’ Is it lack of sales? It is lack of brand identity? Is it trying to overcome negative PR?

Sure, everyone wants to be on TV, but does TV advertising help overcome your problem or meet your goals? This is where they will give you a range of ideas and how to execute them.

Sometimes the agency will need to come up with a new idea from scratch and sometimes the client will give an initial brand message or idea that they have to bring to life.


Also known as communications, every brand needs specific messaging and communication in everything they do. From customer service emails, to email newsletters, text messages, leaflets, brochures, website copy – they need a voice and this is something that an ads agency will help you with.

The comms also need to be specific to that particular period of time of year. Should the Christmas season be more jolly? Should the summer be more relaxed?


A fully integrated agency will be able to provide different ideas and concepts deliver on the creative side, usually with videographers, editors and graphic designers in-house.

The Advertising Pitch

Large companies will typically ask a handful of advertising agencies to pitch to them. It starts with providing a brief or proposal and then the favourites will be asked to come in to the offices and pitch. If they start with 10 agencies, this will be narrowed down to 5, 3 and so on.

The pitch will usually be a formal presentation in front of a group of senior staff and board members and will talk through the strategy and execution. The agency’s recent case studies, success and creatives that they have designed for that particular project will usually be brought to the table.



Where Can I Find Advertising Agencies in London?

Some of the most well-known and reputable agencies in London are based around Holborn, Chancery Lane and Farringdon, including MediaCom, Fold7, Saatchi and Saatchi and ZAK Agency.

Marylebone, Goodge Street and Fitzrovia are the homes to agencies such as BHH Global, NOW and Recipe.

What Kind of Advertising Agency Jobs Are Available?

Jobs at advertising agencies from junior to senior level include:

  • Account managers/executive/director
  • Graphic designers
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Creative (audio)
  • Advertising creative
  • Creative artwork/visualiser
  • Creative producer
  • New business marketing
  • Video editor
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Strategist
  • Campaign management
  • Agency planner
  • Proof reader
  • Marketing assistant
  • Copywriter
  • Receptionist
  • Intern
  • Marketing comms
  • Booking agent

Top Advertising Agencies in London

ZAK Agency – This agency is based in Farringdon and were the winner of The Drum Awards 2019, with the execution of their marketing strategy for their client, New Balance. Other clients include P&G and Dune.