Best Brand Protection Software

What is Brand Protection Software?


Brand protection software manages online information about a company’s products and services by analysing online product and pricing information, to ensure accuracy and compliance with corporate standards. This software is typically used by companies who work with resellers, where it is usually difficult to control the product and brand information on partnering websites. Brand protection software is used to monitor resellers, identify violations, and enforce brand rules and policies.

The software is delivered as a standalone product, but integrates with pricing software, product information management (PIM) software, and e-commerce platforms.


To be classified under the brand protection software category, a product must:

  • Deliver features that enforce pricing policies
  • Identify violations like minimum advertised price (MAP)
  • Include a database of resellers or third-party sellers
  • Monitor online product/pricing information
  • Track violations and related enforcement actions


Compare Top 5 Brand Protection Software:


TechRound has curated a list of 2021’s best brand protection software for your company.


1. Red Points


red points


As the world’s first brand intelligence program, Red Points gives you full visibility into brand presence online. Red Points combines online brand protection, copyright enforcement, and distributor monitoring capabilities. Over 900 brands trust Red Points fight fakes, distribution abuse online, and piracy. As such, these brands maintain control, improve their brand value, and increase revenues.


2. Price2Spy




Price2Spy helps e-commerce professionals monitor, analyse pricing data, and reprice products. The retail pricing software offers users both pricing acquisition and multiple reporting mechanisms for analysing data, starting at $99.95 per month. Price2Spy offers users tutorials, demos, and online support.


3. Prisync




Offering 5-star 24/7 online customer support to make sure you get more than what you pay for, Prisync starts at $59 per month. Prisync offers a multitude of services including, but not limited to: historical pricing trends, stock availability tracking, unlimited email alerting, and worldwide currency coverage.


4. Adthena




Adthena uses unique AI technology and machine learning models to give you a clear view of market shifts. Allowing you to remain informed, Adthena helps you to drive more value from your PPC budget.


5. Wiser Solutions


wiser solutions


Wiser’s Commerce Executive Suite empowers users with the intelligence to make decisions spanning the store shelf to the product page. Wiser provides users with near real-time intelligence with access to millions of websites globally, and over 750,000 in-store shoppers simultaneously.


Why Does My Business Need Brand Protection Software?


Brand protection software will enable you to manage the information presented online about your company’s products and services to ensure accuracy. This software is especially important if you work with resellers as it is often difficult to control what information is available regarding the product and brand on partner websites.


How Much Does Brand Protection Software Cost?


As with all types of software, brand protection software varies considerably in price, often correlating with the quality of the services provided. Some software packages will offer paid upgrades to services to improve functionality.


Can I Get a Free Trial of Brand Protection Software?


Many brand protection software packages will offer users a free trial of their services. This lets you assess the suitability of the software for your brand before committing to payment.