Best Conversational Support Software

What is Conversational Support Software?

Conversational support software is sometimes known as conversational customer engagement software. It uses the customer as the centre of action, rather than the ticket-based service which uses the incident as the centre of action. Conversational support software facilitates the omnichannel customer service that recognises customers as an individual with an identity and a history. This offers a more personalised customer service experience. To achieve this, conversational support software can include features such as automatic customer lookup, proactive messaging, customer self-service, and skills-based routing.

Conversational support software differs from help desk software as it does not separate the service process from any other reasons to contact a customer. Thus, it is used to both assist existing customers and aid potential customers on the website. Because of this, some conversational support products include features of conversational marketing software. Conversation support software offers integrations with social media.


In order for a product to be included as a conversational support software, it must:

  • Apply a common, centralised structure to all customer interactions, whether they are service-related or not
  • Leverage advanced automation, AI, or chatbots to help improve the customer service experience
  • Provide a unified view of customer conversations across two or more channels like email, SMS, chat, and social media
  • Route customer conversations via algorithmic and/or AI-driven sorting
  • Track customer profiles and conversation history across different channels


Compare Top 5 Conversational Support Software:

TechRound has curated a list of the best conversation support software on the market in 2021 for your business.


1. Zendesk Support Suite




Providing support across multiple channels can be difficult, but your customers shouldn’t know that. Zendesk Support Suite enables you to have natural conversations with customers and meet complex needs.  It enables you to have conversations with customers on any channel and keeps the interactions in a relevant place for your support agents. Headquartered in San Francisco, Zendesk Support Suite serves more than 160,000 customers. Zendesk starts at $19 per agent per month, billed annually.



2. Intercom




Intercom is a conversational relationship platform (CRP) that helps you to build better customer relations. It allows you you to deliver personalised, messenger-based experiences across the entirety of the customer journey.


3. HubSpot Service Hub


hubspot service hub


Meet the customer expectation of personalised 24/7 service and resolutions in minutes with HubSpot. Service Hub collates all your customer service data, and helps you to scale your support through self-service and automation. HubSpot has everything you need to grow better and scale your company.

4. Front




The hub for customer communication Front enables businesses to offer tailor-made services across a large scale. Starting at $99 per user monthly, Front combines the simplicity of an email inbox with insights and automation provided by CRM to over 6,500 businesses.


5. Podium




Podium redefines the way that customers interact with local businesses. The internet management platform Podium uses enables convenient interaction with customers via messaging, and powers the conversations that matter most to your company.


Why Does My Business Need Conversational Support Software?

Standards are constantly rising, meaning good communication for consumers is imperative. Sales representatives or support assistants represent the company as whole when they interact with customers, leaving a lasting impression of your business. Ensuring these experiences are positive is easy with conversational support software that inspires informed conversations, and identifies potential sales opportunities.


How Much Does Conversational Support Software Cost?

As with all types of software, conversational support software varies drastically in price, starting at free and increasing to set monthly or yearly fees. Oftentimes, price correlates with the amount and quality of the services provided, but this isn’t always the case. Be sure to do your own research and decide which software is the best fit for your company!


Can I Get a Free Trial of Conversational Support Software?

Many software packages offer free trials for users to test out the functionality of that specific software before deciding whether or not to commit to payment.