Best Coworking Spaces In Southampton

Southampton, famous for its association with the ocean and the Titanic and brilliant theatre, attracts professionals from many industries who call it their home. Leading industries in Southampton includes trades and exports, manufacturing, and health and education, and Daily Echo noted that one in three workers work from home since 2020.

Seeing as though the city has a growing remote work presence, it is fortunate that Southampton has a variety of coworking spaces that cater to different budgets and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective option or a high-end workspace, Southampton can offer just that.

Here, we look at Southampton’s most beloved coworking spaces, helping remote workers and businesses flourish.


What Is The Appeal Of Coworking Spaces?


Coworking space offers many benefits to working professionals, and is preferred by many. In fact, Sketch Labs conducted a study that showed that searches for coworking spaces in the UK have doubled from 2018 to 2023, reflecting a growing market.


Opportunities For Networking And Connection

Coworking is mostly celebrated for creating opportunities for connection and networking. Professionals are empowered to meet valuable connections and other like-minded individuals they would otherwise not have. The increased interaction fosters a sense of community and wards off loneliness, which can be especially beneficial to remote workers.


Access To Private And Shared Spaces 

Coworking spaces also offers its users access to private and shared spaces, such as meeting rooms and hot desks, and they often have facilities such as communal kitchenettes or coffee bars. This means professionals can comfortably work on their daily responsibilities, and additionally host meetings or meet guests at dedicated social areas.


Flexibility And Cost-Effectiveness

Coworking spaces are oftentimes really flexible, allowing businesses to scale without restrictions. At the same time, coworking spaces are often more affordable than traditional office spaces, and businesses can use the facilities they need as their needs may change.


Promoting Productivity, Creativity And Work-Life Balance

Coworking spaces also promote productivity, creativity and work-life balance. For remote workers, utilising coworking spaces can help separate the duties of work from the responsibilities of home, reducing distractions and increasing productivity. Surrounding oneself with other professionals, regardless of whether they’re coworkers or not, can also increase creativity.


Best Coworking Spaces In Southamptom


Ocean Village Innovation Centre




Ocean Village Innovation Centre provides premium, fully-serviced office space and support startups and established businesses.

They prioritise excellent service, and offer private office space with 24 hour access, dedicated desks and opportunities for networking, and virtual offices.


SO Fourteen


SO Fourteen is located in the centre-stage of Southampton, close by city centre.

Its flexible coworking space offers its users a stimulating environment, equipped with formal desk space, hot desks, relaxed seating areas, coffee stations and private meeting rooms.


Barcleys Eagle Labs


Based at Vulcan Works, Barcleys Eagle Labs is equipped with facilities like meeting rooms, event space, private offices, bike storage and complimentary refreshments.

Barcleys Eagle Labs offers more than just coworking space – it also provides startups and entrepreneurs support such as access to expert mentoring, growth programmes and events.






From day passes to their hUBClub membership, UBC offers coworking spaces at Enterprise House, located close to local amenities and Ocean Village, a cost-effective coworking solution for startups, independent professionals and mobile workers. .

Their coworking spaces provides facilities such as access to meeting rooms, a smart communal office and 12 months business growth support.




Clockwise Southampton, located in Mountbatten House, offers many amenities and an open plan office space that is an ode to Southampton’s association with water.

With bright and airy meeting rooms, wrap-around banquette-style seating for breakout sessions and an outdoor terrace for socialising, Clockwise promotes productivity and growth. It also offers 24/7 hour access to its users.