Best Customer Self-Service Software

What is Customer Self-Service Software?

Customer Self-service software is a platform which reduces the need for customers to converse with employees, instead being able to access all necessary information themselves. This therefore provides constant customer support and allows users to sort out any potential problems independently, increasing both customer satisfaction and productivity.

Customer Self-service software is a feature of help desk software. This type of software enables businesses to create help centres, allowing customers access to FAQ pages or tutorials to resolve any issues.

Live Chat software is also available and can be integrated with online chatbots to help customers resolve simple problems and answer basic questions. Voice chatbots can also help to provide advice to customers via a phone conversation.

Why Should I Have Customer Self-Service Software?

Digital adoption platforms reduce the need for a customer support agent through offering guidance to clients on-screen. Customer Self-Service is a vital part of any company and therefore it is important that you have the best software to help you with that.

For this reason TechRound has brought together the best Customer-Self Service software for you explore and find which is best for you and your company.

How To Qualify For Inclusion In This Category:

In order to qualify for inclusion in this category, products must:

  • Help users to complete basic tasks
  • Provide constant help and advice to anyone needing assistance
  • Provide answers to FAQs


Top 5 Customer Self-Service Softwares

The experts at TechRound have compiled the best Customer Self-Service software below.


1. Zendesk Support Suite




Zendesk Support Suite facilitates conversations with customers easily. This software is simple to use yet can resolve complex problems, allowing for conversations with customers across a range of channels such as emails, audio and social media. Providing a personal customer experience, Zendesk also arranges interactions and context in an organised manner, benefitting the agents. Zendesk’s software is suitable for every company, currently serving more than 160,000 customers in over 30 languages.


2. ZohoZoho desk


Zoho Desk allows for excellent customer support experiences, making it easier to manage all requests through various channels. The software helps businesses to analyse and make improvements within their customer support teams whilst simultaneously widening their knowledge bases through cloud-based help desk support.


3. Freshdesk




Freshdesk aims to deliver the best customer support through cloud-based customer service software. As requests enter the database from all channels, Freshdesk converts them into tickets before unifying resolution. Other features of the software include measuring metrics, automating workflows and managing SLAs, facilitating customer support. Chatbots and predictive support capabilities are also available alongside field service management, utilised by over 150,000 customers currently using Freshdesk.


4. Hubspot Service Hub




Service Hub compiles all customer service data and channels to increase customer support through self-service. The aim is to help manage, maintain and increase the customer base through 24/7 automated support.

5. Intercom




Conversational Relaationship Platform Intercom aims to improve customer relationships. This is done through creating personal messenger-based experiences to benefit the customer.


Why Do I Need Customer Self-Service Software?

Self-service software is useful for businesses looking to create, deploy and administrate FAQ pages and tools to help manage customer queries.

This software can also create online catalogs and help guides alongside supporting live-chat features boasting a guided knowledge base, helping customers to find the answers they’re searching for quickly.

This software is ideal for companies with a wide range of customers, diverse products and complex features. Software such as this can increase the chances of customers’ return and prioritise customer service. It also helps to legitimise businesses through increased customer engagement, experience and loyalty.


How Much Does Customer Self-Service Software Cost?

Prices of Customer Self-service software will vary from platform to platform depending on the features available.

For small businesses, Freshdesk offers the option to pay £11 a month for their platform, whilst for large enterprises the price is £75 with the option to pay monthly or yearly.

It is important to compare the different features available with each software and see whether your business would be referred to as a small team, growing team, large team or enterprise.


Are Free Trials Available for Customer Self-Service Software?

Availability of free trials for this type of software depends on the platform. Zendesk and Freshdesk both offer free trials, allowing businesses to see the benefits of their software before they commit through payment.

It is important to note the length of the free trial and ensure you will not automatically be charged at the end to avoid paying any unnecessary charges.