Best Customer Success Software

What is Customer Success Software?

Customer success software is designed to ensure customers reach the anticipated outcome through their use of the product. “Health scores” are used to predict customer satisfaction, created through an in-depth analysis of past behaviour.

This allows companies to increase their customer base and retention rates whilst identifying any potential issues. These products are then used to improve customer relationships essential to maintaining and increasing revenue alongside customer advocacy ad corporate improvement.

Customer success software can integrate with CRM, help desk and social media management softwares.


How to qualify for inclusion in this category

In order to qualify for inclusion in this category, products must:

  • Obtain consumer data, history and feedback
  • Keep customer engagement high
  • Analyse historical data to provide customer success scores and other feedback
  • Predict future growth or issues based on previous interactions, queries and payments
  • Scale according to company size, customer engagement and adoption


Top 5 Customer Success Softwares

The experts at TechRound have compiled the top customer success softwares below.


1. HubSpot




HubSpot Service Hub compiles all customer service data and reps to scale support automatically through self-service. With all tools and data in one place, HubSpot increases time for services to grow the customer base.


2. Gainsight




Technology at Gainsight is centred around the future of customer success, with the Customer Cloud offering solutions targeted at optimising revenue, product and customer experience. Gainsight therefore aims to prioritise the customer, with companies using the software growing net retention up to 33%.


3. ChurnZero




ChurnZero utilises a customer success platform in real-time to help battle the customer churn within subscription businesses. The platform integrates with CRM systems, helping businesses to visualise how their products are used by customers. This platform also analyses health and chances of renewal. Furthermore, the platform provides businesses with ways to automate customer experience, alongside making it personal through touchpoint and in-app content.

Customers receive improved service and customer success managers operate more productively as they are better informed.


4. Totango




Totango is the fastest growing and customer success company worldwide, with their software aiming to optimise customer engagement within a business. Revenue growth and product adoption is promoted through constant access to customer health alongside potential issues and improvements.


5. Accelo




Aimed at Service Businesses, Accelo has created a system to facilitate the management of client work. Completely run in the cloud, this software connects all aspects of a business with features such as email capture, automated time sheets and custom reporting alongside business processes which create alerts for any potential problems and allows the business to predict growth revenue.


Do I need Customer Success Software?

Customer success software is useful for businesses whose services include a customer success organisation. Customer success managers, usually involved at the end of each sales process, can use this software to maintain relationships with clients and company executives.


How much does it cost?

Prices of customer success software vary from company to company depending on the features involved.

It is important to know exactly what features your company is searching for in order to avoid paying for unnecessary tools, as different services and capacities will usually be available.

Starter editions from companies such as HubSpot can charge $45 per month and increase to $1200 for additional features.


Are free trials available?

Free trials also differ from software to software. Accelo offers a free trial and consultation for any company looking into their customer success software, and free trials are also available via Totango and HubSpot.