Best Data Subject Access Request Software

What is Data Subject Access Request Software?

DSAR software enables companies to easily comply with user requests to delete or access information stored on individuals as regulated by GDPR and CCPA amongst other privacy regulations.

Tools help to ensure tasks are completed within the mandated timeframe and provide workflows to help employees work together on locating data and providing it to users.

This software is usually administered by legal teams or privacy officers alongside IT and security teams. All data privacy platforms offer DSAR functions and tools to maintain full privacy programs.


Top 5 DSAR Softwares

The experts at TechRound have compiled the best DSAR softwares below.


1. DataGrail




Aiming to optimise customer trust and transparency, DataGrail is a privacy platform simplifying data privacy. DataGrail enables brands to construct successful privacy programs which can be automated and remain compliant. The software can also detect shadow IT containing personal data and ensuring accurate discovery.


2. OneTrust




OneTrust is a category-defining enterprise platform growing rapidly and operationalising trust. Used by over 10,000 customers, OneTrust utilises central workflows across security, data, governance and privacy.


3. Segment




Twilio Segment is a successful CDP enabling businesses to prioritise their customers. Companies using the software can collate customer data to create successful real-time experiences, accelerate growth and make informed decisions.


4. Osano




Osano is a simple data privacy platform used worldwide to hope businesses comply with privacy regulations. Osano manages consent, tracks vendors, implements subject rights and complies with changing policies. Features are appropriate for businesses of all sizes and at all stages.


5. Ethyca




Ethyca aims to simplify compliance with privacy laws, offering high quality process automation. 3 tiers of product are available ensuring that businesses of all sizes can use the software, alongside SaaS application integration.


Do I Need DSAR Software?

DSAR software is appropriate for companies of all sizes attempting to comply with privacy laws and store customer data in line with the current regulations. DSAR software is usually used by legal teams and privacy officers within an organisation, however the software is also useful for IT and security teams to collaborate and fulfil any potential user requests.


How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing of this software depends on the company offering it and the package your business desires. Osano offers a variety of packages suitable for businesses of all sizes, named Developer, Business, Business+ and Enterprise.

Developer is free to use and allows small businesses with limited numbers of site users to utilise basic features of their software. The Business package is priced at £72 per month, and the prices increase by the package with a custom package available for larger businesses.


Are There Free Trials Available?

Availability of free trials is also dependent on the company offering the software. Osano has a permanently free option available, and also offers free trials of two of it’s lower priced packages with a demo of the more expensive packages available.

This allows businesses to see the benefits of the software before fully committing through payment. It is important to note when free trials end in order to avoid being charged for any unnecessary usage.