Best Digital Asset Management Software

What is Digital Asset Management Software?

DAM software is responsible for saving media files. Metadata taxonomies are applied to assets, allowing users to collate, search and distribute photos and audio/video files.

Files can be converted to different sizes or types, with features such as import/export functionality, versioning, preview and thumbnail views also available.

These systems are usually used by operations and marketing teams to help management of online brands, reduce asset duplication and maintain current collections alongside implementing security controls.

Businesses can assign employees to administrate these assets and ensure they follow guidelines regulated by the brand. Products such as these can integrate with other management and creative software such as Enterprise Content Management and website builders.


Top 5 Digital Asset Management Softwares

The experts at TechRound have compiled the best DAM softwares below.


1. Brandfolder




DAM software by Brandfolder is easy to use and visually pleasing, allowing employees to maximise brand management potential. The software also enables collaboration and productivity across different teams and facilitates access of necessary content for external users.


2. Widen




Aimed at mid-to-large businesses utilising data-driven platforms, Widen integrates applications to encompass DAM and PIM alongside marketing resource management solutions.

All applications function side-by-side in one powerful platform, enabling employees to manage content easily.


3. Canto




Canto software allows employees across all departments to organise and secure brand assets easily in a visual environment.

Team collaboration becomes easier as files are organised automatically and systematically which can be accessed through custom metadata fields.

Workflows are simplified and extended as content can be accessed through various browsers and devices whilst consistency is maintained through permission-based access and branded portals.


4. Bynder




Bynder facilitates the creation of digital content whilst ensuring brand compliance. The software helps to organise media files, making it easier for colleagues to collaborate and share content, streamlining content creation.

Templates enable marketing teams to create content more quickly aligning with brand guidelines and remaining consistent.


5. Photoshelter for Brands




Photoshelter’s software enables brands to share digital files easily. Creative files can be easily transferred enabling quicker collaboration and helping businesses to share the most powerful content.


Do I Need DAM?

DAM solutions are implemented across many organisations, from news organisations to government institutions. DAM products often specialise in specific industry solutions or functionalities, offering platforms to customise solutions specific to your company.

Creative teams use this software to collaborate throughout the ideation process and import files. They then apply metadata to the assets created in order for operations and marketing teams to access them easily.

Operations teams use the software to ensure correct versioning and clear taxonomies, whilst marketers use the tools to help businesses organise their digital assets.


How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing of the software differs by company. Brandfolder offers different packages each including various features, such as Premium or Enterprise. They also offer a demo allowing businesses to compare the features included within each package.


Are There Free Trials Available?

Availability of free trials differs depending on the DAM company. Bynder offers a free 30 day trial alongside a demo option, allowing businesses to trial the software before committing through payment.

Canto also allows businesses to trial their software for free. It is important to note when free trials end in order to avoid being charged for unnecessary usage.