Best E-Merchandising Software

What is E-Merchandising Software?

E-Merchandising, also know as e-commerce or digital merchandising, is choosing the correct product, within the correct placement and content in order to optimise sales.

E-Merchandising software ensures that products are displayed strategically to best present them to customers. The aim is high customer engagement, quality customer conversions and low site abandonment. E-merchandising uses analytics from touchpoint to create individual experiences, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.

E-Merchandising software merges with e-commerce platforms, CRM and POS systems.

How To Qualify For This Category

In order to qualify for this category, products must:

  • Collect consumers’ data for upcoming alignment of products tailored to customers needs
  • Recommend products which would be complementary to those currently being viewed by clients
  • Have a search tool
  • Allow collaboration between different sectors of the business
  • Integrate with the gateways for payment

TechRound has gathered the best E-Merchandising Software around and compiled it into this top 5 list to show you and your company the software that they should be using if they want to reach the pinnacle of E-Merchandising and Commerce in 2021.

Top 5 E-Merchandising Softwares

The experts at TechRound have compiled the best e-merchandising softwares below.


1. Nosto




Nosto aims to deliver personalised shopping experiences to individual customers in order to increase engagement and potential income. Nosto have created algorithms based on specific e-commerce data over the last 7 years, with customers using this software seeing an average of 10-30% increase in their revenue.


2. Searchspring




Searchspring facilitates online shopping by helping online stores easier to navigate. Business processes are simplified automatically, simplifying merchandising and analytics, and support is always available.

Why Should I Use E-Merchandising Software?

E-Merchandising software can end up being absolutely vital to your business. After using the software in this top 5 list, you will see that your customers have a much higher engagement with your website but most importantly because of the targeted advertisements that these E-Merchandising software’s use, there will be low abandonment of both the site and the customers shopping cart. Using the best E-Merchandising Software will help increase sales and retain loyal customers.

Using this software will give your customers an increasingly personalised experience on your website, this means that even when they are buying a product they will be advertised similar individualised products that will ensure that sales will increase and customers will remain shopping for much longer periods of time. Whether you are an E-Commerce brand or attempting to bring targeted advertising to your website, E-Merchandising software can help you simplify and automate customer management in a way that you have not been able to before.

Moreover, with a solid E-Merchandising strategy and software you can make sure that your customers do not bounce to the next website immediately after finishing on yours and make sure that they are ready to return when they want to buy similar products again. E-Merchandising is becoming a vital part of E-Commerce and the software in this list will aid your company in its journey with E-Merchandising to a great extent.




This e-commerce helps online stores to gain and retain customers using personalisation software and Al-driven technology. The search results are optimised through analysis of typical behaviour and trends to provide relevant emails and recommendations of products.


4. Algolia




Hosted search platform Algolia has differentiators available for all key search aspects. Algolia aims to optimise search speed and facilitate relevance tuning, making it easier to access the correct content for websites and apps. This search platform also works with software developers and engineers to break boundaries of traditional search, solving billions of queries each week. With provider and server redundancy, Algolia currently has more than 8,000 customers.


5. Tagalys




Product merchandising engine Tagalys displays available products on listing pages automatically based on which products are currently popular at the specific store. Vendors have the ability to control which products are currently on display, increasing discovery. Vendors can analyse their insights after merchandising products visually, whilst using features such as Advanced Product Sequencing. Intuitive Suggestions, Popular & Pinned Searches and Partial Matches are amongst popular features providing intelligent search results from Tagalys.


Do I Need E-Merchandising Software?

E-Merchandising software proves particularly useful for e-commerce business owners desiring to optimise sales and growth. This software is also useful for marketers looking to improve product presentation online.

Benefits of using this software include easier site navigation, personalised product recommendations and increased customer conversion.


How Much Does E-Merchandising Software Cost?

E-Merchandising software varies in price depending on the features involved. It is important to note which features of e-Merchandising software your business can utilise in order to avoid paying unnecessary charges.

Algolia offers pay-as-you-go options, allowing businesses to only pay for the software features which they consistently use. Alternatively, this company also has the option for monthly or annual subscriptions, where businesses can pay $1 per 1000 emails if paid annually, with prices increasing for the pay-monthly option.


Are There Free Trials Available?

Some companies do offer trials of their software, allowing customers to see the benefits. Algolia offers free trials, allowing businesses to sample the software before committing to payment.