Best Enterprise Search Software 2021

What is Enterprise Search Software?

Enterprise search software is designed to retrieve stored data in an organised manner , whether that be data internal to an organisation or externally facing sources like applications and websites. These solutions clean and structure data, enabling users to securely enter and find data across various data sources. Users across multiple roles and teams can benefit from using enterprise search software since the retrieval of data from a mix of databases and shared sources is key to accomplishing many tasks within a business setting. Enterprise search software can also provide search as a service capabilities, allowing businesses to securely expose select data and information sources  to external sources, such as mobile applications and websites.


In order to be included in the Enterprise Search software category there are certain conditions that must be met, a product must: 

  • Collect and update information from different data sources, types, and formats.
  • Index or archive data.
  • Provide intelligent search options (autocomplete, find similar, rank by relevance, etc.)
  • Create an interface to search and retrieve data.
  • Allow users to refine their search using advanced filters.
  • Define user permissions to access information.


Compare Enterprise Search Software : 

TechRound has reviewed the best Enterprise Search Software to make your companies more efficient and streamline the processes behind contracts:


1: Algolia


Algolia is a hosted search engine capable of delivering real-time results from the first keystroke. Algolia’s powerful API lets you seamlessly implement search within your websites, mobile, and voice applications. The Algolia search engine powers billions of queries for thousands of companies every month, delivering relevant results in under 100 ms anywhere in the world.

Entry Level Price:$1 per unit*/month


2: Yext


Yext offers a modern, AI-powered Answers Platform that understands natural language so that when people ask questions about a business online they get direct answers – not links.Yext is a hosted search-as-a-service platform that empowers businesses to build frictionless digital experiences wherever consumers look for answers.


3: IBM Watson Discovery


Watson Discovery is an award-winning enterprise search and AI search technology that breaks open data silos and retrieves specific answers to your questions while analysing trends and relationships buried in enterprise data. Watson Discovery applies the latest breakthroughs in machine learning, including natural language processing capabilities, and is easily trained on the language of your domain. Unlike competitors, Watson Discovery can be deployed on any cloud or on-premises environment.

Entry Level Price:Free


4: Swiftype


Swiftype makes it easier for web professionals, marketers and entrepreneurs to add powerful search to their website. You can sell more, get the right answer to more people on your platform, and surface relevant content for your readers and followers. No matter which offering you choose, intuitive algorithmic controls, powerful analytics, crafty machine learning, simple implementation tools and cloud-based technologies are at your finger-tips.

Entry Level Price:$79 per month



5: Elasticsearch


Elasticsearch is the world’s leading free and open search and analytics solution. With an emphasis on speed, scale, and relevance it’s transforming how the world uses data. Worldwide Support. Developer Friendly. Webinars. Training & Workshops.



What is Enterprise Search  Software ? 

Enterprise search is a way of search that helps employees find the data from one or multiple databases in a single search query. The searched data can be, in any format, from anywhere inside the company -in databases, document management systems, e-mail servers, on paper and so on.


Why Does My Business Need Enterprise Search Software?

Enterprise search enables access to data quickly. It is an efficient way of going through large amounts of data which has been indexed and made search-friendly. It is in stark contrast to past methods of manually going through files and paperwork. Therefore, it lets organisations take quicker decisions as they do not waste time in search and sifting through paper documents.

Although there is a cost associated with the implementation of enterprise search, it does yield benefits in the long run. Once the employees have learned to use it, enterprise search can make up for the expenditure on its costs and training in about a year or so. The timeline can vary according to the system being deployed and the size of the company. When used properly, this system saves time and effort and increases the productivity of an organisation, leading to better financial returns.

For external stakeholders such as customers, a search system can serve as an enabler to a better quality of service. When a customer browses a company website for information, it is always a much better option to search through a search system rather than manually look through various online pages. Since they are able to find information on their own, they will not need to pick up their phone and contact the company. It reduces the chances of sending emails as well. Thereby it increases customer satisfaction as information is more easily accessible, 

Can I Get Enterprise Search Software on a Free Trial?

Most Enterprise Search Software Platforms offer free trials. Some platforms request you sign up via email for a free trial often being the span of 30 days whereas others will offer a taster trial session. Free trials are effective because they allow you to compare between different products and pick the right one for your business. 


What is The Price of Enterprise Search Software Platforms?

Enterprise Search  Software can cost anywhere between £0 and £500 per month.