Best Help Desk Software

What is Help Desk Software?


Help desk software aims to provide a customer with information and support regarding general or specific queries about a company’s products or services. These inquiries are usually submitted by the customers through multiple channels such as email, phone, or social media.


Help desk software allows staff to organise and respond to customer inquiries via a ticketing system, and create information portals on the company website. This streamlines the support process and can provide analytics into customer engagement across all of a company’s communication channels. The software may contain additional features such as: self-service, social customer service integrations, live chat, or the ability to create a complete customer service experience. Those that focus on customer support tickets often integrate or run alongside these other features.


To qualify in the help desk software category, a product must:

  • Aggregate inquiries from emails and a customer portal
  • Assign tickets to support agents for prompt service
  • Organise external customer inquiries into tickets for support agents


Compare Top 5 Help Desk Software:


TechRound has compiled a list of the best help desk software on the market in 2021:


1. Zendesk Support Suite


zendesk support suite


Zendesk Support Suite enables natural conversations between agents and customers; the Support Suite keeps the technicalities behind-the-scenes and invisible to customers. Starting at $19 per agent per month, paid annually, Zendesk Support Suite is sophisticated enough to meet complex needs, but simple enough to set up immediately. It enables conversations with customers on any channel from email and voice to social messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, whilst keeping these conversations in a relevant context for agents. Zendesk is a service-first CRM company that serves more than 160,000 customers in over 30 languages.


2. Zoho Desk


zoho desk


Zoho Desk enables you to prioritise, manage, and close a multitude of requests that reach your organisation through a variety of channels. With no cost for 3 agents, it allows companies to build and publish a support knowledge base, and analyse and improve the performance of your customer support team. Using Contextual AI, the cloud-based help desk support software Zoho Desk is flexible and allows you to provide the highest quality support experience.


3. Freshdesk




Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software that enables businesses to deliver impeccable customer support, at no cost for unlimited agents. It converts requests and queries sent in via email, web, phone, chat, and social media and allocates tickets, unifying these across all channels. Freshdesk allows you to automate workflows, provide self-service, manage SLAs, and measure metrics to ensure the best quality customer service. In addition, Freshdesk offers an AI-powered support chatbox, predictive support capabilities, and field service management to over 150,000 customers including Hugo Boss, Cisco, Honda, and amongst others, Toshiba.



4. Intercom




Intercom is a conversational relationship platform (CRP) which enables businesses to build better customer relationships through personalised, messenger-based experiences.


5. HubSpot Service Hub


hubspot support


HubSpot Service Hub collates all your customer service data, channels it together in one place, and helps to scale support through self-service and automation. Allowing more time to grow your customer base, HubSpot allows you to scale your company without the added complexities.


Why Do I Need Help Desk Software For My Business?


Help desk software enables staff too respond to customer inquiries more efficiently by using a ticket allocating system integrated across multiple channels. Streamlining the support process, help desk software provides the customer with a wealth of useful information.


How Much Does Help Desk Software Cost?


As with all software packages, help desk software varies in price and functionality. Starting as free, help desk software offers a range of capabilities that will sometimes require a paid upgrade to access.


Can I Get Help Desk Software With a Free Trial?


Most help desk software packages offer a free trial to enable users to test out what is on offer before committing to payment. This enables you to decide which features are necessary for your business, helping make the decision of which package to use easier.