Best Meeting Management Software

What is Meeting Management Software?


Meeting management software helps to ensure meetings are focused and successful by assisting in the planning and guiding of team meetings. Users utilise these solutions to coordinate meetings, and often integrate with calendar software for guaranteed visibility. In order to facilitate productive meetings, meeting management software also provides tools like agenda creators, minutes recorders, and consensus trackers. Some software offers limited task management capability for action items decided in meetings.

Most meeting management software can be used for any type of meeting, but some tools are specifically designed for types of meetings like scrums, retrospectives, one-on-ones, and workshops. Some board management software includes aspects of meeting management, but these tools are specific to meetings held by C-suite executives, board members, and committees.

To be included in the meeting management category, a product must:

  • Assist in the coordinating and scheduling of meetings
  • Create agendas for meetings
  • Outline action items and make tasks based on the discussions in the meeting
  • Provide consensus tools to enable in-person decision-making, or discussion
  • Record meeting minutes via audio or text

Why Do I Need Meeting Management Software?

If planning and organising agendas for meetings can feel stressful then Meeting Management software is exactly what you have always needed. Over a billion meetings take place across Europe every year and over a quarter of the time that an American is working they are in meetings. No matter where you are working it is clear that meetings are a vital part of every day working life. Therefore it is imperative that you and your company employ a Meeting Management software, the software’s on this list help to make sure that your meetings are organised, concise and productive.

Unfortunately the quality of Meeting Management software’s can vary but that is why TechRound is here to show you the best 5 Meeting Management Software. The best provide a good connection and great quality for audio and visual communication. As well as that some software will allow you to plan ahead and store information needed for your meetings in a safe place.

Meeting management software helps to ensure you have productive meetings by assisting in the planning of team meetings. With many features available like agenda creators, minutes recorders, and consensus trackers, meeting management software can be used by any company to make life easier.

Top 5 Meeting Management Software:


TechRound has compiled a list of the top 5 meeting management software available.


1. iBabs




iBabs is an all-in-one meeting management software that allows team to improve collaboration and productivity with features like agenda builder, minutes recorder, video conferencing, enhanced document management, action tracking, custom workflows, and more.

iBabs stands out as incredibly user-friendly, easy to implement, and highly secure. The board portal indeed uses AES 256-bit encryption, is ISO-certified and GDPR-proof, with servers located in Europe.

They provide their board portal solution to 3,000+ client organisations with robust governance tools and superior collaboration capacities, enabling them to streamline their whole meeting process. It even allows organisations to save up to 6 full days of work a week, providing a unique combination of simplicity, security and efficiency.


2. Fellow




Fellow lets teams gather to build collaborative meeting agendas, record decisions, and keep each other accountable to ensure an engaged and productive team. Fellow helps your team build and keep great habits. Here’s how Fellow makes every meeting productive: collaborative agendas, allowing users to work together to establish what the purpose of the meeting is; action items, to keep up productivity after the end of the meeting with the ability to delegate tasks; feedback, the ability to give real-time feedback through their app; streams, digital notepads for your team to capture ideas; and integrations, where you can connect with the tools you already use to make your meetings easier.


3. Hirebook




Hirebook is a people-focused platform that helps empower teams through meetings, dialogue, actions, and objectives. Managers are able to check in on employees, and there is a dedicated space to share progress and discuss employee development. Hirebook offers check-ins, OKRs, KPIs, and action items in order to improve engagement and team productivity. Check-in questions can be customised to your organisation’s culture to better support employees. Hirebook promotes accountability, accessibility, and achievement – a winning combination for any team.


4. Coda




Coda combines words, data, and teams. It comes with a set of building blocks which can be combined to make a doc as powerful as an app – the only limit is your team’s ambition. What will you Coda?

Are Meeting Management Software’s Compatible with Other Software?

Meeting Management Software’s often provide the user with flexibility; whether that being able to link your software with calendars such as Office365 or Google calendar; other Meeting Management software’s will have built-in features that help you keep track of notes through Slack or Google Docs.

Moreover, these software’s use live chat and video conferencing that you are used to, integrated with Zoom, Skype and many more. The Meeting Management software on this top 5 list is easy to use and often compatible with applications you already know how to use!

Should I Use Meeting Management Software if I do not Meet Often?

Meeting Management software’s are of course most useful to those companies with constant meetings and with notes that are hard to keep in check. This does not mean, however, that if you and your company do not have a lot of meetings that you cannot make use of Meeting Management software.

Instead you can use the software to stay on top of when and where you are meeting, as well as this you can use the software to have everyone’s notes and agendas ready before you meet. This will make your meetings even quicker and it will help you and your company to become more productive and proficient. Therefore, Meeting Management Software is for everyone, regardless on whether you meet often or not for your job.


5. Docket




Docket is the only meeting management and team collaboration platform that is purpose built to help organisations set clear agendas for meetings, record important information, and promote end-to-end alignment. Allowing integrations with leading chat, calendar, video communications, and CRM providers, Docket facilitates leadership and participation from employees.


6. Boardable Board Management Software




The all-in-one board management system, Boardable makes it easy to hold and schedule board meetings, build and share agendas, record minutes, vote digitally, and manage documents. Boardable centralises all meeting content and communications, and integrates with other platforms such as Zoom to provide a chat that can be archived for records. Boardable is designed to suit the needs of everyone: from mission-driven organisations to advisory boards.


How Much Does Meeting Management Software Cost?


Meeting management software packages vary in price and capability. Some packages will be free but may offer limited capabilities. As with most software, prices tend to increase as functionality does.


Can I Get a Meeting Management Software Free Trial?


Many meeting management software packages offer free trials to enable the user to experience the capabilities of the software before committing to payment.