Best PCB Design Software

What is PCB Design Software?


PCB Design Software helps electrical engineers to design layouts for printed circuit boards. Engineers can collaborate on the designs, verify circuit schematic designs, and pull previously used circuit board component designs from the PCB libraries. The software is usually used by engineering teams that are involved in product design/development, and often implemented as part of other design software packages such as Product and Machine Design Software, and General-Purpose CAD Software.


In order to be included as PCB Design Software, a product must:

  • Include a library of components so users can easily implement high-quality PCB footprints
  • Modify PCB layouts and PCB circuitry
  • Provide schematic editing tools that allow modification of electrical properties and other attributes of components, wires, pins, and nets.


Compare Top 5 PCB Design Software:


TechRound has curated a list of the best PCB Design Software available for your business in 2021.


1. Fusion 360




Fusion 360 is a software package that is fully integrated with PCB, CAD, CAE, and CAM software. Starting at $495, Fusion 360 allows you to unify design, engineering, manufacturing, and PCB design into one platform.


2. Altium Designer


altium designer


Altium Designer is a modern, comprehensive, end-to-end solution that is designed for PCB designers. It is the number one choice for engineers and designers worldwide.

3. NI Multisim




Multisim is an industry standard SPICE circuit design and simulation software for digital, analogue, and power electronics. It integrates simulation with an interactive schematic environment to analyse and visualise electronic circuit behaviour.


4. KiCad EDA


kicad eda


KiCad EDA is a cross platform and open source electronics design automation suite that features PCB Design Software.


5. Autodesk EAGLE


autodesk eagle


Autodesk EAGLE is an electronic Design Automation (EDA) Software that enables Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designers to connect component placement, schematic diagrams, PCB routing, and a comprehensive library content to be seamlessly connected.


Why Does My Business Need PCB Software?


PCB Software boasts many benefits for businesses:

  • 3D component visualisation
  • Ability to visualise layer structures
  • Has a variety of uses


How Much Does PCB Software Cost?


As with all software types, PCB  Software varies in both price and functionality. Some software packages offer a free version of the PCB software, and other offer paid upgrades to existing free functionality.


Can I Get a Free Trial of PCB Software?


Many PCB Software packages offer free trials. This enables users to test out the functionality of the design software before committing to payment.