Best PR Companies for UK Small Businesses

Public Relations (PR) is an essential component of any successful business strategy, and for small businesses, it can be a game-changer in gaining visibility and building a positive reputation.

In the United Kingdom, there are numerous PR firms catering specifically to the needs of small businesses. Find out more about the best PR companies in the UK for small businesses and startups.

Eskenzi PR

Eskenzi PR is a leading UK-based PR firm specialising in the technology and cybersecurity industries. With over 25 years of experience, Eskenzi PR has established a strong reputation for delivering outstanding PR services to small businesses in these sectors. They understand the intricacies and complexities of the technology landscape and excel in creating strategic PR campaigns that generate impactful results. 

Eskenzi PR are renowned for their specialised knowledge in cybersecurity PR. They have a dedicated team of experts who understand the unique challenges and opportunities within this niche industry.

They stay up to date with the latest cybersecurity trends and have a strong network of contacts within the cybersecurity community, including influencers, analysts, and industry thought leaders. This expertise allows them to position small businesses as trusted authorities in the cybersecurity space, helping them gain credibility and differentiate themselves from competitors.


Edelman is a global PR firm with a strong presence in the UK. They offer comprehensive PR services tailored to small businesses, including media relations, crisis management, content creation, and social media strategies.

Their team of experienced professionals focuses on delivering measurable results and building long-term relationships with their clients, making them an ideal choice for small businesses seeking high-quality PR support.

Edelman understands that small businesses often face unique challenges when it comes to PR, such as limited resources and competing against larger competitors. They excel in developing creative and cost-effective campaigns that effectively communicate the brand message of small businesses to their target audience.

With their extensive network of media contacts and expertise in navigating the ever-changing media landscape, Edelman helps small businesses gain media coverage and establish a strong presence in their respective industries.

Weber Shandwick

Weber Shandwick is renowned for its strategic approach to PR and has a strong track record of working with small businesses across various industries.

They offer a wide range of services, including brand positioning, media relations, influencer marketing, and reputation management. With their expertise in storytelling and creative campaigns, Weber Shandwick helps small businesses effectively communicate their brand message to their target audience.

What sets Weber Shandwick apart is their ability to integrate traditional PR strategies with digital marketing tactics, enabling small businesses to reach a wider audience and engage with customers across multiple channels.

They leverage their deep industry knowledge and understanding of market trends to develop tailored PR campaigns that drive brand awareness, enhance reputation, and ultimately lead to business growth for small businesses.



Ketchum is a PR agency that understands the unique challenges faced by small businesses.

They offer personalised PR strategies that align with the business goals of their clients. From media relations to digital marketing and crisis management, Ketchum provides comprehensive PR services to help small businesses build trust and establish a strong presence in their respective markets.

Ketchum’s team of PR professionals excels in crafting compelling stories that resonate with the target audience of small businesses. They leverage their expertise in media relations to secure positive media coverage, generate brand awareness and position small businesses as industry leaders.

Ketchum also recognises the importance of digital channels in today’s PR landscape and helps small businesses navigate social media platforms, influencer marketing, and content creation to drive engagement and build a loyal customer base.

Tin Man

Tin Man is a boutique PR agency known for its creativity and passion for storytelling. They work closely with small businesses to craft compelling narratives that resonate with their target audience. Tin Man’s expertise lies in consumer PR, influencer marketing, and social media management.

With their strategic approach and attention to detail, Tin Man helps small businesses create meaningful connections with their customers.

Tin Man understands the power of storytelling in capturing the attention and loyalty of consumers. They take the time to understand the unique value propositions and brand stories of small businesses and translate them into engaging PR campaigns.

Through targeted media outreach, influencer partnerships, and social media strategies, Tin Man helps small businesses increase brand visibility, build credibility, and foster customer loyalty.

Finn Partners

Finn Partners is a UK-based PR firm known for its integrated approach to public relations. They work closely with small businesses to develop customised PR campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

With a focus on storytelling and brand advocacy, Finn Partners helps small businesses gain media coverage, engage with their customers, and ultimately drive growth.

Finn Partners understands that every small business has a unique story to tell, and they excel in translating those stories into impactful PR campaigns. They specialise in identifying the key messages and narratives that will resonate with the target audience, leveraging both traditional and digital channels to maximise reach and engagement.

Finn Partners’ collaborative approach ensures that small businesses are actively involved in the PR process, resulting in campaigns that authentically reflect their brand values and objectives.