Best Product and Machine Design Software

What is Product and Machine Design Software?


Product and Machine Design Software falls as a sub-category of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software. This software is aimed at engineers and designers across a number of industries, such as product design, manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive.

The tools the software provides enables users to create precision 3D models of components, parts, and assemblies. This aids in the design, manufacturing, and engineering processes. Product and Machine Design Software is typically used alongside PLM Software to help better manage product data throughout the entirety of the design phase.


In order for a product to be included in the Product and Machine Design category, it must:

  • Have 2D technical drawing capacity
  • Offer tools for 3D mechanical design, product simulation, and documentation
  • Provide features for numerical, thermodynamic, and structural analysis
  • Support surface, parametric, solid, and polygonal 3D modelling capabilities.


Compare Top 5 Product and Machine Design Software:


TechRound has compiled a list of the best Product and Machine Design Software that is available for your business in 2021.

1. Fusion 360



Fusion 360 allows users to connect their disconnected product development process, enabling them to deliver high-quality products to the market faster. Starting at $495, Fusion 360 unifies engineering, design, manufacturing, and PCB design.


2. Onshape



Onshape is a SaaS design platform that combines release management, CAD, collaboration, analytics, workflow, API, and admin tools. Starting at $1,500 per user per year, Onshape helps design teams to work together faster. Onshape is the world’s first anytime, anywhere product design platform.


3. Inventor



Autodesk Inventor gives designers and engineers a professional grade engineering and design solution for 3D mechanical design, visualisation, simulation, and documentation. Starting at $2085 per year, Inventor helps you to reduce development costs, get to the market faster, and make great products.





SOLIDWORKS offers users a complete 3D software tools package that enables you to create, simulate, publish, and manage data. The products are easy to learn and use, helping you to design better products faster.


5. Solid Edge



Solid Edge offers a portfolio of easy to use and affordable software tools that enhance all aspects of the product development process. Starting at $75 per seat per month, Solid Edge provides an innovative and comprehensive approach to product development for the mainstream market.


Why Do I Need Product and Machine Design Software?


Product and Machine Design Software offers business many benefits including, but not limited to: reduced production times, by identifying design inefficiencies; improved collaboration through the cloud-based design; and money savings due to reduced production costs.


How Much Does Product and Machine Design Software Cost?


As with all types of software, the cost of certain packages varies dramatically. As seen in TechRound’s Top 5, prices can start at $75 per user monthly (Solid Edge), and reach $2085 per year (Autodesk Inventor).


Can I Get a Free Trial of Product and Machine Design Software?


Many software packages offer free trials of their products. This enables users to test the functionality of the services offered before committing to payment.