Best Product Reviews Software

What is Product Reviews Software?


Product reviews software is also known as customer feedback software. It allows e-commerce businesses to host reviews of products on their sites in order to improve the e-commerce business experience. The software enables the merchant to measure and improve customer satisfaction, get valuable insight from customers, and identify unhappy customers.

Product reviews software helps websites to engage with their customers, understand consumer behaviour, and improve their product/service through authentic feedback. The software works well alongside email marketing software and social networks, an integrates with e-commerce platforms.


In order to be included in the product reviews software category, a product must:

  • Collect and capture feedback on e-commerce websites
  • Deploy as a widget, email follow-up, pop-up, or short answer Q&As on the website
  • Moderate and manage customer feedback and reviews
  • Optimise for desktop, tablet, and mobile use


Compare Top 5 Product Reviews Software:


TechRound has compiled a list of the best product reviews software for your business in 2021.


1. Bazaarvoice




Bazaarvoice helps you to drive revenue, gain actionable insights, extend reach, and create loyal advocates. Thousands of the world’s leading retailers and brands use Bazaarvoice to create a smarter shopper experience across the entire customer journey.


2. helps you to build your online reputation, encourage consumer loyalty, and connect your business model to market demands with genuine customer feedback. Starting at $89 per month, is easy to use and provides seamless integrations with all major CRM, e-commerce, social platforms, online loyalty platforms, and a range of digital marketing solutions.


3. Yotpo




Yotpo utilises a single-platform approach to integrate data-driven solutions for loyalty, reviews, and amongst others, SMS marketing. It also integrates the tools businesses use every day such as Google and Instagram. Yotpo is a Forbes Cloud 100 company.


4. PowerReviews


power reviews



PowerReviews is a UCG partner that is passionate about growing your business. PowerReviews aims to help you optimise in-store experiences for customers, drive sales, and build loyalty.


5. Trustpilot




The customer review management tool Trustpilot helps you to connect and build trust with customers and potential customers. Trustpilot allows you to automate your review collection process, improve organic search results, gather feedback, amplify your online presence, and increase CTR and conversions on paid searches with Google Seller Ratings.


Why Does My Business Need Product Reviews Software?


Using product reviews software helps you to measure and improve customer satisfaction and identify unhappy customers, all whilst gaining valuable insights from your customers.


How Much Does Product Reviews Software Cost?


As with all types of software, product reviews software packages can vary significantly in price, starting at no cost. Different packages offer different features, so it is important to establish what your business needs from the product reviews software.


Can I Get a Free Trial of Product Reviews Software?


Product reviews software packages offer free trials for paid packages to allow users to test out the features of that particular product reviews software. This helps businesses to establish whether they require the features, and if they want to commit to payment of the service.