Best Way to Rent Houses for Parties and Weekends Away

When looking for the perfect place to host your next event, there are many different things to consider. Be it a wedding, birthday party or a weekend away with the family, finding your dream place at a great price all with minimal faff can be a tremendous help, and tick one main hassle off the event planning list.

Here at TechRound, we’ve put together a list of key things to know when renting such places, helping you to make sure every important part to this process has been considered and taken care of.

What to Look For

An important part of organising your next getaway is to consider the main features of the group attending. Although all different and unique to your particular situation, below are a list of the main things to think about when planning an occasion:

Size of party – when looking for the best way to accommodate the party for your event, one crucial thing to consider is the actual size of such a party. Making sure you know the exact numbers of those attending can help you in narrowing down the search for which type of house would be best suited to rent for your special occasion.

Type of event – another main aspect to consider in the party planning process is the type of party you are planning for. For instance, a hen/stag-do event has many different features to a wedding, therefore knowing the complete ins and outs of all components unique to your event can help you ensure a smoother planning period, and help you pick the most suitable place to accommodate such an occasion.

Location – choosing the location of your event is another vital part to the planning process. Whether this is pre-determined (e.g. a holiday to a set location) or set to be decided when planning, knowing the precise area of your event must be thoroughly planned and accommodation for the event booked well in advance.

Travel – once a location has been established for the occasion, organising the travel there is the next main step in your planning process, and should not be left to the last minute where travel costs can go up and available seats go down.

What Questions to Ask

When finding the perfect house for your event, there are numerous different questions that you should be finding out the answers to, some of the main ones being those listed below:

  • Can the place can hold all of the guests?
  • How long do I have the place for?
  • What extra charges are there? (e.g. parking, WiFi)
  • How are cancellations handled, how long before the date is a cancellation fee put on, and how much is this fee?
  • Is everything in the place fully functional? (e.g. broken shower)
  • Is there a deposit, how do I put this down and how much will this cost?
  • What is provided with the accommodation? (e.g. towels, bed linen)

Where to Find Them

When finding the house to rent for your getaway, it’s important to find not only a place that best suits your party’s requirements, but also a trustful source to ensure you get exactly what you paid for. Sites such as Landed Houses offer a wide selection of houses to rent from all across the country, and can be used for multiple different occasion. For more information on their offers, click here.