Best Website Builders for 2023

Website builders offer a quick and simple way to create a website, helping you to establish an online presence, and typically on a more cost-effective budget than hiring a web designer.

Whatever the business, and regardless of your experience, these tools give everyone access to an easier, more straight-forward way of developing a website – with no coding skills necessary!

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So, without further ado, here is our list of the best website builders for 2023:


Name  Free Trial Monthly Costs
Squarespace Yes From £10 per month
WordPress / Free or paid services from £3 per month
Wix Yes Free or paid services from £3 per month
Shopify Yes From $29 per month
Webflow Yes From $12 per month
Format Yes From $12 per month
Carrd Yes From $9 a year
GoDaddy Yes From £6.99 per month
Strikingly Yes Free or paid services from $8 per month
Weebly / Free or paid services from £4 per month


1) Squarespace



  • Price: From £10 pcm.
  • Free trial: Yes.
  • Key Features: Award-winning web designs, blogging tools, SEO tools, analytics, mobile editing and eCommerce options available.


Dubbed by reviews as “the Apple of website builders”, Squarespace is well known for its stylised designs and carefully curated set of services. The templates on offer all share a fresh and professional look, with thoughtfully designed layouts, bold typography and large spaces dedicated to showcase products and services.

In addition to its characteristically elegant designs, Squarespace also offers a whole host of additional qualities, claimed to have the very best audio players, podcasting and photo galleries in the game, as well as offering eCommerce options for online businesses.




Since being founded in 2003, Squarespace has facilitated the creation of millions of websites, and is upheld on values such as “Design Is Not A Luxury”, “Optimize Towards Ideals” and furthermore, “Build the Ideal”. The builder’s pricings are all presented clearly up-front, with options to pay either annually or monthly:


Squarespace Prices:

Monthly: Personal (£13 pcm), Business (£21 pcm), Commerce Basic (£24 pcm) and Commerce Advanced (£37 pcm).

Annually: Personal (£10 pcm), Business (£15 pcm), Commerce Basic (£20 pcm) and Commerce Advanced (£30 pcm).

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2) WordPress




  • Price: Free options available, paid services start from £3 pcm.
  • Free Trial: 
  • Key Features: Wide range of customisable themes, mobile-friendly, mobile editing, built-in social sharing, in-depth stats, SEO tools and eCommerce options available.


Initially created as a blogging platform, WordPress is another excellent website builder to consider, its humble beginnings having helped it to provide unrivalled blogging features.

Throughout the last ten years, WordPress has built up a range of different third-party plugins, available to install for those on certain plans, and offering a wide variety of functions; from maps to membership systems, podcasts and more. It’s worth noting that when configuring these plugins, users will have to go onto a less user-friendly interface – WP-Admin.




WordPress claims itself to be “the world’s most popular website builder”, a statement backed by the whopping 37% of the web being built through this tool. Whilst some of the builder’s services are offered for free, there are also a range of different paid options available.


WordPress Prices:

Pricing (billed yearly): Personal (£3 pcm), Premium (£7 pcm), Business (£20 pcm) and eCommerce (£36 pcm).


3) Wix




  • Price: Free options available, paid services start from £3 pcm.
  • Free Trial: Yes.
  • Key Features: Over 500 designer-made templates, total design freedom, industry-leading SEO, mobile-friendly and eCommerce options available.


A great tool for those wanting a more focused control over their platform, Wix is a website builder that offers users free reign over the development of their site like no other, being an unstructured editor.

Whilst most website builders out there will come with restricted power over the precise design of the site’s layout, Wix enables users to place elements wherever they want onto the page.

For those wanting more freedom in their site’s design, Wix may be the one to opt for, its world-class platform already being used by more than 180 million in 190 different countries. Through its platform, Wix offers an array of excellent themes and features, greatly benefitting a variety of different users, from designers and developers to restaurant owners and entrepreneurs.




Wix offers hundreds of different templates, as well as unlimited pages, all for free. However, for users wanting more from their site, the builder also offers premium packages.

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Wix Prices:

Website: Connect Domain (£3 pcm), Combo (£6 pcm), Unlimited (£8.50 pcm) and VIP (£18 pcm).

Business & eCommerce: Business Basic (£13 pcm), Business Unlimited (£16 pcm) and Business VIP (£22 pcm).


4) Shopify  




  • Price: Prices start from $29 pcm.
  • Free Trial: Yes.
  • Key Features: Over 70 themes created by world-renowned designers, customisable designs, mobile-friendly, store management, analytics, marketing and SEO tools.


Shopify is known as one of the top eCommerce website builders, organising all of the many complex elements that make up an online store, and presenting them in a way that’s easy to understand and navigate.

As well as its ability to streamline the complexities of running an eCommerce business, Shopify also offers hundreds of different apps to complement an online store, including marketing, customer support, SEO and more. The site builder also provides stunning layout designs, all customisable and helping users to create the right look for their platform.




Shopify is currently used by over 1 million business across the globe, pricing starting from $29 a month.


Shopify Prices:

Price (per month): Basic Shopify ($29 pcm), Shopify ($79 pcm) and Advanced Shopify ($299 pcm).


5) Webflow 




  • Price: Prices start from $12 pcm.
  • Free Trial: Yes.
  • Key Features: More than 100 customisable templates, complete control over layout, built-in SEO tools and eCommerce options available.


Webflow is another fantastic website builder that offers users the freedom and the flexibility of front-end coding without having to code. However, in order for users to build their website through Webflow, a basic understanding of web design is necessary.

This quality makes it differ from other website building tools, many of which aren’t designed to provide users with the freedom Webflow can offer. The site builder states: “We envision a world where everyone can create powerful, flexible websites and apps as easily as they create documents today. Because the only thing better than the internet is an internet we can all create for.”




Webflow offers both website and eCommerce plans. In terms of pricing, users can start building their platform for free, and when ready to go live will have to add a site plan.


Webflow Prices: 

Site Plan Pricing (paid per month): Basic ($15 pcm), CMS ($20 pcm), Business ($45 pcm) and Enterprise (customisable).

Site Plan Pricing (paid per year): Basic ($12 pcm), CMS ($16 pcm), Business ($36 pcm) and Enterprise (customisable).

eCommerce Plan Pricing (paid per month): Standard ($42 pcm), Plus ($84 pcm) and Advanced ($235 pcm).

eCommerce Plan Pricing (paid per year): Standard ($29 pcm), Plus ($74 pcm) and Advanced ($212 pcm).


6) Format




  • Price: Prices start from $12 pcm.
  • Free Trial: Yes.
  • Key Features: Complete customisation with thousands of design variations, mobile-friendly, SEO tools, protects images from unauthorised distribution, eCommerce options available.


Format is a website builder that focuses on portfolios. This service is therefore much loved by photographers who want to showcase their work, offering watermarking, proofing features and other useful tools. The site builder is upheld on values such as “Impact is everything” and “Simple is always better”, striving to ultimately create “more with less”.




Through Format, users have access to templates created by award-winning designers, all of which showcase images beautifully. All of Format’s layouts and template pages are also designed for a “mobile-first experience” helping users to make their work look great, whatever screen it’s viewed on.


Format Prices:

Pricing (paid per month): Pro ($16.99 pcm), Pro Plus ($25.99 pcm) and Unlimited ($32.99 pcm).

Pricing (paid per year): Pro ($12 pcm), Pro Plus ($18 pcm) and Unlimited ($25 pcm).


7) Carrd




  • Price: Free options available, paid services start from $9 a year.
  • Free Trial: Yes.
  • Key Features: Dozens of templates available (or start with a blank canvas), mobile-friendly, analytics and options to add forms (e.g. sign-up and payment-enabled forms).


A simple and easy to use site builder, Carrd helps its users to develop one-page websites. Whilst this is something users can technically do through other site builders, these can often make the interface look messy. With Carrd, users can create stunning one-page sites effortlessly, with a range of templates available to customise and make your own.




Carrd-curated sites are also designed to look great no matter what screen they’re viewed on, with users able to build up to three sites on each account, using all of the builder’s core features for free.

Whilst all of Carrd’s core features are available for free, the builder also offers additional paid-for services. However, as Carrd sites are only one page, these are considerably low-cost.


Carrd Prices:

Pricing (paid per year): Pro Lite ($9 a year), Pro Standard ($19 a year) and Pro Plus ($49 a year).


8) GoDaddy




  • Price: Plans start from £6.99 pcm.
  • Free Trial: Yes.
  • Key Features: Designer-made templates, customisable themes, SEO tools, analytics and eCommerce options available.


With nearly two decades in the industry, GoDaddy holds a weight of experience in helping its customers to establish and regulate their online presence. The hosting service has helped almost 19 million users to get online, offering a fast and simple way to create a professional looking website.

The site builder will fetch a range of templates for users to choose from, depending on the industry/theme selected, all expertly designed and ready to launch. All users have to do is fill their content into the template and the site is ready to go!




One downside to this format is that it offers less control over the layout when compared to other website builders. However, for those who do not require as much freedom in the precise design, GoDaddy does offer a selection of excellent pre-set templates to choose from, with a few customisation options available.


GoDaddy Prices:

Pricing (paid per year): Basic (£6.99 pcm), Standard (£9.99 pcm), Premium (£14.99 pcm) and eCommerce (£19.99 pcm)


9) Strikingly





  • Price: Free options available, paid services start from $8 pcm.
  • Free Trial: Yes.
  • Key Features: Professional looking template designs, analytics, sign-up and contact forms and eCommerce options available.


Strikingly is another website builder that holds a focus on one page websites, enabling users to create unique, straight-forward sites, all without the need for either design or coding skills. With Strikingly, users have access to a whole host of different features to help them establish their online presence via a website, including built-in analytics, contact and sign up forms, eCommerce options and more.




Much the same as Carrd, Strikingly can offer an easier way to create one-page sites in comparison to other builders such as Squarespace or Wix. The builder offers over 50 different templates for users to choose from, all designed specifically for this one-page layout.


Carrd Prices:

Pricing (paid per month): Pro ($20 pcm) and Limited ($12 pcm).

Pricing (paid per year): Limited ($8 pcm), Pro ($16 pcm) and VIP ($49 pcm).


10) Weebly




  • Price: Free options available, paid services start from £4 pcm.
  • Free Trial: 
  • Key Features: Wide range of fully customisable themes created by top designers, integrated social media and marketing, SEO tools and eCommerce options available.


Weebly is another superb website builder, easy to use with a range of different features, including a drag & drop builder, customisable fonts, and dynamic design qualities to make sites stand out from the crowd – including video backgrounds, and parallax & reveal.

Weebly offers integrated analytics and cutting edge apps to help users track and manage the performance of their website. The site builder offers both website and eCommerce options, helping users to establish themselves online whatever their business. Weebly’s eCommerce services help to simplify inventory management, shipping and taxes.




50 million people use Weebly for their site-building needs, the builder states: “Whether you’re starting an online business from scratch or taking your in-person business online, with Weebly, entrepreneurs can build websites that customers love to visit and shop.”


Weelby Prices:

Pricing (for website services): Connect (£4 pcm), Pro (£9 pcm) and Business (£18 pcm).

Pricing (for eCommerce services): Pro (£9 pcm), Business (£18 pcm) and Business Plus (£28 pcm).


What Is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a tool that enables users to create a website without needing to manually code. These tools have made it easier for people to establish an online presence, making the creation of a website simpler, more cost-effective, and overall more accessible. There are two types of website builders, these being offline and online.

Offline: these types of website builders are software programmes users will have to install on their computer. The website is built offline through this software, and once complete will need to be uploaded to a web host.

Due to the nature of these builders, work on the website can be conducted offline, and will only require your computer to be connected once uploading it to a web hosting account. Users of offline website builders will need some technical skills, as well as a web hosting account.

Online: as the name suggests, online website builders are tools that enable you to create a website online. Unlike offline builders, to access these types of tools you’ll require an internet connection and a web browser. One great thing with online website builders is that they also come with web hosting services, meaning you won’t have to set this part up separately, as is the case with offline builders.

Additionally, with online website builders there’s no software to download, meaning users can work on building the website from numerous different devices, so long as they have an internet connection and a browser.


How Does a Website Builder Work?

Website builders are designed to make creating a website easier. Through the website building process, users will typically be offered a range of different templates on which to build their website from, adding in content and numerous other elements to make the site their own.

Website builders enable users to create a professional-looking website without needing to code themselves, adding and moving the site’s elements around with just the click of a button. As explored throughout this guide, every website builder will have a distinctive way of offering these services, however, the majority are built to make the process of developing a website as easy and user-friendly as possible.


Why Should I Use a Website Builder?

Creating a website, particularly in this online-centric age, shouldn’t have to be difficult and now, thanks to the wealth of different website building tools, it isn’t!

Website builders help to make the process of building a website easier and more efficient, users simply having to fill their content into pre-designed, easily customisable templates and hit publish. As well as being easy to create, website builders also make sites easier to maintain, with users able to update and change their site as easily and effectively as it was to create them in the first place.

A key benefit to be had from website builders is that they don’t require users to have any programming skills. These tools offer a user-friendly design to help you navigate the complexities of creating a website, and make it easy for anyone to have a professional-looking presence online.

In addition to this, website builders also make it easier for users to create an attractive design without the need for design skills. Most website builders will offer a range of expertly-crafted templates for users to choose from, all of which can be customised to help better fit certain styles and themes.