Which Businesses Need Commercial Cleaning Companies?

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have left many people more aware than ever about the cleanliness of the spaces that they’re living in and working in. We’re all more clued up about how long viruses and bacteria can survive on surfaces, and all use hand sanitiser a little bit more often than we did two years ago.

We do what we can to keep our spaces clean, but sometimes businesses need an extra helping hand when it comes to commercial cleaning services. We’ve outlined which type of businesses may need commercial cleaning companies.

Businesses Who Use Offices

It’s probably no surprise that any business that operates from an office space will need to use a commercial cleaning company. With lots of people working together in one space, things can easily start to become messy and unclean.

Not only is an unclean office not a nice place for your employees to work, it can also quickly become a health hazard. As well as being a nicer place to work, a clean office has other benefits for your employees including increased focus and also increased productivity. Commercial cleaners can clean everything from surfaces and kitchen areas, to windows and bathrooms on a schedule that works best for you and your business.

Manufacturing and Warehousing

Anyone working in the manufacturing industry or in a warehouse knows how important safety is. There are endless rules and regulations in place to keep your employees safe in the space, but it’s equally as important to think ahead. By keeping on top of cleaning in your warehouse, you will be avoiding bigger jobs and any safety issues that could arise.

Keeping the communal spaces such as kitchens and canteens is incredibly important from a hygiene perspective. On top of this, keeping these spaces clean is important to show your employees that you value them and the work that they do, and also believe they deserve to be comfortable in work. Keeping spaces clean and pleasant to be in helps to instil a good working culture as people are happy to be in the work environment.

Car Dealerships and Showrooms

How can you expect to sell a car to a customer if they walk into an unclean showroom? First impressions count, so you want to impress your customers from the minute they step foot into your showroom.

Commercial cleaning companies can ensure that your showroom is spotless both inside and out to show off the very best of your business. One of the main parts of a car dealership is showing off the cars you’re trying to sell, so if prospective customers can’t see into your showroom through the dirty and streaky windows, you’re missing out on potential business!

Whether you need daily cleaning, or one off specialist cleans, commercial cleaning services for car showrooms are a must. Keep your windows spotless and your floors dirt-free to bring in new customers to your car dealerships and showrooms.

Housing Associations

Who would want to move into a property that is unclean and neglected? Appearances are everything when it comes to properties, and comfort is key. Many landlords use commercial cleaners to get their property ready for a new tenant, or for the odd job throughout the year.

Commercial cleaners can also be used regularly for communal areas such as stairways and corridors, and also reception areas. Some housing associations choose to employ commercial cleaners for lone jobs such as pest control, sanitation cleaning, gutter cleaning, and amongst others, graffiti cleaning.