CBD Companies to Watch in 2022

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With March being Food Month here at TechRound, we wanted to feature some up-and-coming companies set to make headway within their sector in 2022. With the impacts of the pandemic still prevalent for so many businesses and startups, it’s more important than ever to recognise the companies bringing new and innovative ideas to the table.

From CBD drops and CBD beers, to CBD teas and education hubs, these companies all have a unique offering that the team at TechRound wants to showcase!


CBD Companies Included:

  • Mindful Extracts, founded by Donal Bourke & Nick De Haan
  • Cannabotech, Elchanan Shaked (CEO)
  • For The Ageless, founded by Daniel Perez Vidal
  • Cannabrew, founded by Elliot Horner
  • Good Hemp, founded by Henry Braham & Glynis Murray
  • CBD One, founded by Alex Tofalos & Nick Tofalos


An Introduction to CBD from Tom Bourlet, CBD Blogger

Tom Bourlet

Website: http://www.cbdsloth.com/

The CBD industry has grown incredibly rapidly over the past few years, holding up well despite the pandemic, as the negative connotations around cannabis have been battled at every turn. The global CBD industry is predicted to reach $20 billion by 2025, while big pharma brands are taking notice and are starting to try and enter the industry.

It’s not just the interest that’s growing, but the number of CBD brands being launched on a daily basis in the UK alone is astonishing, while products are also extending outside of the traditional options. It’s not just CBD oil and gummies anymore, there are chocolates, honey, tea, coffee, powder, topical creams and serums.


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Mindful Extracts

Donal Mindful Extracts

Website: https://mindfulextracts.co.uk/

Founders: Donal Bourke & Nick De Haan


Mindful Extracts was started by childhood friends Donal Bourke and Nick de Haan. In 2015, Donal had a near fatal motorbike accident.  Fast forward 18 months and he was left with chronic back pain, arthritis and was diagnosed with PTSD. He was taking four different heavy-duty painkillers (including morphine) every day but was still in pain 24/7.

A friend gave him a bottle of CBD Oil and suggested he try it. Within half an hour he experienced better pain relief than he was getting from the cocktail of painkillers, with none of the side effects. He was sleeping better and was less anxious.

After experimenting with lots of CBD brands Donal found that not all CBD was created equal. He believed that people needed a trustworthy and ethical company that they could rely on for consistently high-quality products.

Mindful Extracts sells full spectrum CBD oils in 5%, 10% and 20% strengths, as well as a growing range of CBD body care including a joint and muscle balm, bath bombs and lip balms. All products are fully tested by an independent laboratory and comply with UK regulations which means they contain less than 0.2% THC.


Mindful Extracts CBD


The Mindful Extracts range is vegan and the packaging is 100% recyclable. The company uses carbon-zero couriers, offsets any other emissions and only works with hemp farmers who also align with the same values. For every bottle of CBD oil purchased, a tree is planted in Indonesia.

To complement the existing CBD range, Mindful Extracts has just launched three organic nutritional supplements, including Ashwagandha, Lion’s Mane and Reishi capsules – a move which repositions the company as a wider wellbeing brand.



Elchanan Cannabotech

Website: https://cannabotech.com/

CEO: Elchanan Shaked


Cannabotech is an Israeli biomedical company that develops botanical solutions for preventive medicine and integrative oncology medicine. Their solutions are based on combinations of active agents from the cannabis plant and mushrooms that work on two central systems in the human body: the endocannabinoid system and the immune system.

As part of the concept of integrative medicine, in the last two years, Cannabotech has been developing a series of eight preparations designed to help patients with cancer and chronic pain based on unique combinations of botanicals from medical cannabis and mushroom-based products. Upon completion of their development, the company’s goal is to designate the products to be integrated into oncology patients’ existing treatment protocol.

Cannabotech has recently published a study which demonstrates that their IntegrativePain products show an 80-100% reduction in inflammatory pain; the treatment is expected to be launched in Israel, US and UK in the second half of 2022.


Cannabotech Product


In addition, they have also published a study which shows that their CannaboBreast products have sixfold improvement in killing cancer cells in combination with standard chemotherapy. The cell model study also revealed Cannabobreast could allow for decreased doses of chemotherapy, and therefore side effects, while increasing efficiency of the treatment.

Cannabotech have also opened up a store in the Westfield shopping centre in London where they sell a variety of products based on a unique combination of CBD and mushrooms. The combination of functional mushrooms and pharmaceutical-grade, isolated CBD targets both your endocannabinoid and immune systems, supercharging your health and wellbeing. They are planning to open up three more stores in the next year.


For The Ageless

Daniel Perez Vidal

Website: https://www.fortheageless.com/

Founder: Daniel Perez Vidal


For the Ageless sells groundbreaking supplements from ethical producers. Products are hand-picked for their quality, transparency in production and growing process. They follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP standards) meeting the same production criteria as medicines available in the EU.

2022 is an important year for online specialists of organic CBD products, For the Ageless. This year For the Ageless launches its first signature collection.

Founder Daniel Perez commented: “As pioneer retailers of the top CBD brands available in the UK since 2016, we’ve gathered valuable insight into what the British public is truly looking for when it comes down to herbal remedies. Our position gives us the versatility to work with a variety of growers or manufacturers. We’ve hand-picked a handful of boutique companies that we trust to collaborate with and are in the process of co-creating peculiar products that will carry both of our signatures. We’re now working with PuriBio and Biopurus, organic hemp tea and herbal extract specialists; and with CBD Ultra, with whom we’ve already launched a 50% CBD oil with C8 MCT oil (which has been a hit); and also a top player in the UK supplement industry which we’ll reveal soon.”


For The Ageless Product


Daniel Perez Vidal continues: “As well as being an online retailer, For the Ageless also acts as an education hub and wellness community for health-conscious individuals. Education and knowledge of the organic CBD market has always been the heart of the business which has allowed for this step into a signature range to be such a natural brand development.”

Originally an investigative journalist, Daniel Perez Vidal wanted to guide customers to make confident buying decisions so all his research on all products sold is openly published on the website. Providing this insight allows customers to easily navigate their way through the world of CBD and other supplements, removing any confusion. All articles are either written or fact-checked by clinical experts ensuring complete transparency.


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Website: https://cannabrew.uk/

Founder: Elliot Horner


CBD’s evolution has unfolded at lightning speed. The wellness world was the first to dip a toe in CBD’s calming waters, and the beauty brands soon followed. Google searches around the much-hyped molecule are up over 1,000% in the past three years – and it’s a stat that’s continually on the rise. So it’s no surprise that 2022’s fastest emerging drinks trend is CBD-infused beer.

Cannabrew was born of the desire to fuse the relaxing and calming effects of CBD oil with delicious home-brewed craft beer and cider. Founder Elliot Horner, a trained brewer and semi-professional rugby player, started using CBD oil to aid recovery after rugby injuries. Cue several months of trial and error in order to master a way of infusing the beer to complement both ingredients perfectly, and Cannabrew was born. A successful £200k crowdfund followed and a major grocery listing is launching very soon…


Cannabrew Product Shot


Made using traditional British brewing techniques in northern England, each can of Cannabrew is packed with 15mg of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD, which is known to promote homeostasis – more commonly known as balance – in the body, helping relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and pain. The CBD used in Cannabrew has all the credentials too; it’s sourced from Colorado due to the high standards of health and safety, is comprehensively tested by GMP, and is fully Safe And Local Supplier (SALSA) certified. Cannabrew also has a sustainable outlook, with craft beer and cider that’s conscious.

Proudly vegan and plastic-free, Cannabrew minimises waste by donating leftover hops and malts to local farmers to be used as fertiliser and feed. For every case of beer sold, two trees are planted as part of reforestation projects, with 17,000 trees planted to date.


Good Hemp

Good Hemp

Website: https://www.goodhemp.com/

Founders: Henry Braham & Glynis Murray


Good Hemp is the original hemp brand. Since discovering the miraculous power of hemp in the 1990s on Collabear Farm in Devon, where it is still manufactured today, Good Hemp founders Henry and Glyn have been committed to making delicious products that make a difference to the planet. They knew hemp was a great plant for the soil, sustainable, and grew easily without pesticides or herbicides; the plan was to harvest the hemp once it reached full size, initially selling to BMW to use the stalks in their dashboards!

At the start of 2019, Good Hemp added CBD to their product line-up. CBD felt like a natural transition for the brand, given how well it can nourish the body, inside and out. The Good Hemp CBD range consists of five strengths and flavours: a 250mg Natural CBD Oil, 250mg Citrus Flavour CBD Oil, 250mg Peppermint CBD Oil, medium strength 1000mg CBD Oil, and a higher strength 2000mg CBD Oil.


good hemp product


As long-established hemp experts, the company aims to bring some measured good sense to a complicated category. “Our claims for active ingredient quantities are exact because the labs we work with are the best. CBD can be complicated, but we are doing everything we can to be the most trusted producer of CBD products. There is a lot of CBD choice out there, so we saw the need for products that people can trust. Our pure CBD isolates are free from THC, 100% natural, non-GMO and preservative free. We believe that CBD users deserve transparency and knowing exactly what they are buying, every time.” says founder Henry Braham.

Good Hemp has been in business since the 90s and its products have been available in British supermarkets since 2006. Not just trusted hemp experts, but actual hemp farmers, Good Hemp is also known for its hemp seed milks, oils, snacks and flours.




Website: https://cbd-one.co.uk/

Directors: Alex Tofalos & Nick Tofalos


CBD One is a family company owned and run by brothers, Alex and Nick Tofalos. Launched after they became acquainted with the possibilities that CBD and cannabis offered during their brother Deno’s battle with Multiple Sclerosis, the duo have spent many years researching and sourcing the very best hemp for therapeutic purposes. The products they have today are exactly that.

CBD One has ISO 2200 manufacturing accreditation, whilst all products have Validated Applications with the Novel Foods certification where required.

For the first time in the UK, foodservice outlets can offer customers a shot of CBD to enhance their choice of coffee, smoothie, tea or cocktail. Wellness company CBD One has launched an innovative new product which gives operators the ability to add a shot of their specially formulated emulsion to any beverage on demand, allowing the customers to call the shots.

Unlike traditional CBD oil that doesn’t mix with other liquids, CBD One’s ‘One Shot’ is a unique, specially formulated, water-soluble emulsion that can be added to both hot and cold beverages to turn a standard drink into a CBD beverage. Furthermore, because it presents the CBD in an ‘active’ state, it can be far easier absorbed into the bloodstream making it more effective than placing an oil under the tongue.




CBD One is a UK based company dedicated to the supply of high quality 100% legal CBD products. Director Alex Tofalos believes that the new ‘One Shot’ product can help give venues a point of difference, whilst also justifying a 20% or more price premium.

“CBD is one of the breakthrough products of the health and wellness trend which is very current now. Already established as a food supplement which can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the benefits of CBD are being enjoyed by increasing numbers of consumers. We believe that our new ‘One Shot’ product offers operators the opportunity to tap into this growing market, offering a significant point of difference and fantastic PR opportunities to attract new customers.”


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