Choosing the Right Solution To Harness Your Data Growth



The macroeconomic challenges of 2020 had a major impact on businesses and forced many to adopt new working models. The resulting rapid adoption and integration of digital initiatives has significantly increased pressure on IT departments across a wide range of industries. 

In today’s fast-moving digital economy, the sheer volume of data being generated every day can be overwhelming. The increasing adoption of various innovative technologies, and the need to store and, more importantly manage this data, is propelling the demand for storage solutions. With analysts predicting that the storage market will be worth $222.25* billion by 2027, growing at a staggering CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 21.9% from 2020.




Having constant access to this data has become a critical component for business. If data becomes inaccessible, business operations may be impacted and revenue lost – making data visibility a top IT imperative.


Key Capabilities to Look For in Enterprise Storage

The right storage solution should result in reduced storage costs and reduced risk, while ensuring that the storage is always optimised for the specific requirements of the application environment.

Aside from the enterprise storage essentials, such as high performance, efficiency, scalability, high availability, data protection and data reduction, what are the key capabilities that IT infrastructure and data storage decision makers should look for?

  • Flexibility of scale – Invest in technology that supports multiple degrees of scalability, with the ability to scale up and/or scale out performance or capacity quickly to maintain efficiency as your business environments evolve. 
  • Flexibility of data and application mobility – Look for a storage solution that allows for data and applications to shift, optimised for the specific needs at that time. 
  • Workload flexibility – Modern enterprise storage infrastructure needs to provide enough flexibility to support any application environment while offering sufficient performance and capability – even as demands shift and evolve. 
  • Flexibility to modernise – Modern enterprise storage needs to provide flexibility to upgrade across multiple generations. 



Unlock the Power of Your Data: Regardless of Structure and Location

NSC believes that the long-term success of our customer’s businesses depends on finding agile solutions that offer the flexibility to innovate and thrive in an as unpredictable and rapidly changing world. NSC has therefore invested in developing new technologies, expanding our portfolio of products and services to help our customers adapt and transform IT without disrupting current operations. 

Dell EMC™ PowerStore™, with its data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable design, is the perfect addition to NSC’s product portfolio, as it achieves new levels of value, flexibility, and simplicity in storage. Streamlining operations with an integrated machine learning engine and seamless automation. It also offers predictive analytics to easily monitor, analyse, and troubleshoot the environment. 


Why Businesses Need to Optimise IT to Accelerate Digital Transformation

The digital economy is transforming organisations of nearly every size. According to ESG* research, 98% of businesses surveyed reported they are in some phase of digital transformation. Businesses need to rethink how to evaluate their IT infrastructure. 

Customers want choice when it comes to deploying technology to achieve their digital transformation goals. Few organisations today tolerate being tied to any current technology. As they digitally mature, they require flexible, agile solutions to help with their digital transformation journey.

The challenges of 2020 created a catalyst that significantly accelerated those digital business initiatives making businesses more reliant on technology. However, this rapid adoption and integration of digital initiatives has clearly increased the pressure on IT departments.

Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on data to create new business models so having constant access to data is critical. Finding a storage solution that is flexible and simplifies the burden on stretched-thin IT departments is essential as it will expedite operations, reduce the need for training, and reduce the risk associated with supporting a diverse application environment. 


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Written by Sascha Groeger, Chief Commercial Officer NSC Global.