Common Home Insurance Claims

Home insurance offers protection for your home and personal belongings. But are you fully safeguarded against other common perils you might encounter? How can you be sure that the insurance company offers the right type of coverage for your needs?

To receive the best settlement from your company, you should be conversant with different types of claims. This will help you to properly file for claims whenever there’s a need. Below are some common home insurance claims to be aware of.

Wind and Hail

Windstorms and hailstorms are some of the most common claims home insurance providers see. Even if you regularly maintain your home, you might not be able to prevent wind and hail. When these occur, they can knock trees into your home, pulling off your siding, and even destroying your roof. Tornadoes and hurricanes can as well damage your home’s structure and consequently displacing your family.

Your home insurance policy will usually cover wind plus hail. Nonetheless, you might need a separate policy if you reside in high-risk areas. It’s always important to consult with your agent about your coverage for wind and hail since no one is immune to wind damage.

Water Damage Claims

Water damage resulting from plumbing failures is a common problem, particularly during cold weather months. This is mainly because low temperatures can cause water to freeze, forcing the pipes to burst or leak.

Even a minor leak can lead to major water damage to your home’s structure and its contents. Most home insurance policies provide coverage for accidental water damage, rainwater, as well as, plumbing failures. Nonetheless, they don’t often cover incidents resulting from neglect. For instance, you leave the sink running all night and it damages the floor.


Theft happens everywhere, regardless of how safe the town is. And any breach of security can be extremely frightening and unnerving. Most home insurance policies cover theft. But you need to make sure that your contents coverage always remains updated in order to get maximum compensation for your claim.

Fires or Lightning Damages

Of course, fire isn’t very common. However, it’s one of the most expensive claims you can ever run into. Fire outbreaks can destroy your entire home, which required both structural, as well as, content replacement. Plus, a fire outbreak often implies moving out of your home and temporarily living in a different place while it’s being repaired. You may also need water and fire restoration in the case of a fire, or lightening which may coincide with flooding. And this could be another major expense.


Flooding is another common occurrence. Most home insurance policies don’t include flood insurance. However, you should always consider purchasing flood insurance, regardless of where you live. With today’s unpredictable weather, it’s definitely worth investing in this type of insurance.

Personal Liability

Personal liability claims are extremely common. A single liability cost might cost thousands of dollars, which could land you in a serious financial crisis. Making sure that you’ve adequate liability coverage is essential for safeguarding your family and assets.

The Bottom-Line

There are countless home insurance companies out there. And they all offer different types of policies. So, how do you choose the best insurer? Well, the above article provides deeper insights into common home insurance claims. Get yours today. But remember to compare home insurance online for the best deal.