Best Social Customer Service Software

What is Social Customer Service Software?

Social customer service software facilitates businesses reaching out to customers on social media platforms. This software organises mentions through social media outlets such as Facebook, creating tickets to allow support agents to provide services and respond to mentions online.

Marketing teams can utilise these solutions to increase brand awareness and convert any customer problems into positive advertising via social media.

These features can be provided through help desk software, using user portals to collate customer enquiries. These can be integrated with social media management software alongside analytics software.


How to qualify for inclusion in this category

In order to qualify for this category, products must:

  • Collate customer enquiries across all networks
  • Facilitate support agents responding to mentions on social media
  • Cope with the rise in customer enquiries through providing tickets


Best Social Customer Service Softwares

The experts at TechRound have compiled the best social customer service softwares below.


1. Zendesk




The Zendesk Support Suite facilitates conversations between employees and customers, allowing enquiries to be responded to quickly. The software is easy to use and can be implemented across a variety of social media channels, maintaining all relevant information in one secure space for the agents.

This software is suitable for businesses fo all sizes, as Zendesk currently serves over 160,000 customers in over 30 languages worldwide.


2. Freshdesk




Cloud-based customer service software from Freshdesk increases customer support. It converts any incoming requests across all social media channels into tickets, automating workflows and increasing support levels. Freshdesk currently supports over 150,000 customers.start-free-trial-button

3. Zoho Desk




Zoho Desk aims to provide the best customer support experience through excellent management of incoming requests across all channels. The cloud-based software enables businesses to analyse and make adjustments to customer support teams therefore increasing customer support and satisfaction.


4. Sprout Social


Sprout Social


Sprout Social uses an all-in-one management solution to encourage customers to improve strategies related to social media. This software helps businesses to connect better with their audience through automatically publishing workflows and compiling information in real time, converting social data into insightful information.


5. Front




Front combines incoming emails with the automation and insights available from a CRM, acting as a hub for customer communications. Employees across multiple departments can collaborate to send quicker replies, organise messages and maintain individual touches. Hub is currently used by over 6500 businesses to maximise quality and efficiency.


Do I need Social Customer Service Software?

Social customer service software is useful for customer support and marketing teams within larger businesses. Social customer service is used to respond to customer queries, making it useful for support teams. The software can alert the relevant department when the business is mentioned online, helping to increase response times.

The software can also be used to gather marketing material when the brand is reflected positively via social media, demonstrating that the business is performing well. Responding quickly to customer complaints online also demonstrates the active nature of customer service representatives.


How much does it cost?

Prices of the software differs by company. Zendesk offers 3 different packages, priced at £39, £65 and £79 based on the features involved.

Ensure you are aware of which features your company will use from the software to choose the package which is right for your company to optimise customer service.


Are there free trials available?

Availability of free trials differs from platform to platform. Zendesk and Freshdesk both offer free trials, allowing potential customers to trial their software before they commit through payment. Zendesk also allows you to trial each different package so you can compare the different features included.

It is important to note when free trials end in order to avoid paying for unnecessary usage.