Best Data Privacy Management Software

What is Data Privacy Management Software?

Data privacy management software provides solutions for management of a company’s privacy program, such as replying to customer requests and mapping sensitive data, complying with privacy laws.

Privacy managers usually utilise this software, however these solutions can offer workflows to other employees allowing them to work together on requests for data access, amendment or deletion.

The software automates manual processes and provides visibility and leverage supporting tools helping businesses manage their privacy programs.

Products within this category often specialise in specific country or regions regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.


Top 5 Data Privacy Management Softwares

The experts at TechRound have compiled the best softwares below.


1. OneTrust




OneTrust specialises in operationalising trust for over 10,000 customers worldwide. This is done through automating workflows for privacy and data governance as well as GRC, third-party risk and ethics and compliance.


2. DataGrail


data grail


Privacy platform DataGrail helps to build customer trust and transparency through simplifying data privacy and helping implement efficient programs. Platforms comply with all necessary regulations and connect with popular apps and infrastructure, detecting show IT containing personal data.


3. Segment




The worlds leading CDP, Segment provides companies with the ability to collect, compile and route customer data into necessary systems to create beneficial experiences in real-time.


4. Secure Privacy


secure privacy


Secure Privacy enables businesses to comply with security regulations worldwide with a consent management solution. The solution is secure, powerful and intuitive allowing businesses to become compliant in under 30 minutes.


5. TrustArc




Privacy programs can be easily simplified and automated with TrustArc’s platform. The experience is delivered through frameworks, insights, intelligence and operations and is fully-automated, helping businesses to navigate the digital world.


Do I Need Data Privacy Management Software?

This software is useful for companies subject to global data privacy laws, usually mid-size and larger corporations. Privacy professionals within these corporations can work in legal departments, regulatory compliance, IT and corporate ethics as well as marketing departments.

Employees from various departments within a company many need to be involved with compliance of privacy regulations, ensuring consent preference are managed appropriately.


How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing of data management software depends on features involved and the type of account required. Twilio Segment offers Free, Team and Business accounts based on a variety of aspects, such as how many customers visit your site per month.

Whilst Team is priced at $120 a month, Business is calculated based on specific aspects of each individual business.


Are There Free Trials Available?

Availability of free trials depends on the company offering the software. Segment offers a version of it’s software completely free if your business has a low number of customers every month and demos for paid packages, whilst other sites offer demos for all packages.

It is important to note which features of the software your business intends to use as well as when free trials end to avoid paying unnecessary charges.