Best Digital Experience Platforms Software

What Are Digital Experience Platforms?

DXPs consist of integrated core technologies enabling creation, management and delivery of virtual experiences across multiple channels. These platforms help organisations to organise customer data across marketing channels, allowing them to create personalised experiences.

Similar to web content management and DAM software, DXPs help develop products, websites and portals. With the purpose of delivering experiences across various channels, DXPs can also include components such as content management and marketing automation software.


Top 5 DXP Softwares

The experts at TechRound have compiled the best DXP softwares below.


1. OutSystems




OutSystems is a development platform which utilises productive and connected AI tools. This helps developers to construct and deploy various applications correctly and rapidly from consumer apps to critical business systems.


2. SAP Fiori


sap fiori


Role-based consumer-grade experiences for users are delivered by SAP Fiori. These experiences are ensured across all business lines, devices and tasks. They have a variety of solutions and apps incorporating the UX, such as SAP Cloud for Customer.


3. Progress Sitefinity


progress sitefinity


Progress Sitefinity uses a manegement system aiming to engage, convert and maintain customers throughout the lifecycle. Experiences and content are personalised across all channels and the software can integrate with backend systems alongside digital commerce.

Sitefinity also has an Insight tool allowing businesses to analyse and track customers throughout their journey.


4. Sitecore Experience Platform




This platform aims to separate content and presentation, promoting content being reused. Authoring is made easier through in-context editing and designing with preview capabilities readily available.

Capabilities work across all sites in various languages, and content can be scheduled and targeted based on customers’ actions and devices.


5. Kentico Xperience




The DXM platform from Kentico collates content management, digital marketing and commerce easily available in the cloud. Kentico provides personalised experiences and integrates with technology, enabling brands to optimise customer engagement and distribute content to appropriate clients.


Do I Need DXM Software?

This software is especially useful for product development and marketing teams. Components can be categorised into those which create and maintain websites and those which create materials suitable for marketing.

Developers can use this software to create device agnostic experiences through headless CMS. Marketers meanwhile can use the software to help with automation and digital asset management, personalisation and segmentation. Marketers have tools at their disposable to create content quickly and easily with a central hub for user data, content and assets.


How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing of DXM software differs by company and the features involved.

Sitefinity offers 3 different packages with various features included, allowing businesses to request a quote for the features they wish to use.

It is important to note which features your business can benefit from in order to avoid paying for those you do not intend to use.


Are There Free Trials Available?

Some companies do offer free trials of their software. OutSystems and Kentico both offer free periods, allowing businesses to trial their features before fully committing through payment, although free trials are not available across all platforms.