Best E-Commerce Personalisation Software

What is E-Commerce Personalisation Software?

E-commerce personalisation software enables customers shopping online to have a more personal experience. User behaviour is captured in real-time over various channels, providing personalised messaging to assist users buying products online.

Used by e-commerce professionals and marketers, the aim of this software is to optimise online sales. The software integrates with e-commerce platforms, shopping cart software and PIM software and can be combined with e-merchandising and multichannel retail software.


How to Qualify For This Category

In order to qualify for this category, products must:

  • Assess user behaviour across various channels
  • Provide product recommendations and personalised messaging features
  • Base personalised messages on previous behaviours
  • Target specific buyers through personalised campaigns
  • Analyse the efficiency of these campaigns across a variety of channels


Top 5 E-Commerce Personalisation Softwares

The experts at TechRound have compiled the best e-commerce personalisation softwares below.


1. ActiveCampaign




ActiveCampaign helps businesses to engage with their customers through a category-defining customer experience automation platform in over 170 countries. The software allows access to over 500 pre-built automations combining email marketing, marketing automation and CRM.

This facilitates powerful segmentation and individualisation across a variety of social platforms. ActiveCampaign delivers personalised experiences, allowing businesses to grow as their customer relations improve.


2. Drip




Marketing automation engine Drip provides marketers with tools to facilitate building deeper and more powerful connections with customers on a large scale.

Used by over 27,000 marketers worldwide, Drip’s software features tracking, hyper-segmentation and marketing automation tools to help businesses expand.


3. Moosend




Moosend helps businesses to manage mailing lists and email campaigns simultaneously whilst delivering newsletters created on the built-in campaign editor.

Marketing campaigns become more personalised through tags and subscription forms, ideal for both start-up and Fortune 500 companies to grow their businesses.start-free-trial-button

4. Emarsys




Marketing automation solution Emarsys, part of the SAP Customer Experience Portfolio, is comprised of a customer data platform. This platform integrates campaign management across a variety of channels, personalised segmentation and analytics dashboards with extra add-ons.

The software aims to produce measurable results crowdsourced from leading companies, combining marketing challenges with strategies for customer engagement.

Emarsys therefore helps businesses to reach predicted outcomes and deliver high quality experiences for customers.

5. Nosto




Nosto aims to personalise shopping experiences in order to optimise customer engagement levels and revenue potential. Trained on e-commerce data, their Intelligence Engine uses complex algorithms to deliver individual experiences to customers.

Businesses using Nosto typically see a 10-30% average increase in revenue as their experts understand specific business aims and how to utilise the high-level technology at Nosto efficiently.


Do I Need E-Commerce Personalisation Software?

Software such as this is usually used by marketers transforming e-commerce businesses, or e-commerce store owners. Personalisation aims to increase sales and also provides businesses with data surround site usage and customer activity.

Website builders also use this software to improve user experience through personalisation, as do marketers when creating new campaigns to reach a specific audience.


How Much Does it Cost?

The price of e-commerce personalisation software differs based on the platform and features included. Moosend is free to use providing the business has less than 1000 subscribers, with the most popular plan titled ‘Pro’ charging $8 each month for a specific number of subscribers. For $10 a month, businesses can upgrade their package for additional features.

There is also a tool on the Moosend website allowing businesses to see how much each package costs on a monthly or annual basis depending on the amount of subscribers they have, with the prices increasing alongside the new subscriber rates.


Are There Free Trials Available?

Typically there are not free trials available for this type of software, although some companies do offer free versions of their platforms if the subscriber numbers are low.

Emarsys also offers the option to request a demo of their software, allowing businesses to try it out before committing through payment.

It is important to check which features of the software your business can utilise before committing to a specific package in order to prevent paying for unnecessary features.