Best Headless CMS Software

What is Headless CMS Software?

Headless CMS is a back-end only content management system allowing businesses to manage content projects in the same way CMS usually does.

In headless CMS, the front-end delivery layer of the website is removed, allowing developers to use and front-end tool they desire to present their content. Content is stored in the cloud and accessed through API, allowing businesses to deliver content onto VR or smartwatch platforms.

Content can be translated into different languages through the solution. Headless CMS integrates with WYSIWYG editors allowing content to be published onto any platform through an API.


Top 5 Headless CMS Softwares

The experts at TechRound have compiled the best softwares below.


1. Contentful




Contentful allows businesses to build scaled digital experiences. Teams are able to collate content structured for use across all channels in one place whilst integrating with various tools through open APIs.


2. Contentstack




Contentstack allows marketers and developers to work together on content creation, optimising customer experiences. The software also encourages delivery of digital experiences across all channels, regions, brands and audiences.

With the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry, Contentstack encourages the use of Microservices-based technology.


3. Strapi




Strapi facilitates developers content management and API needs through headless CMS based on Node.js. The API is customisable to cater to businesses’ needs, making Strapi suitable for companies of all sizes.


4. GraphCMS




GraphCMS aims to help businesses deliver improved digital experiences across all platforms, from marketing websites to mobile or voice apps.

The software enables digital teams to centralise editorial, product and marketing content alongside streamlining workflows and reducing developer implementation times. It also increases efficiency and reduces IT hiring costs, allowing teams to elect a development framework.


5. Kentico Kontent


Kentico Kontent


Software from Kentico aims to ease content production for marketers, allowing them to create effective content without the need for developer involvement. Consequently, developers are able to construct online experiences across all channels.


Do I Need Headless CMS?

Headless CMS is useful for developers and programmes as well as marketers and content creators. The software requires more coding knowledge and removes front-end delivery of a WCMS, building presentation layers before delivering content.

Marketers and content creators may need to add their content to the CMS repository.


How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing of headless CMS depends on the company offering the software, users and features involved. Contentful offers a free version of it’s software, allowing up to 5 uses to utilise it at once.

The next package from Contentful is targeted at businesses working on a couple of small projects at once, priced at $489 a month. It is important to note how many people from you business will be using the software and which features will be beneficial to avoid paying unnecessary charges.


Are There Free Trials Available?

Availability of free trials depends on the company offering the software. Contentful has a free version of it’s software, allowing small businesses to use it whilst working on one project before expanding and requiring a paid package.

Kentico Kontent also allows businesses to trial their software for free, allowing business to see the benefits before fully committing through payment.