Best Retail Execution Software

What is Retail Execution Software?

Retail execution software helps to oversee in-store activities in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry. These solutions enable better collaboration between retailers and CPG companies to increase both sales and profits.

Used by merchandisers and marketing professionals alongside field sales employees, the software can be delivered as a single product or mix of various solutions. It can also integrate with trade promotion management software and retail POS software.


Top 5 Retail Execution Softwares

The experts at TechRound have compiled the best retail execution softwares below.


1. Repsly




The retail execution solution created by Repsly aims to help field teams optimise performance and impact on sales through the mobile app.

The manager’s dashboard provides territory managers with relevant data and tools necessary to identify retail opportunities and deploy teams to act correctly within stores.

Repsly centralises sales, field activity and in-store data, connecting store-level conditions and impact on sales.


2. Yoobic




Digital workspace Yoobic helps front-line employees through micro earning, task management and digital communication in fields such as retail, hospitality and manufacturing.


3. GoSpotCheck




Connecting employees with corporate goals and directives, GoSpotCheck is a platform for task management helping leaders with decision making.

Dashboards are designed to highlight potential risks and opportunities, enabling leaders to make informed decisions quickly across operations, merchandising, training and other sectors.


4. Pepperi




Pepperi helps consumer goods brands and wholesalers to manage omnichannel saes by empowering them to sell more products at faster rates. Features are combined to create a mobile solution available across all devices to maximise sales.

Customers can order at any time on any platform with e-catalogs, trade promotions and data readily available. Able to integrate with ERPs, data is fully accessible on all devices to both buyers and field reps.


5. ParallelDots ShelfWatch




Al solution company ParallelDots is a leading image recognition solution company providing ShelfWatch worldwide to optimise execution in-store and maximise sales.

Elite technology is quick to set up, affordable and accurate helping brands measure ideal store programmes and keeping track of KPIs. Images are captured of SKUs on shelf by mobile and uploaded to the cloud server, before receiving analysis of the store’s KPI consequently increasing the rate of the audit process.


Do I need it?

This type of software is useful for marketing professionals and merchandisers with the aim of optimising sales in the consumer packaged goods industry.

Another use of the software is the management of sales activities, in which case it is useful for field sales employees to help manage their data.


How much does it cost?

Pricing of this software varies by company and features involved. ParallelDots offers 4 different packages, named Starter, Standard, Business and Advanced. The started package is priced at $79 a month whilst the advanced is priced at $399, and companies are billed on an annual basis.

Pricing at ParallelDots is based on multiple factors such as the number of API hits every day. It is important t0 check which features your business can utilise to avoid being charged for unnecessary usage.


Are there free trials available?

ParallelDots and similar companies do not tend to offer free trials for their software. In spite of this, Pepperi does offer a free 15 minute demo explaining how their services can be beneficial to your business.