Compare the cost of smoking vs vaping

The cost of vaping per year is £273.95 compared to £3,796 for smoking cigarettes.
One of the most common questions people have about vaping is whether it is cheaper than smoking or whether it is actually more expensive to vape over smoking.
In many cases, it depends on how you treat vaping. If it is to replace smoking, the short answer is that it will work out cheaper. However, if you take it up as a hobby is easy to invest in all the various add-ons and even use it more than you would usually smoke a cigarette.


The average smoker in the UK smokes around 20 cigarettes a day. A pack of 20 cigarettes is likely to cost you £10.40, after rising from £9.91. This means that a 20 a day smoker can expect to fork out an extra £178.85 per year than what they were before the increase, just on cigarettes. This does not include having to purchase and repurchase lighters.
Over the course of the year, a 20 a day smoker will be spending a whopping £3,796 on packets of cigarettes (365 x 10.40).
If you are a smoker, you are also likely to wash your clothes more frequently and therefore you will be spending more on electricity and water throughout the month. There are also a lot more additional costs such as sprays and having to replace items which have been destroyed by the smoke.


Vaping Kits are convenient and will overall save you money in the long run, despite being a larger one-time purchase. On Ohmies, you can get vape kits for as little as £19.99 all the way up to £67.99. The price is dependent on the quality of the vape and what comes within the starter kit.
Once you have the starter kit, you are pretty much sorted apart from having to replace the e-liquid and repurchase coils. Say you have to buy a 10ml bottle of e-liquid per week, that is 52 bottles in a year. A bottle tends to come in around the £5 mark.
The cost of vaping over one year is only going to cost you around £273.95 (approx.) When you compare this to the price tag of smoking, it is a no-brainer that vaping is certainly cheaper than smoking.