How Dynamics 365 Starter Packs Can Take The Pain Out Of CRM Migration


Migrating from a ‘traditional’ on premise CRM system to a new one can be daunting for some businesses, but the time-consuming process shouldn’t stop you from reaping the benefits of a future-proof system like Microsoft Dynamics 365. Many companies are put off from making the jump to a cloud-based CRM, particularly if it’s the first time upgrading, but there are plenty of ways to provide a seamless switch that takes up less time and requires less thought than you’d expect.

This is because Dynamics 365 implementation partners like Preact are taking the pain out of CRM migration with their Dynamics Starter packs, built on pre-made solutions and rigorous testing offering training and ongoing support.

A Dynamics 365 Quick Start pack can give you immediate access to a basic Dynamics 365 CRM build, perfect to ease you into the transition from your old system to a new one. The great advantage that comes with a package like this is the possibility for businesses to access all the essential features they need to scale up their operations, from lead management to sales pipelines, without being too overwhelmed.

What is a Dynamics Starter Pack?

A Dynamics 365 starter pack gets your business on to your new CRM as quickly as possible, at the lowest possible cost, with the features to fit your requirements. As your business grows, you can then scale up your CRM with additional official Dynamics 365 Apps, custom made solutions and integrations with other software. This way you Dynamics 365 Licences you need and avoid paying for, setting up and learning sections of the CRM that are surplus to requirements.

Dynamics 365 relies on a number of apps covering specific business processes which are licensed per user and per month (apart from Dynamics 365 for Marketing, which is licensed per tenant).

A start pack would also give you access to premade solutions built on the Power Platform and offering you extended functionalities. Power Platforms were in fact designed to help businesses analyse their data and automate their processes with a low-code approach. Supported by a Common Data Model, these allows users to unify business data, connecting it to hundreds of data sources.

From a user experience point of view, it’s crucial to have a system that is intuitive and easy to use, especially when dealing with your first CRM migration. Opting for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 starter pack will help users feel more comfortable when navigating through the various apps, especially if they already have experience with Office 365.

How to Overcome Implementation Barriers

There are a few common obstacles businesses face before achieving a successful implementation but choosing a Dynamics 365 starter pack like the one offered by Preact will allow you to use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM to its fullest. When venturing into a new CRM system is also important to understand how each of its features work to avoid making common mistakes which could be counter productive.

Here are some of the most common issues and how to avoid them:

Losing sight of the user – Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a broad range of capabilities. Many businesses, however, often forget their end-users when delivering solutions. Choosing a role-based approach is the best way of using the Dynamics CRM implementation as it will give users in various department the specific requirements they need to successfully operate the system.

Over-automating – As good as it might sound, attempting to automate every business process isn’t always a great idea. Microsoft Dynamics 365 needs a degree of flexibility, especially during the initial stages of implementation, so attempting automation before the business processes are defined could have the opposite effect. An implementation partner can help you maintain an adaptable approach, engaging with your business and offering solutions that are aimed at supporting organisational changes.

Losing sight of the bigger picture – It is crucial for a CRM implementation to be delivered in small stages, without losing focus from the end goal. Having a clear vision and roadmap of how to reach a goal can help businesses avoid the mistake of assuming that the project is completed once the system is live. Microsoft partners like Preact can support businesses by helping them keep track of their automations, investing time and resources into training or development. An implementation partner would work with you to identify your capabilities and challenges and understand where the problems lie.

Over-customisation – Dynamics 365 offers users the possibility to personalise their solutions. An over-customised setup, however, could complicate things, making it difficult to maintain and upgrade the system regularly. A successful CRM solution should align to the business’ needs, taking a configuration-led approach that would leverage standard capability and achieve goals.

When moving to the Dynamics CRM, many businesses are tempted to immediately address and tackle their business challenges, resulting in higher costs with little to no immediate results. A Dynamics 365 starter pack would help you focus on implementing elements of the system at the right time, when the biggest impact could be made in the quickest way possible.

What Are The Starter Pack Benefits and Steps?

The streamlined cloud set-up minimises upfront costs and reduces the complexity typical of a CRM system migration. As the implementation partner takes care of all aspects of problem identification and suggests a solution, you can focus on creating a roadmap with clear end goals in mind. Businesses who opt for a starter pack have access to a fast adoption, fixed price and ongoing Dynamics 365 support.

The intuitive interface and guided processes make it easier for users who are new to the world of cloud-based CRMs to get used to them. Thanks to the extensive Dynamics support offered by implementation partners like Preact, new users can access expert training which will guarantee a quicker, smoother onboarding experience.

The handy step-by-step guide below will give you a clear indication of the streamlined process offered as part of a Dynamics 365 Starter Pack.


A starter pack is also a great way of having firm control over the project cost, allowing businesses to select a pack and pay a fixed fee which will cover the whole process, from scoping to system build.