eM Client: Best email client for Windows and MacOs?


Let’s take a closer look at eM Client. This desktop email client with a minimalistic yet highly functional interface also offers features for calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, and chat and is a serious (and more affordable) alternative to Outlook. eM Client aims to be the “best email client for Windows and MacOs” and the ultimate email client for both home users and professionals. Does it hold up? 

eM Client is actively developed to this day. With over 30k companies, 1.5 mil active end-users, and eight major releases, one can say it’s already a proven concept. For the review’s purposes we downloaded the newest eM Client 8, released in summer 2020.


A swiss knife of email clients

After a surprisingly fast launch, we tried to connect the app to several email services including Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, Exchange – everything worked perfectly. eM Client claims to support “virtually all conceivable email technologies” and it seems valid. Particularly in case of Gmail, eM Client is clearly built by someone, who knows how to maximize Gmail’s potential. There is also an auto-import of data from other email clients.




Impressive communication security measures

eM Client goes to great lengths in terms of security and wants to REALLY make sure we protect our emails (this is only commendable in this age). Encryption (PGP) for an email account can be set right in the account setup wizard. Even those who never set email encryption before would probably have no problems setting it up. An interesting upgrade is also the eM Keybook service – essentially a directory of public PGP keys (it stores every public key created via eM Client, so eM Client users can automatically search each other’s public keys).


Snooze Emails and Watch for Replies

Several unique features were introduced in eM Client 8. This includes a handy All Attachments View, which allows to manage, organize and search in all attached files. A full-text search works even within Word, Excel, or .PDF files. The Watch for Reply feature keeps an eye on important awaited email replies. The Snooze Email feature is a godsend for procrastinators as it allows to “postpone” incoming messages (the snooze timer can be set to e.g. 24h, and for this time the email is removed from inbox and stored in a special folder instead – only to return to inbox after the time elapsed as a new email).  



Its multi-functionality, user-friendliness, and overall finish definitely place eM Client to the top tier of email clients. The Free version is extensively functional – and with no ads, which is quite rare. There’s a 30-day trial where all the features can be tested. The Pro license unlocks e.g. Notes, Mass Mail, instant translation of emails, Send Email Later, All Attachments View, Snooze Email or Watch For Reply features. Commercial use, and unlimited number of email accounts is allowed (Free users are limited to 2 email accounts and a strictly non-commercial use).

Get eM Client here.