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It’s important for companies to engage with their employees, that’s why many explore different ways to optimise something known as “employee engagement.” The employment market is competitive, many companies offering fantastic benefits alongside engaging working environments to keep staff incentivised, and in doing so, retaining top members of staff while attracting new talent in.

To keep up with competitors’ offerings, employers need to look for solutions to keep employees engaged with their business.

Hooray Health & Protection can help businesses to boost their employee engagement strategies, connecting them with such sought after products as private medical insurance, group income protection and life insurance.

Speak to an employee benefits broker by contacting Hooray Health & Protection today, and discuss the employee engagement solutions and schemes best suited to your business.


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What is Employee Engagement? 


Employee engagement is essentially a way to describe how managers engage with their employees. It’s a HR term, now recognised as an important tactic for improving work productivity and staff retention, as engaging employees helps them to get motivated and incentivised about their work.

Contrary to what their names suggests, employee benefits therefore don’t just benefit employees, but are also great for employers, helping to minimise business turbulence and recruitment costs needed to replace key workers.


Who is Hooray Health & Protection?


Hooray Health & Protection helps clients to set up a range of different beneficial types of cover for their employees and their business, including critical illness, private medical insurance, key man insurance and more.

Through an in-depth knowledge of the industry, outstanding customer service, and expert advice, Hooray Health & Protection can help find cover solutions that best suit their clients, helping to boost business’s employee benefits offering, and thereby their employee engagement.


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What Are Some Examples of Employee Engagement Strategies?


Employee engagement strategies typically come in the form of benefits – including awards, days off and company activities. Some employers also opt for bigger perks than this, making more of a gesture to their workforce with the following offers:

  • Private medical insurance
  • Death in Service cover
  • Critical Illness cover
  • Income Protection

These larger benefits aren’t only fantastic offerings that many look for when deciding between different job offers, but they can also be used for employers to show employees they care about them and their family’s wellbeing – supporting staff with better access to great quality healthcare, protecting them if they fall ill, and being there for their families if the worst were to happen.

Hooray Health & Protection helps businesses to find benefits just like these, tailored to the customer’s needs and at a great price.


Why Are Employee Engagement Schemes Important?


Employee engagement schemes are important for keeping a workforce feeling incentivised and motivated about their work with a company. They’re a solution that can help to retain staff, boost productivity levels, and overall can lead to a more positive working environment.

Investing in employee engagement strategies can also help to attract new talent in, helping businesses to compete with others for top professionals in their industry.

Overall, working hard on employee engagement with strategies and schemes can help employers build up a better business, one that cares for its employees, and in return, has its employees care about the business.


How to Build Employee Engagement With Hooray Health & Protection


Implementing effective employee engagement strategies is easy with Hooray Health & Protection. Through their team’s expert, in-depth knowledge and close relationships with insurers, Hooray can help businesses get great deals on various different employee benefits to help them better engage with employees.

Contact the Hooray Health & Protection team today, and explore the employee engagement strategies right for your business.