A Guide To Energy Efficiency For Businesses

In the days of increasing digital and electronic automation in the office, it can be hard sometimes to make sure that your business is being as energy efficient as possible. However, it is important to make sure that you continue to try to be energy efficient as a business, this is because it has many benefits for you and your company such as:

  • Helping to save the environment
  • Aid your business’ reputation
  • Reduces energy waste
  • Lower your energy spend and carbon emissions saving your business money in the long term

In the UK, there are specific building regulations that govern and monitor the energy efficiency and performance of particularly new buildings in the UK. for example, new buildings must undergo sound testing (source: JosTec) as well as various other forms of acoustic testing including but not limited to air tightness testing and the production of an EPC (energy performance certificate.)

Research done by the Carbon Trust estimated that businesses could cut their energy costs and output by 10% with just a few small changes. This could add up to a 5% boost in sales, showing the importance of energy efficiency in your business. That is why TechRound has written this guide so that your business can be as energy efficient as possible!

Making Changes Around The Office

Making small changes around the office can reduce your energy consumption more than you might realise. Turning off office equipment when it is not being used and being less reliant on printers and photocopiers can greatly improve your energy efficiency.

Office devices are the fastest growing energy user in the business office space but using a few tips you can make sure that your business accounts for less energy throughout the day:

  • Switching Off Devices – Keeping monitors and computers on throughout the night will consume a lot of energy, to be more efficient make sure that devices are switched off out-of-office hours or use timers to make sure that employees do not leave them on by mistake.  New devices will have built-in energy saving modes which you should enable
  • Photocopier – The photocopier is a device that causes a large amount of energy consumption, this is because of both its noise, airflow and use. Placing it in a separate space with good airflow will reduce air conditioning. Copying in batches will help reduce its energy output too
  • Printing Emails – As more and more things are placed in online spaces the need to print emails becomes unnecessary, encourage staff to keep things digital so that the printer is not in constant use, using up energy


Heating, whether that be water or temperature, can be extremely energy consuming, if you want your business to be energy efficient then you must be wary of how you use your heating around the office:

  • Keeping The Temperature Down – Making sure that you do not turn up the heating too high in the winter can be a great way to keep your energy consumption lower in the office, although it is cold, find alternatives ways to heat up, aiming for around 20 degrees Celsius will keep your office at a comfortable temperature
  • Do Not Obstruct Radiators – Obstructing radiators is a great way to waste the energy that is being consumed in your office. The circulation of heat that they are creating will go nowhere and at that point it is wasted energy. Keeping radiators in an open space can keep your business more energy efficient

Building Structure and Lighting

Building structure and lighting are two areas where businesses often do not realise they could be more energy efficient. In terms of the office building, there are many ways that you can invest in your office that can help reduce your energy consumption and aid your business in the long term:

  • Insulation Instalment – Insulating cavity walls and roof spaces will help save energy greatly. Although it can be expensive, your business will benefit from this insulation in the long-term from the energy that it saves
  • Checking Your Windows – Draught-proofing your windows can be an effective way to see if energy is being lost within your building. If so it may be worth re-doing your windows so that less energy is able to escape and your energy efficiency is increased
  • Turn Off Lights – In terms of lighting, similar rules to apply for devices. Making sure that all lights are turned off when they are not needed, during the day-time or out-of-office hours is a simple but effective way of saving energy – (see information on the history of LED lights)
  • Install New Bulbs – If your light fittings have been in your office for a while then they are not benefiting from new fluorescent bulbs which can reduce consumption by up to 25%

Creating Your Own Energy

Lastly, the best way to become a more energy efficient business is by implementing technology so that you can create your own energy. Having wind turbines, solar panels or on-site hydro sources are all ways that business can invest in creating their own energy. Using these can help cut greenhouse gas emissions and can help create a sustainable and renewable energy future.

Becoming a more energy efficient business does not happen overnight but with a few simple and effective steps you can reduce your carbon emissions and energy consumption by a large amount. Making sure that all staff and investors are on-board can help you put your energy plan into fruition even quicker allowing your business to become more energy efficient faster!