Four Types of Videos You Can Use to Promote Your Brand

Considering people spent an average of 16 hours a week watching online video content in 2019, it’s no wonder businesses are using it as a marketing tool. With 85% of organisations creating this type of content, up from 61% in 2016, video marketing is a hot trend that’s only getting hotter.

There are many types of videos which can help a brand stay ahead of its competitors, such as product demonstrations, how-to guides, and animated corporate clips. These aim to define what and who your brand is, what makes you different from others, and give your business recognition. As noted by animation agency Frantic, a high quality brand video should be “informative, engaging, and entertaining, bringing together colour, music and text to explain everything that makes your brand stand out”.


Here we look at four types of videos you can use to promote your brand.


1.   Explainers

An explainer video is a short video, often under two minutes, that explains a brand’s product or service and is suitable for introducing your target audience to your company. It’s a fast, effective way of promoting your brand, while also acting as an incredible sales tool if your product is too complex or hands-on to explain in long-form copy. These videos can reach a much wider audience when posted online too, helping to increase your website traffic. Around 96% of people polled admitted to having watched an explainer video to better understand a company’s offering.

Explainers use many different elements including animation, 3D images, and live demos, and more, and can be as long or short as you like. Take communication platform Slack’s 59-second explainer video from back in 2016, for example, showcasing how its product fits into work life using vibrant colours and cool visuals. While Fifty Three’s video advertises its pencil stylus through users demonstrating its function in various creative projects, using the tactic “show, don’t tell”. This allows the viewer to understand the product’s functionality without the need for any explanation.


2.   The company culture video

As the name suggests, a company culture video showcases your company culture, whether that’s the layout of your office, how the team dresses, or the activities your organisation takes part in. These can help to promote your brand and assist with the recruitment process, as potential candidates are able to see what the company is like before applying for a role. The goal with these videos is to demonstrate your team and workplace environment, clarify your company vision and values, and detail its infrastructure.

Promoting your brand with a company culture video also provides an opportunity for viewers to build connections and trust with your brand. This type of video enables you to tell the story of how your business operates and interacts, shows your company in a positive light, and puts names to faces. Take HubSpot’s company culture video, for example, talking to different employees about what they love about working for the organisation. One team member says: “There’s a genuine interest and authenticity among HubSpot employees, whether that’s been excited for a customer hitting a milestone or a colleague reaching notable achievements.”


3.   Behind the scenes

A behind the scenes (BTS) video gives customers and candidates a sneak peek into what your business is really like, showing anything from how your products are made and project updates, to the fun bits such as company events, employee birthdays and office pets. Often, businesses only display the finished product or service, while BTS video content reveals the process too. For example, Adidas’ video shows a glimpse into the work life of the company’s brand director from her office in Moscow, letting viewers see the building in action.

BTS videos promote your brand by humanising it and providing a deeper understanding of what goes on. They also build customer trust by offering full transparency, which is increasingly important considering nine out of ten consumers claim they would stop purchasing from brands who lack this.


4.   Interviews

Interview-style videos promote your brand by showcasing your team and what different departments specialise in. For instance, you could talk to one of your lead creatives about the project they’re working on, discussing their thoughts and showing the process. Interviewing your team of experts can help to build authority and trust within your customers, as it shows your employees are knowledgeable about what they do. What’s more, this type of video can reveal a lot about your brand, and it’s culture and beliefs, which naturally promotes your organisation.

You could also interview customers for reviews, while having a conversation with the founder about the business’s origins can make your brand seem more relatable, human, and show the emotion behind the business. For example, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz talks to Bloomberg about the story behind the famous coffee shop and how the business came to have stores in 65 countries worldwide, serving nearly 80 million customers a week. These types of video can also aid promotion during the recruitment process, giving potential candidates access to content about how your company runs.