The Future of Christmas Parties: How Tech is Changing The Way We Celebrate

Getting festive at the end of the working year is one of our favourite things to do, to brighten up the cold season! A well-deserved treat to you and your employees, celebrating by eating nice food and getting involved in team building activities are not new concepts. However, it might be surprising to know how much tech has started to ripple into our workplaces, corporate events and work Christmas parties, almost unconsciously- and how we can take advantage of their features to keep everyone jolly. 

We dive into some of the top tech initiatives that are shaping the way we celebrate Christmas with our work colleagues, from automated changing festive lights with Alexa for the office to technology-driven experiences for heightened team bonding fun. 


Technology-Driven Experiences for Corporate Christmas Events


Let’s start with the fun stuff. London is full of great tech-driven experiences to help foster team alliance during the festive season. We’ve researched some of the top technologically advanced venues offering great experiences.  


Toptracer at TopGolf


Toptracer, adopted into the famous golfing range TopGolf, is a huge advancement in the golfing world, certainly giving golf fanatics something to fuss about! This technology allows golf enthusiasts to enhance their practice sessions at the driving range by engaging in fun activities like ‘nearest the pin’, and ‘longest drives’, and even experiencing virtual rounds on famous golf courses.

This is not just for the real-life Tiger Woods, though as Tom Felton, AKA Draco Falfoy was recently filmed using this technology.

You can find this technology right here in London, at TopGolf. This is a great way to celebrate Christmas, as your team’s competitive side can shine with all of the different ways that their golf balls will be measured, not to mention in your very own private hitting bay. 


HTC VIVE Focus 3 at Omescape


Omescape has custom-built high-end Virtual Reality (VR) gaming PCs for a fully immersive experience, allowing tech enthusiasts to fully connect to another world through top-quality VR visuals. HTC VIVE technology can help your employees gain teamwork skills over the festive season- however, a lot of the themes in Omescape rooms are rather dark and challenge the user to ‘save the world’, although it can be an ominous way to be festive, it might be right for your company. 

Immersive Gamebox


The technology used at Gamebox is completely proprietary to Immersive Gamebox. The Gameboxes incorporate advanced technologies, including projection mapping, patented ‘Lidar’ touch screens, 3D motion tracking, and surround sound. These elements come together to create a completely innovative and immersive form of entertainment that differs greatly from VR. 


Technology in the Workplace to Encourage The Holiday Spirit


Being in the office during the festive season should be a playful time of the year. There are many ways to liven up the office this Christmas, from the use of Alexa to get the Christmas lights on to utilising online platforms to encourage unity amongst remote workers. 


Using Alexa


Optimising the use of Alexas features is a great option to make your workplace more alive during this time. For some great Christmas mischief, Alexa has features that enable a Santa personality that can tell stories and jokes. Additionally, connecting smart lightbulbs to Alexa will allow you to brighten up the room with Christmas-themed bulbs.  


Use Apps like Elf Dance


Laughing is one of Santa’s favourite things to do, so why not get your workplace in a playful mood and encourage the use of apps like Elf Dance? Elf dance or similar apps can encourage workplace banter and foster a good spirit. A bonus of this is that remote workers can also be included in this fun activity. 


How Technology Has Changed The Way We Celebrate Christmas


It’s not just about the advanced technology that’s giving us great experiences, but technology has also shaped the way we communicate and celebrate the festive season amongst one another. It is virtually impossible to spend the silly season alone, even if you are living abroad and away from your loved ones. There is the obvious concept of video calls, but you can also keep up the tradition and use a program that allows you to watch films together online!