Getting Started With Online Visa Applications

We all know the struggles involved with applying for a travel Visa. The application process and interviews are usually rigorous and different countries have different terms and regulation that govern their own processes. With advanced technology, most countries have made it easier by introducing online immigration services, such as the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) introduced in the United States to help certain countries travel into the USA.

ESTA saves you quite some stress and makes visa application easy and faster. You can apply directly for an ESTA or use a website such as to get started. However, there are nonetheless, some important considerations:

Cover All of Your Requirements

Since it’s an online application, some people might obviously think that skipping out a few documents or steps is fine. You must ensure you upload all the required documents. Most countries reject applications if they are incomplete. Make sure you upload valid documents.

Only Submit Genuine Documents

Don’t attempt to upload a doctored or edited document. These could lead you into a lot of trouble. Your online application will get denied and you may face legal action or being barred from the country you wish to travel to.

Travel Fees

Most continents will require you to prove that you are financially capable of travelling. The ESTA online service requires you to have a valid debit/credit card to pay the fee. Provide as much evidence or assurance as necessary to prove that you are financially stable.

Be a Sensible Traveller

Before you start filling in the application for your ESTA, make sure to confirm that you have a valid passport. Your passport should be valid for at least eight months of your intended return date. Some advise you make copies of your passport photo page and all vital documents and put them separately.

Visit a Doctor

Most countries have raised a travel advisory alarm due to COVID-19. You might be denied a travel visa if you don’t meet the health requirements. You may be asked to provide an official medical authorisation letter. Check all the medical guiding rules to be on the safe side. Some vaccines are a must when travelling in and out of the country such as polio and yellow fever. Remember, before you begin the online application process, make sure you check all the necessary needs and requirements involved. The online application process is likely to be very straightforward, so long as you have all the valid documents you need.