A Guide To Covid Testing When Travelling For Business

As the restrictions begin to ease around the world, business travel has restarted again for the first time in nearly 2 years. However, of course, with the new reality of masks, testing and more there are rules and regulations in place that require certain things before you travel.

Taking Covid tests is one of these and tests are mandatory in nearly all countries that you are going to be travelling to for business. Tests2Go can provide you with all the tests that you need in order to travel for business or for leisure, whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated and for whatever country you are flying to from the UK.

With regulations changing all the time, it can be confusing to know exactly what type of test you need to take in order to travel. That is why TechRound has created this guide to show you what tests you would need to take in order to be allowed to travel for business to and from the UK at this time.

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If You Are Vaccinated

Travelling if you qualify as fully vaccinated is becoming easier and easier as the weeks pass; more countries are allowing you to travel with less testing and other requirements needed as we begin to relax restrictions coming out of the pandemic.

If you are vaccinated then you will need to check with the government’s website of the country that you are travelling to whether or not you will need to take a test and what sort of test that should be. Some countries such as Italy and France will require you to take a rapid antigen test, a lateral flow but other countries such as the USA and others will still require a PCR test when you are arriving there from the UK.

You are not able to use a NHS test for these tests and therefore it has to go through a private provider such as Tests2Go. You must also complete a passenger locator form for the country that you are arriving into.

When you are arriving back in England, things are become considerably easier if you are vaccinated. Since the 11th February you do not need to do a Covid test in order to arrive back in England and you will not need to quarantine when you arrive.

The government in the UK have also scrapped the need for a test on the second day after arriving back in the country and therefore you will not need to book a covid test for arrival back in the country when travelling for business. However, even if you are vaccinated you will likely still have to test in order to leave and therefore it is always important to check with the country that you are travelling to what their rules and restrictions are.

If You Are Unvaccinated

If you are unvaccinated, then the rules surrounding Covid tests are slightly stricter when travelling to and from the UK. When leaving the UK, you must check that the country you are flying to allows arrivals from people who are unvaccinated, if they do it is likely that they will require a quarantine period and multiple tests before you are allowed to actually visit the cities or towns.

You will need to book a test before you leave to take in the UK as well as one when you arrive in the country you are travelling to. You would be able to take a test from a private provider in the UK and take it in the country you are travelling to.

When you arrive back in the UK, you must show proof of a negative test taken at most 2 days before you travel back as well as complete a passenger locator form and book a test in the UK for the 2nd day after coming back. You will need to show proof of booking the PCR test for your arrival back in England before you travel.

If You Need a Covid Test – Visit: https://tests2go.co.uk/