A Guide to Croatia’s Digital Nomad Visa

Croatia has long been a sought-after destination for tourists, expats and digital nomads alike thanks to its captivating allure. Nestled in Southeast Europe, this enchanting destination is celebrated for its rich cultural tapestry to explore, inviting beaches to relax in, and picturesque islands to escape to.

The global appeal of Croatia can be attributed, in part, to its open and welcoming stance towards foreign nationals. This makes it an ideal haven for enthusiastic digital nomads seeking a blend of cultural richness and a warm climate for their new lifestyle. Crowning its charm, the country extends a convenient visa specifically to facilitate the relocation of digital nomads to its scenic shores.

Guide to a Digital Nomad Visa

Particularly in a post-pandemic world where many have discovered the benefits of working from home (the infamous ‘WFH’ trend), the idea of moving abroad whilst maintaining your career remotely is a prospect many are finding increasingly enticing.

Enter the digital nomad. This is an individual who earns a living online whilst residing outside of their home country, but they need a visa to allow for this to happen. Several types of visas can facilitate this, but the most convenient is the digital nomad visa.

This permits an individual to work remotely in a country away from their permanent residence. The application process for these visas can vary from country to country, defining the length of stay, tax regulations, costs and other features that will impact their life on foreign shores, and Croatia is no exception.

Why Choose Croatia as a Digital Nomad?

Croatia stands out as an ideal destination for digital nomads for several reasons. First and foremost, this is a country that has it all. Its beautiful stretches of coastlines and oceans, culturally rich cities, vibrant greenery, and idyllic towns. The country also enjoys a delightful climate, with temperatures rarely becoming uncomfortable even in winter. But beyond its obvious splendour, its practical benefits beckon to hopeful nomads looking for a new base.

Perhaps the most prominent advantage of settling in Croatia is its low cost of living. According to Visa Guide, the country ranks 4th in Eastern Europe in this regard and is cheaper than a notable 51% of countries worldwide. Property prices, in particular, are relatively affordable and allow nomads to reside in stunning locations. While its cheap cost of living and housing reflects the country’s relatively slow economic growth and infrastructure, these drawbacks are unlikely to hinder the operations of a digital nomad.

Croatia’s strategic geographical location also makes it an ideal base for nomads seeking to explore locations beyond its borders. And, for those who’d prefer to stay within the country, Croatia offers plenty to do. Boasting numerous UNESCO heritage sites and outdoor activities, from kayaking to hiking, mountaineering to caving, any adventurous nomad is sure to be kept entertained.

Though not the fastest in Europe, its internet has also become widely accessible throughout Croatia, making it ideal for any nomad who likes to work out and about and on the go. The country is also notoriously safe with a relatively low crime rate, coupled with wonderful cuisine and affordable healthcare, Croatia stands as a multifaceted haven for digital nomads, offering both practical benefits and an abundance of enriching experiences.

Croatian Digital Nomad Visa

Interested in living in this Mediterranean paradise? Fortunately, Croatia offers a digital nomad visa specifically tailored for nomads contemplating this very question.

Established in 2021, this temporary residence permit allows any foreign non-EU/EEA national to live in the country remotely as a self-employed or freelance individual. It’s important to note that visa holders cannot work for a Croatian company on this visa.

To be eligible, applicants must also be able to demonstrate proof of income of around €2.5 a month as well as proof of remote employment, a valid passport and health insurance, proof of accommodation of where they are planning to stay and a clean criminal record. If applicants wish, family members may also travel with them to Croatia, though income must be higher if this is the case.

Issued for one year, this digital nomad visa can be reapplied for 6 months since the previous visa has expired. So, there is hope for digital nomads enamoured with life in Croatia to continue their adventure there.