How do hospitals keep clean?

When you think of hospitals, you often think about the clinical white lights and the spick and span halls and rooms. Hospitals obviously have to be extremely hygienic as they house people who are sick and potentially venerable to disease as well of people who are currently dealing with a contagious virus. They are probably one of the cleanest buildings you will ever step foot in, but what measures do they take that other places do not to keep so spotless and clinically hygienic.

In this guide, we are going to look at the ways in which doctors, nurses, surgeons and general staff keep the hospital to a certain standard, from small things like wearing gloves to bigger things like seeking out specific hygienic facility providers.


gloves for doctors

In a hospital, you will notice that everyone is in a uniform according to their role. Many of the clothing pieces worn my doctors and nurses are disposable and on a one-wear basis, this includes scrubs, hats and gloves. These are to be changed between patients, are not to be worn in the hallways and should always be changed when moving from a residential area to a shared restroom. Even when gloves are being used, staff must wash their hands before and after dealing with a patient.

Avoiding Cross-contamination

One of the most significant challenges for a health care cleaning crew is going to be the removal and the disposal contaminants right where they are in the hospital building.

Things like mops and rags for cleaning are pretty much guaranteed to bring in bacteria and spread it around the building. Instead, hospitals will often seek more unique cleaning solutions. For example, the Kaivac’s No Touch Cleaning System is a very popular option – it sprays, vacuums and disposes of contaminants so that bacteria does not leave the room and spread itself where it certainly will not be welcome.

Disposing of the contaminated materials such as soiled linens, dirty cleaning fluids or other medical tools is of great importance also. Hospitals will train their staff to be highly alert about how to go about this correctly an safely.

The Facilities


Rather than having standard facilities in a hospital that you may find in another public space, more specific solutions must be put in place to ensure ultimate hygiene.

Trovex offer superior hygienic surfaces and systems for walls, doorsets, ceilings and washrooms. They are designed and built specifically for enhancing both functionality and hygiene in healthcare, leisure, hospitality and commercial environments alike. For example, their wall cladding is different to standard wall cladding because it features a robust antibacterial surface. Their other designs, such as the wash station, is protected by hygienic PVC which will work to minimise bacteria. The NHS just one of the various clients which Trovex deal with, their solutions are clearly a major way in which hospitals keep so clean.