How Do You Keep Motorbikes and Mopeds Safe?

Colder weather is upon us and many motorcyclists have taken their bikes off the road for the winter months, but just because your pride and joy is sitting in a locked shed or garage don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s completely safe.

Motorcycle and scooter theft figures are steadily rising again with around 40,000 stolen each year and according to figures provided by the Metropolitan Police, London is a hot spot for bike thefts with approximately 9,000 motorbikes, scooters and mopeds taken in 2017. There are several steps you can take to keep your bike as safe as possible but as the experienced staff at Trackershop know all too well, motorbikes and scooters need a much higher level of protection.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Bike?

Motorcycles are a huge target for thieves because they are relatively easy to steal. There are numerous anti-theft devices on the market all of which claim to provide security against theft. The problem is that for a determined thief most of these can be bypassed with relatively little effort.

One of the best and most effective ways you can keep your bike safe is by having a Tracker fitted. Trackers are one of the things that insurance companies value as a genuine and effective deterrent against theft and as such, they will often give a discount on premiums when a Tracking device is fitted by an approved fitter. Other anti-theft devices such as disc locks and chain locks can be fairly easily and quickly cut through meaning your bike is wheeled away never to be seen again. Even Smartwater has not proven to be a reliable anti-theft deterrent as it doesn’t actually prevent your bike from being stolen.

How a Tracking Device Works

The most popular and most effective Trackers are those which are managed remotely from a global control room, that means someone whose job it is to keep a 24/7 remote eye on your bike from the moment it moves. Tracking systems use GPS, GLONASS or Galileo satellite signals to accurately track a vehicle wherever it is. When a Tracker is fitted to your bike you will then download an app to your mobile phone and this allows you to monitor your Tracker activity in real-time. If your bike is moved at any time when you’re not with it the Tracker can send an alert notifying you of this and of course will begin to follow wherever your bike goes giving you real-time up to date information on its exact location. A control centre can then , upon receiving information about unauthorised movement, communicate this with the police. Once your bike is located it will be watched and protected until recovery can be arranged.

Helps to Protect Your Bike and Could Help Catch the Thieves

A motorcycle Tracker is a great asset not only in helping to keep your bike safe and recovering it quickly should it be stolen, it could also help police to catch motorcycle thieves in the act. Many thieves are part of organised criminal gangs who target bikes precisely because they are so easy to steal. If a thief thinks a Tracker is fitted they will take a bike and leave it somewhere to see if it is located by the owner and this is when you can thankfully get your bike back.

Most thieves want a bike that can easily be stolen without too much effort. This is why, when you fit a tracker, which is the most effective anti-theft deterrent there is, you stand a much better chance of keeping hold of your pride and joy.