How to Make Your Business Look Bigger

In a business world where size does matter, and bigger is better, it can be difficult for small business owners to convince prospects to place their trust in them. Often, at a subconscious level, consumers believe that larger companies are more successful and provide the best products or services. Whether it’s true or not (and often it isn’t) is neither here nor there and matters little to small business owners. What does matter is how you can compete. And don’t forget, almost every big business started as a small business, so how did they do it?

The answer comes down to projection. Fortunately, you can create the illusion of size and credibility, and by doing so, establish the trust required to convert prospects into repeat customers. There are simple strategies you can implement, even on a small business budget. All you have to do is invest in the right products and services that enable you to look bigger than you are.

First Impressions Start with Your Website

You can now build or have a website built that’s a carbon copy in performance, optimisation, and UX (user experience), of the largest organisations in your marketplace. So, it begs the question, why wouldn’t you? But amazingly, less than two-thirds of U.S small businesses have a website, let alone one that can compete with big business competition.

Two Reasons Why Businesses Are Getting This Wrong Are:

  • 41% of businesses say their business “does not need a website”
  • 35% of small businesses say their “business is too small to warrant a website”
  • Both are huge mistakes but don’t take my word for it
  • Bill Gates said it best: “If your business is not on the internet, then you’re not in business”

Tips That Make Your Website And Business Look Bigger:

  • Use a professional and market-relevant name that sounds like a larger company
  • Build an optimised and targeted home page
  • Include an “About Us” page and always refer to us, not
  • List your products or services and always include customer testimonials
  • Use an automated contact page, including an email, a phone number, a physical address, and a contact form, enabling visitors to email your company directly
  • When possible, provide valuable free content, like e-books, and white papers, etc.
  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly
  • Avoid using free templates like a basic Blogger or WordPress layout

A Logo Is Essential for Making the Right Impression

“You never get a second chance at making a first impression,” according to Will Rogers. And your logo is that first impression.

We process images 60,000 times faster than written content. As consumers only take 50 milliseconds to form an opinion on your website and brand, your logo is a crucial element for appearing like a whale when you’re just a minnow. And we’ve always been visual creatures by nature, but with the recent advancements in online communication, we are now addicted to them. Big businesses know this; it’s why they invest heavily in logo and visual design, ensuring they connect, engage, and convert the viewer.

Fortunately, you can easily create a big business logo by using an affordable logo maker software. These AI platforms know which design elements work for each marketplace and customer demographic, and their click and drag platforms are straightforward to use. And most online logo tools also offer a complete branding package, enabling you to instantly upload a correctly sized logo in the correct file format to your website and social media platforms.

Use A Virtual PBX And Create A Network

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is an internal telephone network within an organisation or company. A PBX system enables users to communicate internally and externally using different communication channels, such as VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) like Zoom & Skype, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), a telephone network transmitting data and voice over a digital line, and analogue.

The Advantages Of Using A PBX System For Small Businesses

  • The ability to switch calls amongst various lines while employees share the one single phone system
  • Multiple extensions for internal dialling
  • You can choose your business phone number
  • Use your existing business phone number
  • Or a toll-free number
  • A virtual answering system that redirects to the correct department
  • A traditional physical PBX network installed costs thousands of dollars; however, a virtual PBX is a cost-effective solution.
  • Now, thanks to virtual cloud-based options, small businesses can have the same PBX system as major corporations for much less per user per year

Simple Steps for Looking Bigger

If you don’t require a PBX system, then you can achieve the same look by upgrading your phone number and internal email addresses. Sounds too simple to be effective, right! That’s the beauty of this strategy, and it’s also affordable and straightforward to do.

Your Internet Email Address

A generic email address looks amateurish; instead, create the impression of a larger company using a .com business email address. For example, if your business domain is, you could use your [email protected]. You can create a business email address using any of the following websites. 

Your Virtual Business Phone Number

Many small businesses mistakenly use their cell or home landline numbers, but this gives the wrong impression. You avoid this by using a virtual phone number; basically, a business phone number you can use anywhere and on any device. It instantly gives your company a more professional look and a much-needed competitive edge.

Rent a Prestigious Business Address, Virtually

Your business needs an address for your website and receiving mail, etc. But as many small businesses are run from home, owners often use their residential address. However, there are two reasons why you shouldn’t do this:

Privacy – Ideally, you should keep your private and business life separate for financial and security reasons.

Setting the wrong impression – If you’re a multi-national drop-shipping company using a home address like (100 frying pan road, West Virginia) it won’t look right. Unless you’re selling cookware, then it would be perfect!

Getting A ‘Prestigious’ Business Address

You can acquire a business mailing address and give your small business a prominent business address for as little as $40 per year, depending on requirements.

Potential options are:

  • Reserve a PO box
  • Get a virtual mailbox
  • Rent a business mailbox
  • Rent a coworking space
  • Buy or lease office space

Some companies that sell business mailing addresses provide services like mail forwarding and a greeting service should a client turn up unannounced.

Using Higher Invoice Numbers

Using more significant invoice numbers is an age-old strategy, and while it might at first glance seem overly simplistic to be effective, it’s the simple things that work best. Businesses use this strategy to give the impression that they’ve either been trading for longer or have a vast number of existing customers. You’ve numerous invoicing solutions to choose from, like Quickbooks and PayPal, that allow users to pick their invoice starting number, enabling you to keep control of your bookkeeping and accountancy needs.