How To Save Your Phone Battery and How It Helps Phone Signal

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Picture you’re in the middle of an important call. Suddenly, your phone signal weakens and finally disappears, as if playing hide-and-seek. Although it seems to be an open secret; as your phone battery is at the core of connection, it’s dying, but every time finding a zero bar you are surprised.

Experience suggests: the lower your battery, the tougher it is for your phone to keep that signal alive.

Consequences are like a domino effect: low battery, struggling signal, drained battery, and the cycle goes on until you either give up the comfort of communication devices or find the answer to the question: how to get better phone signal. Below we dive into the often-neglected link between phone batteries and reliable communication signals.


How to Save Your Phone Battery


Let’s take a look at the lifeline of your device’s battery. 2-3 years is normal life for lithium-ion or a battery of lithium polymer used to power starting with mobile devices and ending with the Internet of things. However, its service life depends on many other factors such as manufacturer, model, battery type and conditions of use. You can prolong your phone’s life and improve its signals by applying a few easy habits. Begin by:

  1. Eliminating superfluous functions — Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS when they are unused, for example, relaxing or driving
  2. Reducing screen brightness on settings of timeout can do work too
  3. Also, your phone does not like extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, so make sure it stays cool
  4. Use power-saving or aeroplane mode, when required
  5. Charge your phone properly — do not overcharge it nor leave the battery discharged completely

Consider this

In the UK, people use their mobile phones for merely 4 hours and 14 minutes daily. For the rest of the day, about 20 hours, our phones are essentially idle, merely contributing to heating the surrounding air (Statista.)

Have you ever thought that your phone’s battery, like an ageing person, is gasping for breath? Distress signs are if the battery suddenly drops in percentage, time intervals between charging become shorter or even worse, a swollen or leaking battery indicates troubles.

If you spot these red flags, take action: consult the guidance above, get in touch with your manufacturer or service provider, or opt for a battery replacement.


Why Saving Your Phone Battery Helps Your Signal


“But what if my signal is still weak despite my good habits?”

Fair point.

While your battery plays a significant role, there are other signal-sabotaging factors at play: location, weather, network congestion, you name it. One of the most common reasons for a weak signal in densely populated cities because the angle of the walls of your office about the signal source being too sharp, and therefore the mobile signal does not reach its destination; your mobile device. Consider investing in a signal booster, relocate to a higher or open area, or reach out to your service provider for guidance.

The most versatile solution is to consult experts such as UCtel. They’re skilled in setting up signal boosters in both homes and workplaces, which gets rid of weak signal areas and makes sure you can always stay connected.

Amplifier: How does it work?

The mobile signal booster is designed for suburbs, densely built-up urban areas, basements, and garages (the list is not complete). Let’s assume that your office — a freight delivery service — is located on the outskirts of the city. Due to the long distance from the base cell phone tower to your office, your potential clients are unable to reach you. Confirmation: The Federation of Small Businesses found out — poor mobile phone coverage costs UK businesses £18.8 billion a year in lost output. This includes the impact of poor internet connectivity on mobile devices. As a percentage for an individual company, poor cell service accounts for about 50% of potential revenue. The issue leads to  the question: what are the ways to improve cell phone reception?

A mobile signal booster comprises three main components:

  1. An outside antenna — that picks up a weak signal from the nearest cell tower;
  2. an amplifier — this amplifies the signal;
  3. an inside antenna — this distributes an amplified signal throughout the office or home.


Thus, the mobile amplifier acts as an intermediary between the source of the cellular signal and this consumer, reduces dropped calls, improves voice quality, and increases data speed. Overall, a signal amplifier increases employee productivity or company revenue by more than 50%. The device is simple and can be installed by the user. Should difficulties occur, help is available 24/7.



Signal strength and phone batteries, in the grand narrative of technology, are an important but usually neglected thread that links two critical elements. The fact is that, like any item, smartphone batteries also have a working life that with the right approach can be increased from 1 to 2 years in aggressive mode up to 3-5 when you stay following manufactory recommendations. Modern digital devices are human-like due to AI, voice commands, and personalised services. Therefore, it would not be strange to pose a question that may catch you off guard: Suppose our devices can talk, and they can say if it’s fine or if anything goes wrong for them. Are we going to be thanked for our care or reproached for the neglect?


Intriguing, isn’t it? Since we treat our gadgets as calm collaborators, we don’t even suspect their silent agonies. So, let’s explore the inner workings of our gadgets and consider: What are the ways to improve the signal reception of our high-tech allies? A correct response will positively influence your virtual existence.

Common Signs of a Draining Phone Battery

Signs What They Indicate
Sudden percentage drops Rapid depletion of battery charge
Shorter times between charges Reduced overall battery lifespan
Swollen or leaking battery Potential danger and need for immediate replacement

“If you’re ever unsure about what to do, just try to do the right thing.” That’s a bit of wisdom people say was shared by Theodore Roosevelt, once the president of the US. He’s thought to have said this back on April 23rd, while visiting the Sorbonne in Paris, France. Applying Roosevelt’s logic to modern life, we say when in doubt about what to do, seeking advice from specialists is wise. If you have issues related to your mobile signal then go for a company like UCtel